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The Apple Orchard Riddle Mr Tiffin s Classroom Series

Author : Margaret McNamara
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Mr. Tiffin and his students from the perenially popular How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? are back in this picture book about a school trip to an apple orchard! In this playful, humorous, and child-friendly classroom story, the students learn a lot about apples and apple orchards—including how apples are harvested, how cider is made, and what the different varieties of apples are—while trying to solve a riddle. The book also celebrates how some children learn differently than others. Margaret McNamara and illustrator G. Brian Karas bring us another fun and educational picture book. From the Hardcover edition.

Using Apple Keynote for the Classroom

Author : Donny Wise
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Learn how to make impactful presentations with Apple Keynote. Besides introducing Keynote features, this book also teaches you the art of crafting presentations that capture the attention of your audience.

Ag in the Classroom Notes

Author :
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Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom

Author : Judy Herr
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Early childhood educators around the world use this best seller to plan daily curriculum and classroom activities. The book contains 76 different themes ranging from Ants to Zoo Animals, presented in alphabetical order. Content for each theme includes the following sections: Curriculum Flowchart, Theme Goals, Concepts for Children to Learn, Vocabulary, Bulletin Board Ideas, Sample Parent Letter, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Dramatic Play, Field Trips, Fingerplays/Chants, Group Time, Science, Math, Sensory, Large Motor, Fine Motor, Social Studies, Books, Recordings and Song Titles, and Technology/Multimedia Resources. The updated book sections for each theme include hundreds of new children's literature references with a special emphasis on multicultural selections. In addition, the new Sixth Edition includes a brand new four-color insert on Using the Digital Camera in the Early Childhood Classroom. The text is accompanied by a companion website that contains important assessment tools, lesson plan forms, rainy day activities, developmental checklists, classroom artifacts, and much more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

A Guide for Using Out of the Dust in the Classroom

Author : Sarah K. Clark
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A literature unit to use in class when reading Out of the Dust.

The Classroom Teacher s Technology Survival Guide

Author : Doug Johnson
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A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroom This is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies. Written by Doug Johnson, an expert in educational technology, The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide is replete with practical tips teachers can easily use to engage their students and make their classrooms places where both students and teachers will enjoy learning. Covers the most up-to-date technologies and how they can best be used in the classroom Includes advice on upgrading time-tested educational strategies using technology Talks about managing "disruptive technologies" in the classroom Includes a wealth of illustrative examples, helpful suggestions, and practical tips This timely book provides a commonsense approach to choosing and using educational technology to enhance learning.

Illustrator CS5 Digital Classroom

Author : AGI Creative Team
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A book-and-video training package provides a unique illustration to the basics of Illustrator Adobe Illustrator is a unique design and drawing program that allows you to create and produce brilliant art for a variety of mediums. This full-color book-and-video training package deciphers even the most complex Illustrator tasks and gets you quickly up to speed using the capabilities of the newest release of Illustrator. Thirteen self-paced lessons explain how to create and produce vibrant graphics using this robust vector drawing application. The complementary lessons featured on the videos are each approximately five minutes long and demonstrate the concepts and features covered in the lesson. Escorts you through the basics of creating and producing vibrant graphics using Illustrator Deciphers even the most advanced Illustrator tasks and makes them less intimidating Features full-color, step-by-step tutorials in the downloadable videos that complement the topics covered in each lesson of the book Encourages you to absorb each lesson at your own pace Jam-packed with information, this book and video training package is just like having your own personal instructor guiding you through each unique lesson. Note: DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook files. These materials are available for download upon purchase.

Vocabulary Games for the Classroom

Author : Lindsay Carleton
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Make direct vocabulary instruction fun and successful with this simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use book. Hundreds of critical vocabulary terms handpicked by Dr. Marzano cover four content areas and all grade levels. Each game identifies the appropriate grade level and subject area, as well as whether or not the students should already be familiar with the vocabulary.

Teachers and Texts

Author : Michael W. Apple
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First Published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Classroom Conversations

Author : Alexandra Miletta
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In Classroom Conversations, two generations of educators—a mother and daughter—point us to the great thinkers who have shaped their beliefs and practices in education, and who continue to influence teachers today. Nineteen essays by educators from Dewey to Delpit offer parents and new educators an education degree in a nutshell. The Milettas frame these touchstone texts with commentary explaining why these writers resonate for them, sharing not only the personal meanings they have derived from the selections but why these writings have endured in the field over time. Brief biographies set each author in context for the lay reader. As educational fads and jargon come and go, parents and teachers alike will appreciate and find value in the wisdom distilled here. Classroom Conversations will help experienced teachers find renewed meaning in these seminal essays and will help younger teachers discover just how important the work they do can be. For parents, the book will inform and enrich their understanding of their children’s educational experience.

Merging Language Intervention with Classroom Practices

Author : Eileen Eisner
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Leads you through a highly efficient system for adapting clinical strategies to actual classroom settings and lessons. Inside, you'll find comprehensive plans for coordinating primary classroom thematic learning units with goals in: speech, auditory comprehension, and oral and written language. This book helps you apply theory to practice by giving speech-language pathologists the information and tools necessary to adapt clinical strategies to educational settings. Read about which activities benefit students with language-learning disabilities, and why these activities are successful. Best of all, you'll get ready-to-use samples of: Class discussion topics and procedures; Semantic mapping; Journal patterns; Listen-and-draw activities; Read-and-draw activities; Syntax exercises; Poem patterns; and much more.

Infusing Technology into the Classroom Continuous Practice Improvement

Author : Schifter, Catherine
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Technology has impacted how many teachers develop methods of instruction in their classroom settings. The Continuous Practice Improvement (CPI) professional development program introduces teachers to infusing computers into the curriculum and classroom activities seamlessly. Infusing Technology into the Classroom: Continuous Practice Improvement retells compelling stories of a successful computer-related professional development program that was implemented into Kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms of a Philadelphia school. Through an analysis of the study, a theoretical model to guide technology infused professional development for teachers is discovered.

Journals in the Classroom

Author : Judith Ann Isaacs
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This book provides valuable advice on how to initiate or supplement a journal-writing program in your classroom. Learn how journal writing promotes fluency and confidence. Includes over 100 tried-and-true ideas and a question-and-anwer section.

The Journal of Classroom Interaction

Author :
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Using Google EarthTM Bring the World into Your Classroom Levels 1 2

Author : JoBea Holt
File Size : 54.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learn to use Google Earth and add technological richness across the content areas in grades 1-2 with this highly engaging, easy-to-use resource that offers flexibility for authentic 21st century learning. This teacher-friendly book provides step-by-step instructions, lessons, and activities that integrate this technology into social studies, science, mathematics, and English language arts curriculum. All lessons are differentiated for a variety of learning styles and activities are leveled for all learners. In addition, suggestions for flexible groupings and for extension activities are also included. Using Google Earth(tm): Bring the World Into Your Classroom shows teachers how to help their students start their own .kmz folders and fill them with layers of locations that connect their own lives to the curriculum, and to build cross-curricular connections. The included Teacher Resource CD includes templates plus clear, easy-to-follow directions to lead students (and teachers) to see a global view by starting with their own neighborhoods and then moving outward. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and supports core concepts of STEM instruction.

Educating the right Way

Author : Michael W. Apple
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As American schools undergo a dramatic shift to the right, Michael W. Apple, internationally acclaimed author and educator, uncovers the roots of this conservative swing and points the way to a more balanced approach. Why have the needs of private business become top priorities in the public classroom? How did school vouchers move from the conservative fringe to the political mainstream? Why are scores on standardized tests falling, even as teachers are forced to cram more "facts" into their curricula? Apple argues that the interests of some strange bedfellows -- neo-liberals, neo-conservatives, authoritarian populists, and the professional middle class -- have converged to threaten the egalitarian ideals on which American public education was built. He dissects how this coalition has pushed educational policies toward a combination of weak state practices (markets, school choice) and strong state practices (state-mandated curricula and testing). A former classroom teacher himself, Apple offers concrete, common sense solutions that show what critical educators and parents can do to interrupt these trends and develop a more democratic educational system, suited to the needs of all American children. Michael W. Apple is the Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has recently been awarded both a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Educational Research Association and a UCLA Medal for outstanding academic achievement in education. * Apple is a world-renowned figure in educational and social policy. He is the editor of Routledge's very successful series Critical Social Thought *Apple's book Ideology and Curriculumwas internationally voted as one of the top twenty books on education in the 20th century -- his books are published in fifteen languages * Not merely a critique of the right, but of the left as well -- addresses current, critical problems in our schools

Courseware in the Classroom

Author : Ann Lathrop
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Apple Pro Training Series

Author : Kevin M. White
File Size : 82.99 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the official curriculum of the Apple Yosemite 101: OS X Support Essentials 10.10 course and preparation for Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.10 certification–as well as a top-notch primer for anyone who needs to support, troubleshoot, or optimize OS X Yosemite. This guide provides comprehensive coverage of Yosemite and is part of the Apple Pro Training series–the only Apple-certified books the market. Designed for support technicians, help desk specialists, and ardent Mac users, this guide takes you deep inside the Yosemite operating system. Readers will find in-depth, step-by-step instruction on everything from installing and configuring Yosemite to managing networks and system administration. Whether you run a computer lab or an IT department, you’ll learn to set up users, configure system preferences, manage security and permissions, use diagnostic and repair tools, troubleshoot peripheral devices, and more–all on your way to preparing for the industry-standard ACSP certification. Covers updated system utilities and new features of OS X Yosemite. Features authoritative explanations of underlying technologies, troubleshooting, system administration, and much more. Focused lessons take you step by step through practical, real-world tasks. Lesson files and bonus material available for download–including lesson review questions summarizing what you’ve learned to prepare you for the Apple certification exam.

An Apple for the Creature

Author : Charlaine Harris
File Size : 47.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Includes an original Sookie Stackhouse story TALES OUT OF SCHOOL BY ILONA ANDREWS • AMBER BENSON • RHYS BOWEN • MIKE CAREY • CHARLAINE HARRIS • DONALD HARSTAD • STEVE HOCKENSMITH • NANCY HOLDER • FAITH HUNTER • TONI L. P. KELNER • MARJORIE M. LIU • JONATHAN MABERRY • THOMAS E. SNIEGOSKI What could be scarier than the first day of school? How about a crash course in the paranormal from Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner, editors of Games Creatures Play? Your worst school nightmares—taking that math test you never studied for, finding yourself naked at a school assembly, not knowing which door to enter through—will pale in comparison to these thirteen stories that take academic anxiety to realms you never dared to imagine. You’ll need more than an apple to stave off these creatures. Remember your first lesson: Resistance is fruitless!

Lit l Bit s Classroom

Author : Jo Ann Farber
File Size : 38.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A plethora of children’s wit and wisdom as told through their daily lives with a childcare teacher. All are conversations she heard during her eleven years of working in preschool center. T he insight and humor of the children is revealed quite cleverly. The author’s love for children comes through strongly as you read the collection. This is a one of a kind work, very unique and sometimes hilarious. Also contains many craft ideas and helpful hints for preschool teachers and/or parents. Working with children is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. These years have been a very educational experience. If I planted one seed along the way, I feel I have done my part. The title, “Lit’l Bit,” was a nickname from years ago. One day I couldn’t reach something on a shelf, and I said, “I’m not big enough.” My husband replied, “Oh, you’re such a little bit,” and the name stuck.