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Archangels 101

Author : Doreen Virtue
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Legions of loving and trustworthy archangels watch over us, and you can develop an even closer relationship with them by learning their names and specialties. In this uplifting nondenominational book, Doreen Virtue guides you in connecting with her 15 favorite archangels; and you’ll read true stories from people who received protection, miraculous healings, and amazing guidance from these beloved heavenly beings. Archangels want to help each and every one of you live healthier and happier lives. As unlimited beings, archangels can assist everyone simultaneously, and this fascinating book will teach you which archangels to call upon for various situations. Whether you’re new to working with angels, or someone who has believed in angels all your life, you’ll want to refer to Archangels 101 again and again.

Archangels and Ascended Masters

Author : Doreen Virtue
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Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities. Archangels and Ascended Masters is a thoroughly researched book in a lively encyclopedia format, listing 77 divinities from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, Babylonian, Tibetan, Buddhist, Celtic, Theosophical, New Age, Catholic, Cabalistic, Jewish, and Christian roots. Doreen Virtue carefully studied and wrote about the history of each of the deities, what role they serve today, how they can help us with specific life problems, and how to call upon each one. Doreen spent time in communication with each divinity to ensure that the being was reachable, and to discover the essence of his or her personality and current dealings with the world - and within these pages, she includes a channeled message or impression from each of the ascended masters and archangels. Many of her channelings were conducted at power points throughout the world, such as Stonehenge in England; the Irish coast; Kona, Hawaii; and the New Zealand rain forest. A comprehensive chart lists a number of life situations such as Addictions, Finding a Soulmate, Emergency Money, Healing Physical Illness, and various personal and family concerns. Beneath each topic is a list of whom to call upon when dealing with that particular challenge. Doreen also includes prayers to help you call upon multiple divinities for specific issues such as ''increased clairvoyance'' and ''resolving conflict.''


Author : Richard Webster
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Transform Your Life with the Power and Grace of Divine Messengers As beings of pure light who possess great influence, archangels can help you achieve your goals and develop a closer relationship with the Divine. Drawing from multiple spiritual paths, bestselling author Richard Webster introduces you to the four most-recognized archangels—Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel—as well as numerous lesser-known angels who are rarely featured in other books. You will also learn simple meditations and rituals to help you communicate and work with them for protection, guidance, and wisdom. This concise and conversational guide describes the hierarchy of angels and the unique responsibilities for each one. With detailed information on correspondences for each archangel, including crystal, essential oil, element, zodiac sign, and chakra, you'll discover which ones to connect with and how they can support you. Featuring affirmations, invocations, dream work, and more, this book makes it easy to seek angelic assistance and enjoy a life filled with peace, harmony, and divine love.

Seven Archangels

Author : iMinds
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The history of angels rests predominantly in the Middle East. Other cultures had gods, goddesses or faeries, but in the Middle East they worshiped angels as their gods. Once the idea of a single all powerful God evolved, however, it was necessary to create another space for angels. And so, they became known as mediators between the newly created all powerful God and his servants, humankind, on Earth. The concept of angels was particularly native to Jewish and Babylonian culture.

The Archangels

Author : Lavar Cephus
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From the beauty of the Lord God, we have fourteen archangels, who also can be known as the Watchers. Archangel Michael is the head of the archangel militia, in command of God' army and his celestial soldiers who clash against the evil. Stories of angels and archangels are a part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Over 80 percent of the world's population believes in angels, archangels, cherubim, and heavily ascended masters. Most people only know about the seven archangels, but in this book, we're going to tell you about the fourteen archangels of the angelic realm. The term archangel came directly from or is related to the Abrahamic religions. The word archangel is derived from a Greek term which means chief angels. Archangels are an extension of love, help, protection and assistance from God, the Creator, the source, the universe himself, to personify his infinite, expansive, stellar majesty, power, love, and grace. All of the archangels have special powers and gifts and abilities. They are all healers. They resonate at a very high vibration frequency and energy. In terms of rank, archangels are at the highest rank among all the angels for they are known to be the closest of the angels next to God. Archangels not only watch over us; they also watch over other angels, as well as the spiritual and other areas of the universal realms (like our very own real-life superheroes). In the canonical Bible, which the Protestants and the Catholics use, and in the Quran as well, there were two archangel named: Michael and Gabriel. In the book of Enoch, there were seven archangels. This was before the book of Enoch was removed from the Bible scriptures. The other five of the first seven are Raphiel, Azrael, Chamuel, Ariel, and Jophiel. In this book, I will tell you about the first seven archangels and also the other seven, the Dominion archangels, and their powers and abilities and how to ask for help, guidance, protection, and assistance whenever you need it. It's like having your very own dream team of angels.

Working With Archangels

Author : Theolyn Cortens
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Archangels are powerful spiritual helpers who offer us the opportunity to realise our own creative power and transform our lives. In this unique book, angel expert Theolyn Cortens maps out a journey enabling readers to meet and work with twenty-four powerful Archangels. You will discover: - The history of Archangels - How we understand them today and how they can help us - How to meet the twelve Archangels of the Tree of Life - The ways in which we can ask for their assistance with life issues - Information about the Archangels of the Zodiac, with suggestions for creating a 'dream team' to help in particular circumstances. Each step on the journey offers a new kind of angelic energy to work with as the twenty-four Archangels reveal their unique qualities in turn. The reader can take this journey at their own pace, learning about both traditional stories and contemporary experiences. With visualisations and invocations, and a variety of suggestions for day-to-day activities, as well as case histories, this is an exciting and in-depth journey that other angel books have not yet touched on.

Archangels Speak

Author : Margaret Doner
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Are angels real, or imaginary? Can they really save your life or intervene in your destiny? If they are real, can we talk to them like we would a good friend? Do they hear our thoughts and know our every deed? Do angels have opinions or judge us? Archangels Speak, answers these and many other questions. The best way to use angels in your life is to think of them as a means to bring you into alignment with your Higher Truth and Higher Self. When we get stuck in defensive points of view, operating primarily from the defended ego, we often get ourselves into ruts and patterns that make us miserable. With the angel's words, this book helps to "bump" us out of that ego mind and into something grander. It asks us to consider Love before hate and challenges us to think in new ways.

Angels and Archangels

Author : Damien Echols
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Learn to call on the divine assistance of angelic forces to shape your life and accelerate your spiritual practice in this in-depth guide from Damien Echols. “The ultimate goal of working with angels is to become one ourselves. That’s what people actually are—unconscious angels.” —Damien Echols “Angels do not belong to any one single religion, system, or dogma,” teaches Damien Echols. “They are almost pure energy—the very substance the cosmos is made of. They’re also incredibly willing to work with us if asked.” With Angels and Archangels, this bestselling author presents an essential resource for understanding what angels are, how they make themselves available, and magickal practices to invoke their power to transform your life. For the magician—or anyone seeking to enlist helping forces on the path of awakening—invoking angels and archangels gives you access to incredible potential for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth. In this lucid and information-packed guide, Damien shares his unique understanding and experience of magickal practices refined in the crucible of his wrongful death row imprisonment. Here you’ll discover: • A clear presentation of angels and archangels as they have been honored in mystical traditions for thousands of years • The names and qualities of individual angels and archangels, as associated with the elements, the Zodiac, the Tree of Life, and the Tarot • Foundational practices and meditations for building your skills with magick • How to call on angels for blessing, protection, invocation, the creation of talismans and sigils, and more • Advanced angel magick rituals, including the Rose Cross, the Celestial Lotus, and the Shem Operation • The Holy Guardian Angel—the key contact for stepping into your true nature beyond ego consciousness “When working with angels and archangels,” says Damien, “I’ve come to realize that they don’t carry out the tasks we charge them with just because we ask them to—they do it because they perceive the divine within us.” Angels and Archangels is an essential resource for every magickal library, an invitation by one of the most exciting modern teachers of the art to discover the enormous potential waiting for your call.

The Four Archangels

Author : Michel Green
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The Archangel Michael spoke. “Let us,” he said, “gather together with our Dear Brethren...and share...with Humanity.” And so they came: the Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel Raphael and sharing the fourth place, the Archangels Uriel and Metatron, each of them sharing their views on such topics as Deserving, Celebration, Forgiveness, Uniqueness, Acceptance and more. Archangel Gabriel generally used the Element of Air or Mind as his viewpoint; he addresses Forgiveness as “A Factor of the Mind;” through the Element of Water or Emotion, the Archangel Raphael spoke on “Healing Through Celebration.” The Archangel Uriel oft en chose the Element of Fire/Inspiration such as when he conversed on “The Soul’s Courage” while Metatron draws on the Element of Earth or Practicality with “The Gestati on of Peace” during the Commencement talk. The Archangel Michael encourages Acceptance by beginning “With the Love of Archangel Michael” The Love and inspiration of these High Bright Beings brings encouragement, upliftment and a-ha moments for each of you. Kind Words from Purchasers: "I started reading your book and have cried already, cried out of joy and at the sadness that I feel ... a sadness that I have missed out on the love that has been waiting for me for so very long. That the Angels have been there with a wealth of knowledge and love and it over joys me... I cannot wait to continue on this journey wherever it is taking me. I just want to say that your book is a book that makes a person want to buy it for others because there is no way you will want to lend it !! I lend a lot of my books after reading, but this will not be one I can even fathom lending at this time, it is much too precious a resource." - CC, Edmonton, Canada

Archangels and Earthangels

Author : Petra Schneider
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Angels are divine messengers. The message that they bring is more than just information-it will touch your own inner light. It will remind you of the divine spark within you and how wonderful your life could be. With their help, you can grow to your true greatness and develop your abilities. You can find the path to living the life that you really love. The authors have worked with angels, archangels and earthangels for years. Based on their own experience, they describe the spiritual world of angels and their tasks, powers and possibilities. They explain how to make contact with these powerful and loving beings so that you can invite them to walk at your side and become part of your life. Archangels and Earthangels is a bridge between your daily life and the angelic energies. At the same time, it provides clear and structured new knowledge about the angels.