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Applications in Linguistic Theory

Author : W. J. Levelt
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Formal Grammars in Linguistics and Psycholinguistics Applications in linguistic theory

Author : Willem J. M. Levelt
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Clinical Applications of Linguistics to Speech Language Pathology

Author : Naomi Gurevich
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Clinical Applications of Linguistics to Speech-Language Pathology is a practical guide that provides linguistically grounded approaches to clinical practice. It introduces key linguistic disciplines and discusses how they form a basis for assessment and treatment of individuals with communication differences or disorders. Written by experts in linguistics and communication disorders, each chapter provides clinicians with a foundational understanding of linguistics as it applies to spoken and signed languages and underscores the importance of integrating linguistic theories into clinical decision-making. The book is divided into two parts that focus on the applications of linguistics to speech and language differences and disorders in both children and adults. The chapters cover the full range of linguistic domains including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. Applications to a wide range of populations including childhood apraxia of speech, aphasia, dysarthria, traumatic brain injury and accent modification clients are also discussed. Many chapters include assessment and treatment resources that can be used by practicing clinicians. This highly accessible and comprehensive book is an indispensable resource for practicing speech-language pathologists and other members of the profession, including instructors with minimal exposure to linguistics. It will also be beneficial for students of Linguistics, Speech and Hearing Sciences, and Audiology and Speech Language Pathology who are seeking practical knowledge of the fields.

Linguistic Theory and Empirical Evidence

Author : Bob de Jonge
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This volume further elaborates the empirical tradition of Columbia School (CS) Linguistics by offering diverse empirical analyses for a wide variety of languages. These studies open a much needed debate advocating the necessity of the independent validation of linguistic hypotheses. This research exemplifies how such a validation should be conducted by determining which forms underlie the analyses and extracting those observations that are considered to be objective. The volume consists of two parts: a section on synchronic and diachronic grammatical problems and a section on Phonology as Human Behavior (PHB), the Columbia School version of phonology, applied to evolutionary, developmental and clinical issues and the phonotactics of the selected lexicon of a literary text. It provides a wealth of useful empirical data and in-depth and sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analyses of a broad range of languages from diverse families: French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew.

Appliable Linguistics

Author : Ahmar Mahboob
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This collection of research offers an initial step in the pursuit of an appliable linguistics. Appliable Linguistics takes everyday real-life language-related problems - both theoretical and practical - in diverse social, professional and academic contexts as its starting point. It then uses and contributes to a theoretical model of language that can respond to and is appliable in the context. The concept of appliable linguistics used in this volume is informed by the work of M.A.K. Halliday, who believes that "the value of a theory lies in the use that can be made of it." The chapters in this volume thus use and contribute to an appliable linguistics that engages with a range of issues including: translation, education, language teaching/learning, multimodality, media, social policy and action, and positive discourse analysis. This collection of research is offered as an initial step in the pursuit of Appliable Linguistics, which we hope will serve as a foundation for future work across the discipline.

Clinical Linguistics

Author : Elisabetta Fava
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This book covers different aspects of speech and language pathology and it offers a fairly comprehensive overview of the complexity and the emerging importance of the field, by identifying and re-examining, from different perspectives, a number of standard assumptions in clinical linguistics and in cognitive sciences. The papers encompass different issues in phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, discussed with respect to deafness, stuttering, child acquisition and impairments, SLI, William’s Syndrome deficit, fluent aphasia and agrammatism. The interdisciplinary complexity of the language/cognition interface is also explored by focusing on empirical data from different languages: Bantu, Catalan, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. The aim of this volume is to stress the growing importance of the theoretical and methodological linguistic tools developed in this area; to bring under scrutiny assumptions taken for granted in recent analyses, which may not be so obvious as they may seem; to investigate how even apparently minimal choices in the description of phenomena may affect the form and complexity of the language/cognition interface.

Prehistory History and Historiography of Language Speech and Linguistic Theory

Author : Bela Brogyanyi
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This collection of papers deals primarily with topics in general linguistics, including history of linguistic science. The volume is divided in 5 parts: I. Origin and Prehistory of Language, II. Historiography of Linguistics, III. Phonology and Phonetic Change, IV. Morphology and Syntax, and V. Socio-Neurolinguistics and Multilingualism.

Linguistic Theories and Their Application

Author :
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Encyclopedia of Linguistics

Author : Philipp Strazny
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Utilizing a historical and international approach, this valuable two-volume resource makes even the more complex linguistic issues understandable for the non-specialized reader. Containing over 500 alphabetically arranged entries and an expansive glossary by a team of international scholars, the Encyclopedia of Linguistics explores the varied perspectives, figures, and methodologies that make up the field.

Second Language Learning

Author : Michael Sharwood Smith
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A survey and analysis of second language theory discusses the development of ideas in this expanding area of language studies. It looks at the implications of these ideas and directions for future research. Contains study questions and activities as well as practical guidelines on the use of available research resources.