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Art and Food

Author : Peter Stupples
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Art and Food is a collection of essays exploring a range of research topics relating to the representation of food in art and art in food, from iconography and allegory, through class and commensality, to kitchen architecture and haute cuisine.

Top Art food Melbourne

Author : Carole Bois de Chesne
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Art Farming and Food for the Future

Author : Barbara L. Benish
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This book explores the impact of artistic experiments in inspiring people to turn away from current food consumerism and take an active role in preserving, sustaining, and protecting the environment. As artists are expanding their practice into social justice and community concerns, erasing traditional forms of expression and integrating others, the culture around food and its production has been added to a new vocabulary of experiential art. The authors measure the impact of such experiments on local food consumption and production, focusing on education and youth, both in the surrounding community and culture at large. They suggest how these projects can be up-scaled to further encourage sustainable solutions for our environment and communities. The book explores the reflections and motivations of case study practitioners in urban and rural areas and, through interviews, engages with artists who are pioneering a new trend to create hubs of activity away from traditional art spaces in cities to follow a non-hierarchal practice that is de-centralized and communally based. This book will be of great interest to academic readers concerned with issues related to environmental aesthetics, eco-design, eco-criticism, culture, heritage, memory, and identity, and those interested in the current debates on the place of aesthetics and culture in sustainability.

Food in Art

Author : Brigitte Baumbusch
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Examines the representation of food in art, from ancient frescoes to modern "pop"art.

Cool Sandwich Food Art

Author : Nancy Tuminelly
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Presents recipes using easy-to-follow instructions for making creative sandwich art, including a peanut butter and jelly flower, a grilled cheese bug, and a caterpillar wrap.

Cool Snack Food Art

Author : Nancy Tuminelly
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Presents recipes using easy-to-follow instructions for making creative snack presentations, including a string cheese scooter, a snake made from a hot dog, and a candy pizza.

Cool Holiday Food Art

Author : Nancy Tuminelly
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Presents recipes with easy-to-follow instructions for making creative holiday desserts and snacks, including dreidel pretzels, Halloween popcorn balls, and Groundhog Day cupcakes.

Food Feminism and Women s Art in 1970s Southern California

Author : Emily Elizabeth Goodman
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This book explores how feminist artists continued to engage with kitchen culture and food practices in their work as women’s art moved from the margins to the mainstream. In particular, this book examines the use of food in the art practices of six women artists and collectives working in Southern California—a hotbed of feminist art in the 1970s—in conjunction with the Women’s Art Movement and broader feminist groups during the era of the Second Wave. Focused around particular articulations of food in culture, this book considers how feminist artists engage with issues of gender, labor, class, consumption, (re)production, domesticity, and sexuality in order to advocate for equality and social change. The book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, food studies, and gender and women’s studies.

Cool Fruit Veggie Food Art

Author : Nancy Tuminelly
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Presents recipes with easy-to-follow instructions for making creative meals and food presentations using fruits and vegetables, including a frog made from an apple, mice made from strawberries, and a car made from a watermelon.

The Art of Raw Food

Author : Jens Casupei
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Raw food is for everyone, say the authors of one of Denmark’s best-selling cookbooks, and they make a compelling case for that claim. Equally at home on the coffee table or in the kitchen, The Art of Raw Food features gorgeous four-color photography and delicious yet simple raw food recipes as well as a background on the benefits of a raw food diet. Jens Casupei and Vibeke Kaupert, raw food enthusiasts with a flair for style as well as a passion for healthy living, introduce readers to the good (raw food), the bad (processed food), and the ugly (how processed food can make you feel). Sixty pages of information on health and diet are followed by 260 pages of mouth-watering recipes. In 140 recipes, the authors cover breakfast (Delicious Buckwheat Porridge); shakes and smoothies (Orange and Blackcurrant Shake); soups (Light and Fluffy Pepper Bisque); main dishes (Chili Sin Carne); soups, dips, and patés (Olive Tapenade); desserts (Pineapple Carpaccio with Berry Coulis); snacks (Quetzalcoatl Chocolate); and sauces and dressings (Sunflower and Beetroot Sauce). A terrific introduction to the world of raw foods for any newcomer, Raw Food offers plenty of diverse and unique recipes for every occasion. The Art of Raw Food official website: