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Armageddon in Stalingrad

Author : David M. Glantz
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The world's foremost authority on the Soviet Army in World War II offers the second installment of his pathbreakinbg trilogy on the epic clash at Stalingrad. The definitive account of the battle that produced a major turning point for both the Easterrn Front and World War II.

German Soldier vs Soviet Soldier

Author : Chris McNab
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By the end of the first week of November 1942, the German Sixth Army held about 90 per cent of Stalingrad. Yet the Soviets stubbornly held on to the remaining parts of the city, and German casualties started to reach catastrophic levels. In an attempt to break the deadlock, Hitler decided to send additional German pioneer battalions to act as an urban warfare spearhead. These combat engineers were skilled in all aspects of city fighting, especially in the use of demolitions and small arms to overcome defended positions and in the destruction of armoured vehicles. Facing them were hardened Soviet troops who had perfected the use of urban camouflage, concealed and interlocking firing positions, close quarters battle, and sniper support. This fully illustrated book explores the tactics and effectiveness of these opposing troops during this period, focusing particularly on the brutal close-quarters fight over the Krasnaya Barrikady (Red Barricades) ordnance factory.

Stalingrad Battle Atlas Volume IV

Author : Anton Joly
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The New 2017 Revised Edition has been awarded the APMC Cultural Price at the Salon de l'Histoire in Paris. "I can see the Stalingrad sky glowing in the distance." General Erhard Raus, 6th Panzer Division Commander, deploying his troops on the Myshkova River 50 km away from the "cauldron." The Red Army defeated the Wehrmacht against all odds in one of the most dramatic battles in History. How such a miracle has been made possible ? What exactly happened each single day of this titanic struggle ? The fourth volume of the "Stalingrad Battle Atlas" series covers Operation Winter Storm, the German attempt to link up with 6th Army encircled in the Stalingrad pocket. It presents strategic and tactical information, featuring especially designed maps for each day of active operations during this period, along with wartime documents translated from German and Russian. Synthesizing an extremely wide range of documents and information sources, this chronological atlas seeks to reach the maximal degree of precision in describing historical reality, rendering it through a standardized set of instruments: timeline, orders of battle, unit strength returns, tactical or strategic situation maps, contextual photos, quotes from key actors. It can be used as a reference manual for searchers, as well as a guide for those who want to know the basics: Who, When, Where. In 2015 the Russian Federal Archive Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the Russian Historical Society and the German Historical Institute in Moscow publicly released large archival funds of Soviet and German records. This new edition of the Stalingrad Battle Atlas series thus benefits from the most substantial set of available wartime documents. Main Features: o Latest Available Documents from Archives o Tactical & Strategic Maps o Order of Battle & Strength Returns 402 pages A New Perspective of the Legendary Battle on the Volga

Enduring the Whirlwind

Author : Gregory Liedtke
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This work seeks to address the notion of German numerical-weakness in terms of Germany's ability to replace its losses and regenerate its military strength, and assess just how accurate this argument was during the crucial first half of the Russo-German War (June 1941-June 1943).

A History of Modern Urban Operations

Author : Gregory Fremont-Barnes
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This book investigates the complexities of modern urban operations—a particularly difficult and costly method of fighting, and one that is on the rise. Contributors examine the lessons that emerge from a range of historical case studies, from nineteenth-century precedents to the Battle of Shanghai; Stalingrad, German town clearance, Mandalay, and Berlin during World War II; and from the Battle of Algiers to the Battle for Fallujah in 2004. Each case study illuminates the features that differentiate urban operations from fighting in open areas, and the factors that contribute to success and failure. The volume concludes with reflections on the key challenges of urban warfare in the twenty-first century and beyond.

Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front

Author : Jeff Rutherford
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The contradictory behaviour of the German Army in the east resulted from its adherence to the concept of military necessity.

The New York Times Book Review

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A Guide to Battles

Author : Richard Holmes
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Arts Humanities Citation Index

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