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Readings in Primary Art Education

Author : Steve Herne
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With approximately 16,000 students beginning primary teacher education in the UK each year, and each of those being expected to teach art and design, this pioneering volume provides a renewed emphasis on ideas, issues and research in art and design education in the primary and early years phases. It gathers together work from internationally recognised authors, providing a critical framework to underpin current and developing practice in primary art and design education in the UK and worldwide. Through in-depth exploration of debates that have taken place worldwide amongst art educators, it pro.

Artful Therapy

Author : Judith Aron Rubin
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Use the therapeutic potential of art to make progress in your practice Artful Therapy shows you how to use art to make a difference in therapy. Using visual imagery and art creation, you can help people with medical problems understand how they feel about their illness; victims of abuse "tell without talking"; and substance abuse and eating disorder clients tap into unresolved issues. These are just a few examples of how the power of art can improve your practice. Ideal for mental health professionals and allied workers with little or no art background, this accessible and proven guide takes you through the techniques of using art and visual imagery, and shows you how they can benefit clients of varying ages and abilities. With the art therapy tools provided, you can open potentially groundbreaking new dialogues with your clients. Author Judith Aron Rubin draws on more than forty years experience as an art therapist to help you maximize the value of art as a therapeutic tool, in both the mental health disciplines, such as psychology and social work, and related specialties. An accompanying DVD contains models for practitioners, showing art therapy being used in actual clinical practice. The DVD clearly models: * Initiating the art-making process * Using art in assessment * Using mental imagery, with or without art * Implementing other art forms--such as drama and music--in therapy * Using art with a variety of client types, including children, families, and groups * Assigning art as "homework" Whether or not you have used art therapy with your clients or are thinking about integrating art therapy in your practice, making the most of art in the clinical setting begins with Artful Therapy.

Postdevelopmental Approaches to Childhood Art

Author : Jayne Osgood
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In childhood research, children's art-making has typically been viewed and understood through a lens of developmental psychology and the notion that children's art-making progresses through a linear series of stages continues to dominate how we design and implement art-making experiences for young children. Postdevelopmental Approaches to Childhood Art brings together the work of theorists from around the world who have presented postdevelopmental approaches to childhood art, thereby playing a vital part in unsettling the dominance of the developmental paradigm and offering worked examples of alternative models. Drawing on sociocultural theory, Deleuzian philosophy, posthumanism and postmodernism each chapter offers a theoretical basis that challenges developmentalism, as well as an application of that theoretical basis. The contributors also consider what this shift in our perspective means for the design and implementation of art-making experiences for young children.

Artful Scribbles

Author : Howard Gardner
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A noted developmental psychologist relates the drawings of children to stages in their intellectual and emotional development and provides insight into the question of what constitutes artistic value

Children and Their Art Art Education for Elementary and Middle Schools

Author : Michael Day
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A trusted guide and companion for current and future art educators, CHILDREN AND THEIR ART presents a professional approach to teaching art consistent with national standards for student learning. This Ninth Edition is targeted at middle level and elementary schools. The authors are experienced as art teachers in the public schools and have a broad knowledge about school art programs. The Ninth Edition provides updated developments in theory, research and practices, with a strong emphasis on how digital technology provides new ways of teaching art. The most comprehensive textbook available for teaching art education methods, CHILDREN AND THEIR ART covers all aspects of teaching art in the elementary and middle school classroom: the basic principles and goals of art education, the characteristics and needs of children as learners, the core principles of art as a subject--aesthetics, principles of design, art history, new developments in art media and technology. It also covers all aspects of instruction: curriculum planning, sample lessons, suggested readings, and internet resources. Among numerous updates throughout the text, the Ninth Edition features a brand-new chapter on new media in art education with 22 new images. It features the use of digital technology in elementary and middle school classrooms and examples of digital art created by students. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Aesthetic Science

Author : Arthur P. Shimamura
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What do we do when we view a work of art? What does it mean to have an 'aesthetic' experience? Are such experiences purely in the eye of the beholder? This book addresses the nature of aesthetic experience from the perspectives of philosophy psychology and neuroscience.

Understanding Art in Primary Schools

Author : Les Tickle
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Even the youngest children in primary schools are now required not only to make art, but also to study it, developing an understanding of the huge variety of art and craft from different times and places. But how do teachers actually tackle this, when most have not studied art themselves? This collection brings together case studies to show how a variety of teachers have used one particular art collection as a focus for practical art. Throughout, the voices of the children involved show us how they react to their encounters with art objects. This wealth of first hand evidence and practical experience will benefit all teachers.

Young at Art

Author : Susan Striker
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From the creator of the bestselling Anti-Coloring Book series with more than 600,000 copies sold, a new parenting guide to encouraging creativity in preschool-age children Young at Art is the first and only comprehensive book for the general audience about the nature, value and impact of art on very young children. Directed towards parents and educators of one to five year olds, Susan Striker explains why children's art is not a frill, but the very foundation upon which all later fundamental skills are built. She drives home the idea that encouraging children's artistic growth will have beneficial effects on all other aspects of their emotional and intellectual development. At the core of this practical guide is the understanding that art is an important tool in teaching young children crucial concepts related to self-expression, reading and writing. As opposed to more structured exercises, such as coloring on dittos and underlining pictures in workbooks, Striker stresses that scribbling and free drawing experiments are the most important art activities a child can engage in; they better prepare children to read independently as they grow. Young at Art provides descriptions for age-appropriate art activities, tips for carrying them out safely, and helps parents recognize what a child's art work should look like at each stage of development. With Young at Art, parents will develop realistic expectations of their children's work, learn how to speak to their children about their art, and facilitate skills well beyond their creativity that will benefit children.

Child Art Therapy

Author : Judith Aron Rubin
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An innovative guide to the practice of art therapy Since 1978, Judith Aron Rubin's Child Art Therapy has become the classic text for conducting art therapy with children. Twenty-five years later, the book still stands as the reference for mental health professionals who incorporate art into their practice. Now, with the publication of this fully updated and revised Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition, which includes a DVD that illustrates art therapy techniques in actual therapy settings, this pioneering guide is available to train, inform, and inspire a new generation of art therapists and those seeking to introduce art therapy into their clinical practice. The text illustrates how to: Set the conditions for creative growth, assess progress, and set goals for therapy Use art in individual, group, and family situations, including parent-child pairings, mothers' groups, and adolescent groups Work with healthy children and those with disabilities Guide parents through art and play Talk about art work and encourage art production Decode nonverbal messages contained in art and the art-making process Use scribbles, drawings, stories, poems, masks, and other methods to facilitate expression Understand why and how art therapy works Along with the useful techniques and activities described, numerous case studies taken from Rubin's years of practice add a vital dimension to the text, exploring how art therapy works in the real world of children's experience. Original artwork from clients and the author illuminate the material throughout. Written by an internationally recognized art therapist, Child Art Therapy, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition is a comprehensive guide for learning about, practicing, and refining child art therapy.

Foundations of Art Therapy

Author : Meera Rastogi
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Foundations of Art Therapy: Theory and Applications is an essential and comprehensive introduction to the field of art therapy that blends relevant psychological and neuroscience research, theories, and concepts and infuses cultural diversity throughout each chapter. The text includes full color photos, informative charts, and case examples and is divided into four parts beginning with the basics of art therapy knowledge and concluding with professional practices in art therapy. The fundamentals of art therapy section includes coverage of art therapy founders, art materials, multicultural perspectives, intersections with neuroscience, and research methods. An overview and in-depth explorations of different theoretical approaches to the practice of art therapy are covered in the second part of the book. A bio-psycho-social approach integrates current research on art therapy with specific populations (children, mental health, older adults, and trauma). The book concludes with art therapy professional practices in group concepts, community-based art therapy, and developing a career in the field. Each chapter contains chapter objectives, practical applications, ethical considerations, reflection questions, experiential exercises, and a list of terms. The unique, practical, and interdisciplinary approach of this text provides a solid base for understanding the field of art therapy and is well suited for use in undergraduate art therapy courses. This book will appeal to those who want an introduction to the field’s theories, research, and practice and those seeking a comprehensive understanding on the foundations of art therapy. Full color photos, informative charts, and case examples Definitions, key details, and clear explanations of major concepts Evidence-based research and attention to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in each chapter Reader experiential activities and reflection questions to enhance deeper levels of processing Instructor resources that include: chapter outlines, experiential classroom activities and lecture enhancements, multiple choice and short answer questions for each chapter