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Arctic Survival

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THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE for anyone who thinks they'd survive the world's most hostile environments - or at least imagine they could do. ----------------------------- First issued to airmen in the 1950s, the Air Ministry's Sea Survival guide includes original and authentic emergency advice to crew operating over the ocean. With original illustrations and text, these survival guides provide an insight to military survival techniques from a by-gone era. Packed with original line drawings and instruction in: - The best faces to pull to prevent frostbite and when you can expect bits of you to 'fall off', should you fail - How to build a structurally sound igloo - How to fashion a mask to prevent snowblindness Focussing on the harshest of situations one can find oneself in, Arctic Survival is one of four reprints of The Air Ministry's emergency survival pamphlets. Others include: Jungle Survival Desert Survival Arctic Survival

Arctic Survival Rations

Author : Kåre Rodahl
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All carbohydrate ration versus a high protein ration.

Serious Survival How to Poo in the Arctic and Other essential tips for explorers

Author : Marshall Corwin
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Over a period of five years, the BBC took groups to the world’s most inhospitable places for Serious Jungle, Serious Amazon, Serious Desert, Serious Andes and Serious Arctic. This is what they had to learn to survive...

A Comparison Under Arctic Survival Conditions of a Pemmican type Meat Bar with an Isocaloric Ration of Sucrose Plus Electrolytes

Author : Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory (U.S.)
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Author : United States. Department of the Air Force
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Revised edition of a practical guide for survival in northern regions.

Survival for Aircrew

Author : Sarah-Jane Prew
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Survival for Aircrew is essential reading for any aviation personnel who might at any time fly over water or inhospitable terrain. The ability to conquer nature and survive long enough to be rescued is a skill that could have saved the lives of countless aircrew and passengers in the past, and could save many lives in the future. Designed to be an easy-to-read instructional resource, this book teaches aircrews all the survival methods they are ever likely to need, in any eventuality. Illustrated throughout for ease of reference, this book looks at the aircrew role in an aviation survival situation, at the equipment required and at the possible scenarios. Its emphasis on crew behaviour makes the book unique, whether the reader is involved in general aviation, airline industry or government service. Features include: *

Survival Training Guide

Author : United States. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
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Survival Training Edition

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Arctic survival book safety on land sea and ice

Author : David Owingayak
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Manual of Arctic Survival and Useful Eskimo Words

Author : T. N. Freeman
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Handbook of equipment and procedures for survival after forced landings of aircraft in northern Canada. Includes phonetic transcription of Inuktitut words from the Keewatin area.

Ecology of Arctic Environments

Author : Sarah J. Woodin
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Once thought of as a pristine environment, it is now all too apparent that the Arctic is a sink for pollutants transported northwards over long distances in the atmosphere and oceans, and is also likely to be subject to major climate change as a result of global warming. Many ecologists are currently seeking to further our understanding of how arctic ecosystems function, and to detect and predict anthropogenic changes which may occur within them. This book, resulting from a British Ecological Society Special Symposium, addresses these issues.

The Development of Rescue and Survival Techniques in the North American Arctic

Author : United States. Aerospace Studies Institute. Documentary Research Division
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Study undertaken to provide background material on the operations of search and rescue units during World War II in the North American Arctic, and to outline post-war developments (to 1950). Explores search, rescue and survival techniques in northern areas with particular emphasis on Alaska, but includes Greenland and the North Atlantic. Includes historical information, maps, photographs and bibliography.

The Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory s Thyroid Function Study

Author : National Research Council
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During the 1950s, with the Cold War looming, military planners sought to know more about how to keep fighting forces fit and capable in the harsh Alaskan environment. In 1956 and 1957, the U.S. Air Force's former Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory conducted a study of the role of the thyroid in human acclimatization to cold. To measure thyroid function under various conditions, the researchers administered a radioactive medical trace, Iodine-131, to Alaska Natives and white military personnel; based on the study results, the researchers determined that the thyroid did not play a significant role in human acclimatization to cold. When this study of thyroid function was revisited at a 1993 conference on the Cold War legacy in the Arctic, serious questions were raised about the appropriateness of the activity--whether it posed risks to the people involved and whether the research had been conducted within the bounds of accepted guidelines for research using human participants. In particular, there was concern over the relatively large proportion of Alaska Natives used as subjects and whether they understood the nature of the study. This book evaluates the research in detail, looking at both the possible health effects of Iodine-131 administration in humans and the ethics of human subjects research. This book presents conclusions and recommendations and is a significant addition to the nation's current reevaluation of human radiation experiments conducted during the Cold War.

Surviving Serendipity

Author : Lawrence J. Enders
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This semblance of an autobiography was prompted by friends and family who were mesmerized by the amazing number of serendipitous events which so frequently dotted my life. I personally believe that most people have experienced some similar happenings. In my case, these happenings just seemed so remotely unlikely for someone whose original goal in life was to be a very stable, home-town physician. As the story will reveal, what actually transpired was a far cry from that! Unusual incidents and unusual people became the usual. The events in this book are real. They happened as they are portrayed, to the best of my recollections. The sequence of events is reasonably, chronologically correct. What was of enormous help was my considerable collection of memorabilia for me to reference. The names and places are all real, with the exceptions of the FBI Agent and my three Russian KGB acquaintances. Since I believe they are all still alive, it is prudent to not reveal their identities. I hope you will find these unusual, albeit real, experiences interesting.

Extreme Habitats Polar Region Survival

Author : Jim Pipe
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Life and Survival in the Arctic

Author : G. W. Nooter
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Translation of "Over leven en Overleven, cultuurveranderingen in de poolgebieden". A series of essays by various authors on cultural change by arctic native peoples including the Saami, Nivkh, Oroch, Ainu, Inuit of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. Choice of cultures was based on the collections in the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde in Leiden and the Museum voor het Onderwijs in The Hague.

Protecting the Arctic

Author : Mark Nuttall
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Protecting the Arctic explores some of the ways in which indigenous peoples have taken political action regarding Arctic environmental and sustainable development issues, and investigates the involvement of indigenous peoples in international environmental policy- making. Nuttall illustrates how indigenous peoples make claims that their own forms of resource management not only have relevance in an Arctic regional context, but provide models for the inclusion of indigenous values and environmental knowledge in the design, negotiation and implementation of global environmental policy.

Escape and Survival

Author : North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development
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Lærebogsagtig behandling af flymedicinske problemer i f.m. at overleve udspring fra fly under ekstreme forhold.

U S Army Survival Manual

Author : Peter T. Underwood
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Offers tips for survival, including erecting shelters, making utensils, and identifying poisonous animals and food

An Arctic Tundra Food Chain

Author : A. D. Tarbox
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Introduces some of the plants and animals that make up the Arctic tundra food chain, including the arctic willow, lemming, polar bear, snowy owl, ermine, and arctic wolf.