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As the Son of a Dog Man I Became a Hog Hunter

Author : Mitch Kemmer
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As the Son of a Dog Man ... I Became a Hog Hunter is a true to life historical fiction account of the challenging sport of Wild Boar Hunting. Kemmer was born into the sport, through his father and grandfather as he grew up in Southern Mississippi, and was instantly smitten with a life-long love of the sport. Today, as the owner of Spartan Hunting Preserve, a hog hunting lodge and preserve in Tennessee, he takes the reader into the woods on adventures most can only dream of. He writes with genuine affection about this most challenging of Big Game Trophies and the true sportsmen who hunt them--with great honor and respect for the cunning and tenacity of their most admirable opponent.

Smokey and the Fouke Monster

Author : Smokey Crabtree
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"Smokey and the Fouke Monster" tells a most interesting and unusual true story of how the town of Fouke, Arkansas became the center of attention for Monster hunters in the early and mid-seventies but also, how this one mysterious creature's unwelcomed presence lead to the making of the now infamous movie "The Legend Of Boggy Creek." The book tells of the risks and pitfalls sometimes associated with the business side of life and how it came to pass that he and the town folk of Fouke found themselves having to deal with forces far more sinister than that of an unknown creature inhabiting their surrounding bottom lands. This is a true story. The author actually did live next door to the Fouke Monster for several years. The main purpose of this book is to keep the history of the Fouke Monster on a truthful basis. The true facts are told of what really went on behind the scenes during the filming' of a motion picture entitled "The Legend of Boggy Creek." The author tells how a country boy will fight, work and struggle for what he believes in and what his privacy means to him. He also tell how a large family survived and found real happiness deep in the wilderness of Southwestern Arkansas. They had very little contact with the outside' world and the fast ways of life. Smokey tells points of interest in parts of his life hoping it will be educational to you. 1. How a legendary' wild boar was outdone after seventeen years of terrorizing the river bottom people around Fouke, Arkansas. 2. How to catch a catfish with your bare hands. 3. How to catch an alligator gar that weighs over two hundred pounds. 4. How to outsmart your deer 5. Smokey's experience with snakes, all kinds of them, and many other things of interest. This book has been in print since 1974, and is still selling many copies per year!

Last Days of the Dog Men Stories

Author : Brad Watson
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"His people and dogs—those wonderful dogs!—come alive with honest, thrumming energy." —The New York Times Book Review Winner of the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the Academy of Arts and Letters and the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award. In each of these "weird and wonderful stories" (Boston Globe), Brad Watson writes about people and dogs: dogs as companions, as accomplices, and as unwitting victims of human passions; and people responding to dogs as missing parts of themselves. "Elegant and elegiac, beautifully pitched to the human ear, yet resoundingly felt in our animal hearts" (New York Newsday), Watson's vibrant prose captures the animal crannies of the human personality—yearning for freedom, mourning the loss of something wild, drawn to human connection but also to thoughtless abandon and savagery without judgment. Pinckney Benedict praises Watson's writing as "crisp as a morning in deer season, rife with spirited good humor and high intelligence," and Fred Chappell calls his stories "strong and true to the place they come from." This powerful debut collection marks Brad Watson's introduction into "a distinguished [Southern] literary heritage, from Faulkner to Larry Brown to Barry Hannah to Richard Ford" (The State, Columbia, South Carolina).

Reflections on the Neches

Author : Geraldine Ellis Watson
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Annotation Having been a plant ecologist and park ranger for the US National Park Service, Watson has now returned to her native east Texas and settled in her private nature preserve. She documents a voyage (accompanied by her old blind dog) down the river Neches River, called Snow River by natives. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Fur News and Outdoor World

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Folk Lore and Legends Scandinavian

Author : Anonymous
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There was once a farmer who was master of one of the little black dwarfs that are the blacksmiths and armourers, and he got him in a very curious way. On the road leading to this farmer's ground there stood a stone cross, and every morning as he went to his work he used to stop and kneel down before this cross, and pray for some minutes. On one of these occasions he noticed on the cross a pretty, bright insect, of such a brilliant hue that he could not recollect having ever before seen the like in an insect. He wondered greatly at this, but still he did not disturb it. The insect did not remain long quiet, but ran without ceasing backwards and forwards upon the cross, as if it was in pain and wanted to get away. Next morning the farmer again saw the very same insect, and again it was running to and fro in the same state of uneasiness. The farmer began now to have some suspicions about it, and thought to himself Would this now be one of the little black enchanters It runs about just like one that has an evil conscience, as one that would, but cannot, get away. A variety of thoughts and conjectures passed through his mind, and he remembered what he had often heard from his father and other old people, that when any of the underground people chance to touch anything holy they are held fast and cannot quit the spot, and so they are extremely careful to avoid all such things.

Familiar Science and Fancier s Journal

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The Oriental Sporting Magazine

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Forests and People

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Critical Animal Geographies

Author : Kathryn Gillespie
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Critical Animal Geographies provides new geographical perspectives on critical animal studies, exploring the spatial, political, and ethical dimensions of animals’ lived experience and human-animal encounter. It works toward a more radical politics and theory directed at the shifting boundary between human and animal. Chapters draw together feminist, political-economic, post-humanist, anarchist, post-colonial, and critical race literatures with original case studies in order to see how efforts by some humans to control and order life – human and not – violate, constrain, and impinge upon others. Central to all chapters is a commitment to grappling with the stakes – violence, death, life, autonomy – of human-animal encounters. Equally, the work in the collection addresses head-on the dominant forces shaping and dependent on these encounters: capitalism, racism, colonialism, and so on. In doing so, the book pushes readers to confront how human-animal relations are mixed up with overlapping axes of power and exploitation, including gender, race, class, and species.