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Arts Leadership

Author : Kenneth Foster
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The contemporary world faces unprecedented upheaval and change forcing institutions of all types to rethink how they are designed and how they must now function if they are to survive into an uncertain future. The performing arts are no exception; in an era of constant change and technological transformation, arts organizations and their leaders face significant organizational challenges if they are to maintain their relevance. Arts Leadership: Creating Sustainable Arts Organizations provides a contemporary overview of the field of arts leadership, focused on the performing arts. It examines what these challenges are, how they are affecting the performing arts and arts organizations in general and proposes creative ways to reimagine, build and lead sustainable arts organizations in this uncharted environment. With a global perspective drawn from his extensive experience advising arts organizations around the world and based on his own work successfully leading important performing arts organizations in the United States, Foster proposes an innovative approach to organizational design, systems, and structures for arts leaders in the 21st century that is based in ecological thinking and the creative process that is intrinsic to the arts. In disrupting conventional arts leadership practice, the book provides an exceptional tool to understand a unique sector, and is essential reading for students and practitioners across the creative and cultural industries.

Arts Leadership

Author : Jo Caust
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An edited collection of international case studies discussing approaches to arts leadership and management

Arts Leadership in Contemporary Contexts

Author : Josephine Caust
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This book explores and critiques different aspects of arts leadership within contemporary contexts. While this is an exploration of ways arts leadership is understood, interpreted and practiced, it is also an acknowledgement of a changing cultural and economic paradigm. Understanding the broader environment for the arts is therefore part of the leadership imperative. This book examines aspects such as individual versus collective leadership, gender, creativity and the influences of stakeholders and culture. While the book provides a theoretical and critical understanding of arts leadership, it also gives examples of arts leadership in practice.

Theatre Management

Author : Anthony Rhine
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A comprehensive and critically engaged overview of the processes involved in developing and managing a theatre in the 21st century. Rather than simply giving students the facts and theories to memorise, this unique textook contains a range of pedagogical tools which encourage students to think like theatre managers. The chapters apply theory to real life situations so that students can actively engage with the challenges and issues faced by theatre managers in the industry today.

The Changing Roles of Arts Leadership

Author : Bonnie Bond Rushlow
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The Arts of Leadership

Author : Keith Grint
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Leadership is still much discussed, studied, and sought after, even though we now live in supposedly more democratic times with flatter organizations and empowered employees. But how can we best understand leadership? Are leaders born or made? Do they have particular traits or are we all potential leaders? Do the requirements for leadership change over time or are there timeless patterns? Do traditional approaches help us to pick and develop leaders or are there alternative ways that advance our understanding? In this book, Keith GrintDSwho has been studying and teaching leadership for over a decadeDSinvestigates the notion of leadership in a series of historical case studies and rich essay portraits of some of the most famous, and infamous, leaders (e.g. Florence Nightingale, Richard Branson, Horatio Nelson, Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, etc.). The scenarios are drawn from right across the spectrum to include business, politics, society, and the military. The first part of the book considers four sets of parallel cases where leadership appears to be a major explanation of success and failure. The second part takes the four critical issues arising from these parallel cases (identity, strategic vision, organizational tactics, and persuasive communication) and explores them in detail. One main reason we have such difficulty in explaining and enhancing leadership, Grint argues, is because we often adopt perspectives and models that obscure rather than illuminate the issues involved. The reliance upon traditional scientific analysis has not provided the anticipated advances in our understanding because leadership is more fruitfully considered as an art, or more exactly an array of arts, rather than as a science. Grint's rich and meticulously-researched profiles combine to reveal these Arts of Leadership.

The Entrepreneurial Arts Leader

Author : Ruth Rentschler
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Grounded in an understanding of cultural policy, management, art history, entrepreneurship, and creativity, this book evaluates historical analysis, case studies, and a survey of arts leaders—all during one of the more challenging periods of cultural industry evolution. Exploring successful leadership within the arts industry, this study focuses on understanding the temper of cultural policy, both historic and current, and then builds on the findings to develop the characteristics of effective arts leadership.

Leadership in the Performing Arts

Author : Tobie S. Stein
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What does it mean to be a performing arts leader? Leadership in the Performing Arts addresses and analyzes this question by presenting the wisdom and expertise of eleven men and women with experience leading nonprofit performing arts institutions in the United States. These successful leaders provide many real-world examples of business practices that may be generally applied by practitioners in our field, and throughout the nonprofit sector. The book examines: The leader’s career path and professional growth The leader’s vision Leadership styles and the importance of interpersonal skills Setting and executing organizational priorities Leading decision-making and communication processes Creating change and innovation Challenges faced in leading an institution Interviewees include: Kathy Brown, executive director of the New York City Ballet; Peter Gelb, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera; Heather Hitchens, president of the American Theatre Wing; Karen Brooks Hopkins, president and chief executive officer of the Brooklyn Academy of Music; Timothy J. McClimon, president of the American Express Foundation; Laura Penn, executive director of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society; Arlene Shuler, president and chief executive officer of New York City Center; Paul Tetreault, director of Ford's Theatre; Nancy Umanoff, executive director of the Mark Morris Dance Group; Patrick Willingham, executive director of The Public Theater; and Harold Wolpert, managing director of the Roundabout Theatre Company. Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

Arts and Cultural Leadership in Asia

Author : Jo Caust
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Arts and cultural activity in Asia is increasingly seen as important internationally, and Asia’s growing prosperity is enabling the full range of artistic activities to be better encouraged, supported and managed. At the same time, cultural frameworks and contexts vary hugely across Asia, and it is not appropriate to apply Westerns theories and models of leadership and management. This book presents a range of case studies of arts and cultural leadership across a large number of Asian countries. Besides examining different cultural frameworks and contexts, the book considers different cultural approaches to leadership, discusses external challenges and entrepreneurialism, and explores how politics can have a profound impact. Throughout the book covers different art forms, and different sorts of arts and cultural organisations.

Performing Arts Leadership

Author : Aurelia Moulin
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"This thesis examined the treatment of Christian women working in roles of leadership in the performing arts, specifically within dance. The selected literature includes perspectives on ballet and modern dance in the 20th and 21st century, working as a Christian in a secular field, male versus female choreographers, and information about the inequity of females working in non-arts fields. This research provided a frame of reference for personal reflections on the author's work as a female Christian stage manager and production manager. The final chapter includes recommendations for the field and offers ways to practically apply them."--Abstract, p. 1.

Florida Arts Leadership Congress

Author :
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Management and the Arts

Author : William Byrnes
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Management and the Arts, Fourth Edition provides you with theory and practical applications from all management perspectives including planning, marketing, finance, economics, organizational, staffing, and group dynamics ALL related to an arts organization. Whether you are a manager in a theatre, museum, dance company, or opera, you will gain useful insights into management. Topics written especially to help you with your management skills include: * How arts organizations and management evolved * The theories and processes behind strategic planning and decision making * Organizing and organizational design * Staffing and personal relations * The tools and techniques available from communicating effectively and keeping track of information * Budgeting, fundraising, and financial management * Integrating various management theories and practical applications * How to work effectively with boards * Sections on e-marketing and Web marketing * Includes: case studies, statistics, career, and financial information Revised to reflect the latest thinking and trends in managing organizations and people, Management and the Arts, Fourth Edition features class-tested questions in each chapter, which help you to integrate the material and develop ideas as to how the situations and problems could have been handled. Case studies focus on the challenges facing managers and organizations every day, and "In The News quotes give you real-world examples of principles and theories. Developing career skills and options, graduate and postgraduate training opportunities, and professional organizations and conferences are highlighted.


Author :
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The Dance of Leadership

Author : Robert B. Denhardt
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Most successful leaders know that leadership is an art, not a science. They recognize that beyond all the sophisticated systems and theories, the strategies and tactics, leadership is ultimately about intangible things such as timing, intuition, and passion This book shows how successful leaders can master the artistic aspects of their work. It guides readers to the ways that the leadership can be practiced and learned. "The Dance of Leadership" explores the art of leadership by examining the perspectives, training, and insights of artists, most particularly in the fields of music and dance. The authors look at how these people learn their craft, practice their skills, and attain mastery of their art. Then they adapt these lessons from the arts to the experiences of successful leaders in all fields. This book incorporates in-depth interviews with some of the world's premier artists and writers, as well as dozens of leader business, government, the military, and sports. The result is a book that celebrates the art of leadership - but an art that can learned, developed, and practiced.

Art Matters

Author : John William Weeden
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This almanac of short essays is designed to guide those who work in the cultural sector, primarily the non-profit world of arts organizations that rely on donations, grants, private-public partnerships, corporate sponsorships, and membership programs to produce the experiences that move their communities to dream of a more wonderful world. Particular advice is appropriate for those working in the realm of public art and community-based practices.

Arts Leadership

Author : James Abruzzo
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A memorable performance of the New York City Ballet or a captivating exhibition at the British Museum could only be presented by arts institutions that are well-managed under strong leaders. Arts Leadershipis the first book that describes the singular importance and crucial effect that the leader has on these and other world-class institutions. This book takes the reader behind the scenes of the world’s greatest arts institutions and, through case studies and interviews, explores the uniqueness of arts leadership. Arts Leadershipalso presents the causes and implications of the growing gap between the need for arts leaders and the number of individuals capable of taking on those roles; a gap that will widen worldwide over the next ten years, creating a crisis in the industry. Describing the leadership challenges currently faced in America and Europe and the impending demand in the Middle East and Asia for leaders of museums, orchestras, performing arts centers and other related arts organizations, this text is a must-read for anyone interested in arts management, museum studies, cultural policy or nonprofit administration.

Filling the Gap The Interim Executive Director Solution

Author : Daniel Y. Mayer
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The Cultural Leadership Handbook

Author : Robert Hewison
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Leadership has never been more important to the cultural industries. The arts, together with museums and heritage sites, play a vital part in keeping economies going, and, more importantly, in making life worth living. People in the sector face a constant challenge to find support for their organizations and to promote the value of culture. Leadership and management skills are needed to meet the mission of creative arts and cultural organizations, and to generate the income that underpins success. The problem is, where can you learn these essential skills? The Cultural Leadership Handbook written by Robert Hewison and John Holden, both prime movers in pioneering cultural leadership programmes, defines the specific challenges in the cultural sector and enables arts leaders to move from 'just' administration to becoming cultural entrepreneurs, turning good ideas into good business. This book is intended for anyone with a professional or academic interest anywhere in the cultural sector, anywhere in the world. It will give you the edge, enabling to you to show creative leadership at any level in a cultural organization, regardless of whether your particular interest is the performing arts, museums and art galleries, heritage, publishing, films, broadcasting or new media.

African Art and Leadership

Author : Douglas Fraser
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A series of fourteen thought-provoking essays by art historians, anthropologists, and historians analyzes the complex interactions between art and leadership in sub-Saharan Africa. Amply and carefully illustrated throughout.

Leadership and the Liberal Arts

Author : J. Wren
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A collection of essays by presidents of prominent liberal arts colleges and leading intellectuals who reflect on the meaning of educating individuals for leadership and how it can be accomplished in ways consistent with the missions of liberal arts institutions.