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Art and Identity

Author : Tone Roald
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Art has the capacity to shape and alter our identities. It can influence who and what we are. Those who have had aesthetic experiences know this intimately, and yet the study of art’s impact on the mind struggles to be recognized as a centrally important field within the discipline of psychology. The main thesis of Art and Identity is that aesthetic experience represents a prototype for meaningful experience, warranting intense philosophical and psychological investigation. Currently psychology remains too closed-off from the rich reflection of philosophical aesthetics, while philosophy continues to be sceptical of the psychological reduction of art to its potential for Subjective experience. At the same time, philosophical aesthetics cannot escape making certain assumptions about the psyche and benefits from entering into a dialogue with psychology. Art and Identity brings together philosophical and psychological perspectives on aesthetics in order to explore how art creates minds.

Art and Identity at the Water s Edge

Author : Tricia Cusack
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This collection shows how the marginal territory of the water's edge has been represented in art in different places at various times and how such art contributed to the formation of cultural and national identities. Essays explore visual cultures of the Jordan and Vltava Rivers; the South African seaside resort of Durban; post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans; and the French Riviera, among other margins of river and sea.

Art and Identity in Oceania

Author : F. Allan Hanson
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Daughters of India

Author : Stephen P. Huyler
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Although one in every six women in the world lives in India, most of the Western world knows little about them. Daughters of India is a collection of the stories of twenty Indian women, who range from traditional to modern, repressed to highly innovative, and outcast to entrepreneur. Each story highlights how these women use creative expression as a means of empowerment. With 250 full-color illustrations, author Stephen Huyler introduces the reader to these individual Indian women and their art--and draws us into their colorful lives and inspiring achievements. Huyler seeks to dispel Western myths about the repression of Indian women, instead revealing their incredible strength and determination to improve their lives and those of their children. The varied and inspiring women's stories are simultaneously unique and unifying. From a woman preparing for her son's wedding to a leading female IT entrepreneur, and from Hindu to Christian to Muslim, the many female faces of India come alive to Huyler's audience. A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit the Global Fund for Women, the Self-Employed Women's Association, and Folk Arts Rajasthan, as well as other organizations that work to empower women, a full list of which appears in the back of this book. About the Author Stephen P. Huyler is an art historian, cultural anthropologist, photographer, and author conducting a lifelong survey of India's art and crafts and their meanings within rural societies. Huyler received a B.A. in Indian Studies at the University of Denver and a doctorate at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. 250 colour illustrations

Art and Identity in Thirteenth century Byzantium

Author : Antony Eastmond
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The church of Hagia Sophia in Trebizond, built by the emperor Manuel I Grand Komnenos (1238-63) in the aftermath of the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade, is the finest surviving Byzantine imperial monument of its period. Art and Identity in Thirteenth-Century Byzantium, with extensive illustrations in colour and black-and-white, provides a new analysis of the architecture, sculptural decoration and extensive wall paintings in the church. Antony Eastmond situates the church in the context of political and cultural developments across the Byzantine world in this turbulent period, and examines questions of cultural interchange on the borders of the Christian and Muslim worlds of eastern Anatolia, the Caucasus and Persia. He argues that a new visualization of Byzantine imperial ideology emerged in Trebizond, determined as much by craftsmen and expectations of imperial power as by imperial decree; and that this was a credible alternative Byzantine identity to that developed in the empire of Nicaea.

Art and Identity in the Roman World

Author : Eve D'Ambra
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In this reappraisal of the art and architecture of ancient Rome, Eve D'Ambra focuses on the personal, social and cultural identity of its subjects. The acquisition of art, whether the purchase of copies of Greek statuary, the construction of a sumptuous villa or the commissioning of a portrait head, played a crucial role in Roman society in which displays of wealth and culture were necessary to gain and maintain power. The question of identity is key to understanding the nature of the Roman Empire, which seemed infinitely expandable at its peak, welcomed foreigners to become Romans, freed slaves to citizen status and allowed social mobility within a strictly hierarchical social order.

Art in Education

Author : D. Atkinson
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MEMORY SEED My introduction to teaching art began in September 1971 when I took up a post as art teacher in a secondary school in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Apart from my desire to survive and establish myself amongst students and staff I remember holding firm ideas about what I should be teaching. In relation to drawing and painting I had clear expectations concerning practice and representation. Students’ art work which did not correspond to these I rather naively) considered as weak and in need of correction. I assumed wrongly that when students were making paintings and drawings from observation of objects, people or landscape, they should be aiming to develop specific representational skills associated with the idea of ‘rendering’ a reasonable likeness. I was reasonably familiar with the development of Western art and different forms of visual representation and expression and I knew, for example, that the projection system perspective is only one and not the correct rep- sentational system for mapping objects and their spatial relations as viewed from a particular point into corresponding relations in a painting or drawing. Nevertheless I still employed this mode of projection as an expectation or a criterion of judgement when teaching my students.

S mi Stories

Author : Tromsø museum
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Art and Identity

Author : Sandra Cardarelli
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This book provides a fully contextualised overview on aspects of visual culture, and how this was the product of patronage, politics, and religion in some European countries between the 13th and 17th centuries. The research that is showcased here offers new perspectives on the conception, production and reception of artworks as a means of projecting core values, ideals, and traditions of individuals, groups, and communities. This volume features contributions from established scholars and new researchers in the field, and examines how art contributed to the construction of identities by means of new archival research and a thorough interdisciplinary approach. The authors suggest that the use of conventions in style and iconography allowed the local and wider community to take part in rituals and devotional practices where these works were widely recognized symbols. However, alongside established traditions, new, ad-hoc developments in style and iconography were devised to suit individual requirements, and these are fully discussed in relevant case-studies. This book also contributes to a new understanding of the interaction between artists, patrons, and viewers in Medieval and Renaissance times.

Kurdish Art and Identity

Author : Alireza Korangy
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Folklore has been a phenomenon based on nostalgic and autochthonous nuances conveyed with a story-telling technique with a penchant for over-playing and nationalistic pomp and circumstance, often with significant consequences for societal, poetic, and cultural areas. These papers highlight challenges that have an outreaching relationship to the regional, rhetorical, and trans-rhetorical devices and manners in Kurdish folklore, which subscribes to an ironic sense of hope all the while issuing an appeal for a largely unaccomplished nationhood, simultaneously insisting on a linguistic solidarity. In a folkloric literature that has an overarching theory of poetics – perhaps even trans-figurative cognitive poetics due to the multi-faceted nature of its application and the complexity of its linguistic structure – the relationship of man (and less frequently woman) with others takes center stage in many of the folkloric creations. Arts are not figurative representations of the real in the Kurdish world; they are the real.

Archaeologies of Art

Author : Inés Domingo Sanz
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This international volume draws together key research that examines visual arts of the past and contemporary indigenous societies. Placing each art style in its temporal and geographic context, the contributors show how depictions represent social mechanisms of identity construction, and how stylistic differences in product and process serve to reinforce cultural identity. Examples stretch from the Paleolithic to contemporary world and include rock art, body art, and portable arts. Ethnographic studies of contemporary art production and use, such as among contemporary Aboriginal groups, are included to help illuminate artistic practices and meanings in the past. The volume reflects the diversity of approaches used by archaeologists to incorporate visual arts into their analysis of past cultures and should be of great value to archaeologists, anthropologists, and art historians. Sponsored by the World Archaeological Congress.

Art Otherness

Author : Thomas McEvilley
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Directly following the internationally acclaimed Art & Discontent, Thomas McEvilley argues in Art & Otherness for an advanced anthropological perspective that contravenes conventional thinking in the visual arts, and leads to a concept of artistic globalization. The description of Western culture as superior and in opposition to other cultures of the world preoccupied our aesthetic philosophy for at least 200 years, whether or not explicitly stated. That argument was undertaken in various guises, especially as the historical determinism of Hegel which proposed to quantify human "progress". Recently, however, the term "multiculturalism" has come to signify a post-Modern understanding of how visual arts transgress artificial boundaries, and of how there may now exist, perhaps for the first time in history, a post-colonial globalism in the arts freed of ethnocentric value judgements. In these ten crucial essays, McEvilley clarifies how the presentation of art can determine its reception, how "influence" can be bi-directional, how "otherness" serves to define "self", and how art need not necessarily lose its meaningfulness when stripped of badges of universality. Once again illustrating his argument by drawing upon an array of sources and cultures, Thomas McEvilley demonstrates that the post-Modern crisis in cultural identity demands an imaginative, integrating response.

English Art 1860 1914

Author : David Peters Corbett
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How modern is the art made in England between 1860 and 1914? England in the period was a highly modernized society, but the art it produced is not modernist in the sense that the word has been used to describe advanced French art of the 19th and 20th centuries. This book breaks the association of modern art in England with French models and to describe anew the relationship between English art, England's artists and their modern culture.

Art and Identity

Author : Mehri Honarbin-Holliday
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Art Identity and Devotion in Fourteenth century England

Author : Kathryn Ann Smith
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Examines the De Lisle hours of Margaret de Beauchamp, the De Bois hours (Dubois hours) of Hawisia de Bois, and the Neville of Hornby hours of Isabel de Byron.


Author : Julia Farley
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The real and imagined legacy of the ancient Celts has shaped modern identities across the British Isles and retains a powerful hold over the popular imagination. Furthermore, Celtic art is one of Europe's great artistic traditions, with the skills of Celtic craftspeople standing alongside the best of the ancient and medieval worlds. But who were the Celts? Recent research and new archaeological discoveries are continuing to transform our understanding of the idea of the Celts - a subject involving much controversy and academic debate since the late 1990s. Drawing on the latest scholarship, the authors explore how the Celts have been defined differently from ancient times to the modern day, by people with different perspectives and agendas. They look, too, at what is meant by Celtic art, from its origins c.500 BC in western Europe, through its transformations and revivals in the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods, to its rediscovery in Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Over 250 remarkable objects have been selected from the collections of the British Museum, the National Museums of Scotland and other key European museums to richly illustrate the narrative and highlight the artistic accomplishments of craftspeople through the centuries. Here are iconic, intricately decorated masterpieces as well as less well-known fixtures and fittings; items of warfare and adornment; the ceremonial and the utilitarian.

Images Identity

Author : Rachel Mason
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Highlighting the ways that digital media can be used in interdisciplinary curricula, Images & Identity brings together ideas from art and citizenship teachers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and the UK on producing online curriculum materials. This book offers a practical strategy for ways that these different subjects can be taught. The first part of the book explores issues of art and citizenship education within a European context, while the second part contains case studies of curriculum experiments that can be applied to global classrooms. It will be of great interest to students and teachers of art and citizenship education.

Jewish Identity in Modern Art History

Author : Catherine M. Soussloff
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The book asks all the right questions about society, culture, religion and art.

Arabic Hurufiya

Author : Charbel Dagher
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The history of a modern art movement in the Arab world called Hurufiya. Reinventing calligraphy and focusing on the formal elements of the Arabic letter, it is one of the most significant art movements that took place in the Arab world beginning in the fourteenth century and peaked again in the mid-twentieth century."

The Art of Identity and Memory

Author : Leading Researcher Giedrė Jankevič Iū Tė
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Demonstrates how the experience of East-Central and Eastern Europe needs to be integrated into evolving scholarship on the world wars. Universal themes and subjects of art find specific expression. The case of Lithuania is revealed in its full significance for a modern European history of the impact of the age of the world wars.