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Art and the French Commune

Author : Albert Boime
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Boime contends that an organized impressionist movement owed its initiating impulse to its complicity with the state's program. The exuberant street scenes, spaces of leisure and entertainment, sunlit parks and gardens, the entire concourse of movement as filtered through an atmosphere of scintillating light and color constitute an effort to reclaim Paris visually and symbolically for the bourgeoisie.

Organizing Independence

Author : Gonzalo J. S¾nchez
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One need only remember the role of Jacques Louis David in the French Revolution of 1789 and the quasi-official status of art in French national history to understand the prominence of art and artists in the Fädäration des Artistes of the Paris Commune of 1871. Focusing on artists' political activities rather than their artistic efforts, Gonzalo J. S¾nchez Jr. examines the artists' assembly formed in the Commune, recounts the program and activities of the group and its members, and charts their fate after the fall of the Commune and during the ensuing repression of the Communards. ø Departing from the tradition established by Karl Marx, which views the Commune as a precursor of revolutionary socialism, the author portrays the artists' federation as a complex mixture of conservative and reformist elements, situated at a historical crossroads. These artists?including Gustave Courbet, Jules Häreau, Edouard Lockroy, Jules Dalou, and Läon and August Ottins?were part of a tradition of artists' assemblies dating to 1789 even as they argued for radical change in artists' social status and autonomy. Many of the reforms they advocated were realized during the Third Republic, making the federation a social and political, if not an aesthetic, precursor of modernism.

Art War and Revolution in France 1870 1871

Author : John Milner
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During a brief and ferociously violent ten-month period between 1870 and 1871, the last Napoleonic empire was destroyed, France was plunged into a hopeless war with Prussia, Paris was besieged, and the Paris Commune revolted and was suppressed by a new Republic. This engrossing book surveys the responses made by artists to these cataclysmic events. John Milner investigates not only what the war and the Commune meant to the artists concerned but also how artists defined the character and nature of events and presented them to the public, thereby influencing their reception, interpretation, and impact. Milner explains the evolving positions of artists during that year. Under Napoleon III, artists received major commissions from patrons and were centrally involved in the image of empire. In wartime, artists called up for duty recorded the horrors of war and became politicized, some loyal to the emperor, others violently against. When the war was over, the uprising of the Paris Commune set the French against themselves. Some artists - in particular Gustave Courbet - declared themselves Communards and rejected the government, producing powerful canvases that portrayed the final slaughter that suppressed the Commune. A new image - of the Republic, of military defeat, and of the significance of the Commune - was needed, and fresh opportunities arose for artists who were able to redraw or reinterpret history.

Communards and Other Cultural Histories

Author : Steve Edwards
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From the travails of art critical language in the late eighteenth century to the upheaval of the Paris Commune of 1871, from neo-classical art criticism to the Paris Commune of 1871, from Bizet's Carmen and Edith Piaf's song to the culture of gay cruising, these essays map a work outside discipline.

Anarchy and Art

Author : Allan Antliff
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A book of essays that focus on the political power of art not only to convey or interpret historic or current events but transform them as well. Essays include: the role of Courbet, Zola and others in the Paris Commune in the late 19th century which established the French republic; Dadaism in New York City during WW1 and the impact of the fall of the Berlin Wall on artists, drawing on the social criticism of Noam Chomsky and others.

Nineteenth century European Art

Author : Terry W. Strieter
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A dictionary of terms, artists, art works, major themes, contemporary events, and art movements of nineteenth-century European art.

Andr Salmon on French Modern Art

Author : André Salmon
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This book is the first English-language translation of Andre Salmon's first two books.

Rivals and Conspirators

Author : Fae Brauer
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Once the State-run Salon in Paris closed, an array of independent Salons mushroomed starting with the French Artists Salon and Women’s Salon in 1881 followed by the Independent Artists’ Salon, National Salon of Fine Arts and Autumn Salon. Offering an unparalleled choice of art identities and alliances, together with undreamed-of opportunities for sales, commissions, prizes and art criticism, these great Salons guaranteed the centripetal and centrifugal power of Paris as the “modern art centre”. Lured by the prospect of being exhibited annually in Salons the size of Biennales today, a huge number and national diversity of artists, from the Australian Rupert Bunny to the Spaniards Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris, flocked to Paris. Yet by no means were these Salons equal in power, nor did they work consensually to forge this “modern art centre”. Formed on the basis of their different cultural politics, constantly they rivalled one another for State acquisitions and commissions, exhibition places and spaces, awards, and every other means of enhancing their legitimacy. By no means were the avant-garde salons those that most succeeded. Instead, as this culturo-political history demonstrates, the French Artists’ and National Fine Art Salons were the most successful, with the genderist French Artists' Salon being the most powerful and “official”. Despite the renown today of Neo-Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Fauvism, Cubism and Orphism, the most powerful artists in this “modern art centre” were not Sonia Delaunay, Émile Gallé, Paul Signac, Henri Matisse or even Picasso but such Academicians as Léon Bonnat, William Bouguereau, Fernand Cormon, Edouard Detaille, Gabriel Ferrier, Jean-Paul Laurens, Luc-Oliver Merson and Aimé Morot, who exhibited at the “official” Salon supported by the machinery of the State. In its exposure of the rivalry, conflict and struggle between the Salons and their artists, this is an unprecedented history of dissension. It also exposes how, just below the welcoming internationalist veneer of this “modern art centre”, intense persecutionist paranoia lay festering. Whenever France’s “civilizing mission” seemed culturally, commercially or colonially threatened, it erupted in waves of nationalist xenophobia turning artistic rivalry into bitter enmity. In exposing how rivals became transmuted into conspirators, ultimately this book reveals a paradox resonant in histories that celebrate the international triumph of French modern art: that this magnetic “centre”, which began by welcoming international modernists, ended by attacking them for undermining its cultural supremacy, contaminating its “civilizing mission” and politically persecuting the very modernist culture for which it has received historical renown.

Paris and the Commune 1871 78

Author : Colette Wilson
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Colette Wilson writes clearly and authoritatively and her original, scholarly and beautifully illustrated book makes a strong contribution to our understanding of the Paris Commune, its aftermath in the early years of the Third Republic and French cultural memory overall.

C zanne

Author : Steven Platzman
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The author probes the genius of CTzanne by analyzing his self portraits to define the contours of his revolutionary approach to painting.

Clement Marot An old French commune Jean Marot The Clementine adolescence Court camp and prison Church and prison Cantat viator Heresy Sheperdess Loise Sickness fame exile

Author : Henry Morley
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Art in an Age of Civil Struggle 1848 1871

Author : Albert Boime
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From the European revolutions of 1848 through the Italian independence movement, the American Civil War, and the French Commune, the era Albert Boime explores in this fourth volume of his epic series was, in a word, transformative. The period, which gave rise to such luminaries as Karl Marx and Charles Darwin, was also characterized by civic upheaval, quantum leaps in science and technology, and the increasing secularization of intellectual pursuits and ordinary life. In a sweeping narrative that adds critical depth to a key epoch in modern art’s history, Art in an Age of Civil Struggle shows how this turbulent social environment served as an incubator for the mid-nineteenth century’s most important artists and writers. Tracing the various movements of realism through the major metropolitan centers of Europe and America, Boime strikingly evokes the milieus that shaped the lives and works of Gustave Courbet, Edouard Manet, Émile Zola, Honoré Daumier, Walt Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, and the earliest photographers, among countless others. In doing so, he spearheads a powerful new way of reassessing how art emerges from the welter of cultural and political events and the artist’s struggle to interpret his surroundings. Boime supports this multifaceted approach with a wealth of illustrations and written sources that demonstrate the intimate links between visual culture and social change. Culminating at the transition to impressionism, Art in an Age of Civil Struggle makes historical sense of a movement that paved the way for avant-garde aesthetics and, more broadly, of how a particular style emerges at a particular moment.

Some French Communes in the Light of Their Charters

Author : Earle Wilbur Dow
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The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature Science and Art

Author :
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Nineteenth century French Studies

Author :
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The Rutgers Art Review

Author :
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Nineteenth Century French Art

Author : Sébastien Allard
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During the nineteenth century, France experienced an unprecedented growth in the visual arts, and Paris was its center. French art became a universally accepted benchmark, spreading its many ground-breaking developments -- the radicalism of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, the daring of Art Nouveau, and the innovations of Haussman's new urban landscape -- far beyond its borders, and in return receiving numerous influences from broad. During this extraordinary rich and productive period, French art also benefited from the synthesis of the past with the innovations of the present, resulting in an artistic output whose legacy is still being felt today. This chronological history, richly illustrated and recounted by experts from France's preeminent museums, charts the growth of this fruitful -- and revolutionary -- period in the history of world art. -- From publisher's description.

The French Communes in the Middle Ages

Author : Charles Petit-Dutaillis
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The Best Books for Academic Libraries Music fine arts

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Books recommended for undergraduate and college libraries listed by Library of Congress Classification Numbers.

Art and Life

Author : John Ruskin
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