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The international law of d tente

Author : Edward McWhinney
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Stability and Arms Control in Europe

Author : Gerhard Wächter
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SCOTT (Copy 1): From the John Holmes Library Collection.

Emerging Dimensions Of European Security Policy

Author : Wolfgang F. Danspeckgruber
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This book represents an overview of European security affairs as of 1989–1990. It deals with fundamental theoretical and political-strategic considerations; looks at arms-control developments; and examines European defense economies and military industrial capabilities of U.S. .

Arms Control and European Security Edited by Stephen J Blank and Louis H Jordan

Author :
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After the INF Treaty

Author : Aspen Strategy Group (U.S.)
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From the John Holmes Library collection.

The Dynamics of European Security Cooperation 1945 91

Author : Gülnur Aybet
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This is the first integrated analysis of all aspects of security cooperation in western Europe from 1945 to 1991. It provides an accessible yet sophisticated survey of the wider dynamics of security cooperation in each decade throughout this period. It covers all aspects of security cooperation, which range from the political - such as a 'European' voice in arms control, to military - such as a 'European' input into NATO strategy, and economic - involving collaboration in defence technology and production.

Arms Control and Security

Author : Kevin Wright
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The aim of this text is to explore conventional arms control in Europe. The early chapters provide a primarily historical perspective, looking at the context, foundations, main provisions and institutional structure of the main agreements. The later chapters explore the continuing and likely future roles of the OSCE and NATO in the arms control process. The final chapters examine more contemporary developments by looking at the Adapted CFE Treaty and Vienna Documents agreed at the OSCE Istanbul Summit in November 1998 and the challenges posed to existing arrangements by the changing and emergent security threats that potentially face Europe.

The Promise and Reality of European Security Cooperation

Author : Mary M. McKenzie
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Providing a timely account of European security developments, this edited collection delves into the theoretical and political debates central to European security cooperation. The essays analyze the interaction between states and institutions as they shape European security cooperation in the wake of the Cold War. After outlining the goals and context of the project, the book turns to case studies of the roles and policies of the U.S., Russia, Germany, and France. European security, institutions, and arms control regimes, such as the European Union, the Western European Union, NATO, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe are examined. Conventional forces in Europe, and confidence and security building measures are also explored. Throughout, the contributors focus on the possibilities and limits of security cooperation as Europe prepares for the next century. Students and scholars concerned with international security issues, international relations theory, and European security and politics will be particularly interested.

Defining Stability

Author : Schuyler Foerster
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This book analyzes the military situation in Europe and the contending views about the military balance and important military variables there. It provides very useful insights into what has often been a confusing debate about the true state of the military situation.

European Security Nuclear Weapons and Public Confidence

Author : William Gutteridge
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The Arms Control Disarmament and Military Security Dictionary

Author : Jeffrey M. Elliot
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This facsimile reprint of the 1989 edition is, according to Library Journal, ..".a wonderfully concise and comprehensive resource on a very important topic. In 268 detailed entries, the authors provide a wealth of information on such topics as the arms race, conventional and nuclear weapons, nuclear strategy, and disarmament. The entries are cross-referenced, and there is an index. Of great value to general readers as well as specialists."

The Future of European Security

Author : Christoph Bluth
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In the wake of the collapse of the Cold War, this volume examines some of its most important implications from the perspective of Britain and Germany. This examination is undertaken by a number of authors eminent in their field. It looks at their adaption to the new European Security Environment both from strategic and institutional perspectives. In addition to this it addresses key policy issues such as migration, arms control and burden sharing. Through its comparative analysis it also examines the crucial role of the United States.

European Security

Author : Thomas Jäger
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The authors of this collection combine different national and institutional perspectives. They cover a broad range of subjects: new threats to Europe's security, the advantages and disadvantages of the present security architecture in Europe, the problem of nuclear weapons and their control, the options for enlargement and partnership for peace, the shifts in Europeans' public opinion about security matters, and the prospects for a European defence industry. This collection provides an incomparable synthesis of some of the most crucial problems for the emergence of Europe as an independent actor in international politics.

The Two German States and European Security

Author : F. Stephen Larrabee
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This collection of essays examines the relationship between West Germany and the German Democratic Republic in terms of economics and politics. The problems caused by the division of Germany in relation to European and international defence policies are also discussed.

The Europeanization Of The Alliance

Author : Robbin F Laird
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This book assesses the dynamics of Europeanization within the Western Alliance in the 1980s, that is, the process of change whereby the key West European states have come to play a growing role within the Alliance. It is the result of interviewing senior officials and specialists in Western Europe.

Arms Control and Disarmament Review

Author :
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Arms Control in Europe

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on Arms Control, International Security, and Science
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Verification and arms control implications for European security

Author : Hans Günter Brauch
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Reforging European Security

Author : Kurt Gottfried
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This book provides some answers to the questions of how to pursue the build-down of the East-West military confrontation in Europe and of how to build up an enduring and effective security system for Europe. It is the result of a three year study of European security affairs.

The Strategic Defense Initiative and European Security

Author : Nanette C. Brown
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This report summarizes the presentations and discussions of a conference on the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative and European Security held in March 1985. The conference participants were government officials and defense analysts from the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Great Britain, and the United States. The conferees overwhelmingly supported research on the Strategic Defense Initiative as a hedge against Soviet ballistic missile defense programs. However, support for development or deployment hinged in part on whether Soviet actions were seen as being linked to U.S. actions. These views, along with the assumption that the Soviet Union would field defenses if the United States did, reflected differences in concern about the implications of strategic defenses for (1) deterrence in general, (2) NATO strategy and deterrence in Europe, (3) arms control, and (4) European technological interests.