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Antibiotic Policies

Author : Ian M. Gould
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For 50 years, antibiotics have been dispensed like sweets. This must not be allowed to continue. This unique book assembles contributions from experts around the world concerned with responsible use of antibiotics and the consequences of overuse. For the first time, it provides up to the minute texts on both the theoretical aspects of antibiotic stewardship and the practical aspects of its implementation, with consideration of the key differences between developed and developing countries. All concerned with teaching, practice and administration of clinical medicine, surgery, pharmacy, public health, clinical pharmacology, microbiology, infectious diseases and clinical therapeutics will find Antibiotic Policies: Theory and Practice essential reading. Antibiotic use and resistance is not just the responsibility of specialists in the field but the responsibility of all doctors, pharmacists, nurses, healthcare administrators, patients and the general public.

Antibiotic Policies Fighting Resistance

Author : Ian M. Gould
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This volume examines many of the crucial issues of resistance in a clinical context, with an emphasis on MRSA; surely the greatest challenge to our antibiotic and infection control policies that modern health care systems have ever seen. Other chapters explore the psychology of prescribing, modern management techniques as an adjunct to antibiotic policies, and the less obvious downsides of antibiotic use.

Antibiotic Policies

Author : Ian M. Gould
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The first book was on "Theory and Practice" of antibiotic stewardship in its broadest sense -the how to do it and the do's and don’ts. The second, on "Controlling resistance" was very much on the relationships between use and resistance and beginning to home in on the hospital as the main generator of resistance, but mainly looking at it from a disease/clinical perspective. The last 3 chapters on MRSA, ended where the 3rd book will take off. "Controlling HAI " will concentrate on specific MDR organisms highlighting their roles in the current pandemic of HAI and emphasizing that the big issue is not so much infection control but antibiotic control, in the same way that antibiotic over-reliance/ over-use has caused the problem in the first place. Up 'till now the emphasis for controlling MRSA, C diff and all the other MDROs has very much been on IC, which clearly isn't working. This book will gather all the evidence for the increasingly popular view that much more must be done in the area of antibiotic policies/ stewardship, especially when we are in danger of a "post antibiotic" era, due to a real shortage of new agents in the pipeline.

Extending the Cure

Author : Ramanan Laxminarayan
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First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Policies and Incentives for Promoting Innovation in Antibiotic Research

Author : Elias Mossialos
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High levels of pathogen resistance are rendering current antibiotics obsolete. Coupled with insufficient investment in discovering new treatments, multidrug-resistant infections are an increasingly urgent public health concern. To curb the growth of antibiotic resistance and prevent major morbidity and mortality from multidrug-resistant bacterial infections, the overuse of antibiotics must be addressed and research and development for antibiotics with novel mechanisms of action actively promoted. This requires appropriately designed incentives for health and regulatory systems, in addition to economic incentives to attract academic interest and industry investment. This book, commissioned by the Swedish Government from the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, analyzes many proposed policies and incentive mechanisms and sheds light on the key issues that will help policy-makers reach informed, concrete decisions on how to avert this potential public health crisis.

Antibiotic Drug Resistance

Author : José-Luis Capelo-Martínez
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This book presents a thorough and authoritative overview of the multifaceted field of antibiotic science – offering guidance to translate research into tools for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases. Provides readers with knowledge about the broad field of drug resistance Offers guidance to translate research into tools for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases Links strategies to analyze microbes to the development of new drugs, socioeconomic impacts to therapeutic strategies, and public policies to antibiotic-resistance-prevention strategies

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Author : Céline Pulcini
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Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS), Volume Two includes the experience of ESGAP workshops and courses on antibiotic stewardship since 2012. It combines clinical and laboratory information about AMS, with a focus on human medicine. The ESCMID study group on antibiotic policies (ESGAP) is one of the most productive groups in the field, organizing courses and workshops. This book is an ideal tool for the participants of these workshops. With short chapters (around 1500 words) written on different topics, the authors insisted on the following points: A ‘hands on’, practical approach, tips to increase success, a description of the most common mistakes, a global picture (out- and inpatient settings, all countries) and a short list of 10-20 landmark references. Focuses on the most recent antimicrobial stewardship strategies Provides a detailed description of laboratory support Offers a balanced synthesis of basic and clinical sciences for each individual case, presenting clinical courses of the cases in parallel with the pathogenesis and detailed microbiological information for each infection Describes the prevalence and incidence of the global issues and current therapeutic approaches Presents the measures for infection control

Antimicrobial Resistance

Author : Sabu Thomas
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Antimicrobial resistance is a major global public health problem. This book focuses on the clinical implications of multi-drug resistant pathogens; tracking AMR and its evolutionary significance; antifungal resistance; and current and alternative treatment strategies for AMR, including antivirulent, antibiofilm and antimicrobial resistance breakers, repurposing of drugs, and probiotic therapy. Advances in antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic policies from a global perspective and their impacts are also discussed. The book also explores the use of omics approaches to gain insights into antibacterial resistance, and includes chapters on the potential benefits of a ‘One Health approach’ describing the environmental and zoonotic sources of resistant genes and their effects on the global resistance pool.

Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Author : Peter Davey
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Antimicrobial agents are essential for the treatment of life-threatening infections and for managing the burden of minor infections in the community. In addition, they play a key role in organ and bone marrow transplantation, cancer chemotherapy, artificial joint and heart valve surgery. Unlike other classes of medicines, they are vulnerable to resistance from mutations in target microorganisms, and their adverse effects may extend to other patients (increased risk of cross-infection). As a consequence, there is a constant requirement for new agents, as well as practices that ensure the continued effective prescribing of licensed agents. The fully revised and updated seventh edition of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy is an essential guide to the principles of antimicrobial chemotherapy, the problem of resistance and its control through policies, antimicrobial stewardship and surveillance. The book provides an aid to informed, rational prescribing for common bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections. Divided in five parts, the book cover issues specific to both the developed and developing world. Part 1 'General property of antimicrobial agents' discusses mechanisms of action and resistance to antibacterial, antifungal antiprotozoal, antiviral, and antiviral agents. Part 2 'Resistance to antimicrobial agents' provides guidance about the problem of resistance, mechanisms of acquired resistance and genetics of resistance. Part 3 'General principles of usage of antimicrobial agents' analyses the use of the laboratory, general principles of the treatment of infection, dosing in special groups (extremes of age, pregnancy, obesity), safe prescribing, prophylaxis and the role of policies in antimicrobial stewardship. Part 4 'Therapeutic use of antimicrobial agents' provides advice about the treatment of common infections which are described by anatomical. There are also chapters on the management of mycobacterial disease, viral infections, HIV/AIDS and parasitic infections. The final part of the book analyses the development and marketing of antimicrobial drugs. This seventh edition of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy continues to be a valuable resource for undergraduates and graduates requiring a thorough grounding in the scientific basis and clinical application of these drugs.

Clinical Drug Investigation

Author :
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