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Southern Italy in the Late Middle Ages

Author : Eleni Sakellariou
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This book combines economic history and theory to offer a positive reappraisal of the interaction between demographic forces, urbanization, commercialisation and the role of the state, and their impact on the late medieval economy of the kingdom of Naples.

Acta Conventus Neo Latini Upsaliensis set two volumes

Author : Astrid Steiner-Weber
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In August 2009 the fourteenth International Congress for Neo-Latin Studies was held in Uppsala, Sweden. The proceedings in this volume, ninety-nine individual and five plenary papers, are collected under the motto „Litteras et artes nobis traditas excolere – Reception and Innovation“.

La Citt Altra Storia E Immagine Della Diversit Urbana Luoghi E Paesaggi Dei Privilegi E Del Benessere Dell isolamento Del Disagio Della Multiculturalit Ediz Italiana E Inglese

Author : Francesca Capano
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This volume proposes a rich corpus of papers about the 'Other City', a subject only few times dealt with, but worthy of all our attention: it imposes itself on the scene of international modern and contemporary historiography for its undeniable topicality. Throughout history, the city has always had to deal with social 'otherness', i.e. with class privileges and, consequently, with discrimination and marginalization of minorities, of the less well-off, of foreigners, in short, with the differences in status, culture, religion. So that the urban fabric has ended up structuring itself also in function of those inequalities, as well as of the strategic places for the exercise of power, of the political, military or social control, of the spaces for imprisonment, for the sanitary isolation or for the 'temporary' remedy to the catastrophes. From the first portraits of cities, made and diffused at the beginning of the fifteenth century for political exaltation purposes or for religious propaganda and for devotional purposes, which often, through increasingly refined graphic techniques, distort or even deny the true urban image, we reach, at the dawn of contemporary history, the new meaning given by scientific topography and new methods of representation; these latter aimed at revealing the structure and the urban landscape in their objectivity, often unexpected for who had known the city through the filter of 'regime' iconography. The representation of the urban image still shows the contradictions of a community that sometimes includes and even exalts the diversities, other times rejects them, showing the unease of a difficult integration.

Storia Della Letteratura Veneta Volume Primo Dalle Origini Al Quattrocento

Author : Bruno Rosada
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I centri minori italiani nel tardo Medioevo

Author : Centro di studi sulla civiltà del tardo medioevo (San Miniato, Italy). Convegno
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In the late Middle Ages, Italy was one of the most urbanized areas in Europe. Its coasts, the Apennines, the perialpine area and the plains were all home to a large number of smaller towns, lands, villages, castra, and 'quasi cites'. These settlements were all very diverse in terms of demographic consistency, social articulation and economic dynamism, but together they constituted a characteristic and constitutive element of the Italian historical identity: an 'original personality'. This volume, thanks to some framing essays and a mapping of individual cases involving most of the northern, central and southern regions, aims at investigating the active research on this topic over the last thirty to forty years.

God s Kingdom and Mission

Author : Gregorian & Biblical Press
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I Pelrinages communes i Pardouns de Acre e la crisi del regno crociato

Author : Fabio Romanini
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Europ ische Musiker in Venedig Rom und Neapel 1650 1750

Author : Anne-Madeleine Goulet
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Der Abschlussband des deutsch-französischen ANR-DFG-Projekts MUSICI widmet sich der Musikermigration im Europa der Frühen Neuzeit mit einem kultur- und musikgeschichtlichen Blick auf Venedig, Rom und Neapel als Reiseziele und Wirkungsorte von Instrumentalisten, Sängern, Komponisten und Instrumentenbauern, die nicht von der italienischen Halbinsel stammten. Im Sinne einer "histoire croisée" werden Netzwerke, Integrations- und Austauschprozesse aufgedeckt, mit denen fremde Musiker zwischen musikalischem Alltag und herausragenden Festlichkeiten konfrontiert waren. Auf dieser Grundlage wird eine systematische Betrachtung der frühneuzeitlichen Musikermigration sowie eine Untersuchung musikalischer Stile jenseits nationaler Forschungstraditionen möglich.

Coping with Crisis The Resilience and Vulnerability of Pre Industrial Settlements

Author : Daniel R. Curtis
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Why in the pre-industrial period were some settlements resilient and stable over the long term while other settlements were vulnerable to crisis? Indeed, what made certain human habitations more prone to decline or even total collapse, than others? All pre-industrial societies had to face certain challenges: exogenous environmental hazards such as earthquakes or plagues, economic or political hazards from ’outside’ such as warfare or expropriation of property, or hazards of their own-making such as soil erosion or subsistence crises. How then can we explain why some societies were able to overcome or negate these problems, while other societies proved susceptible to failure, as settlements contracted, stagnated, were abandoned, or even disappeared entirely? This book has been stimulated by the questions and hypotheses put forward by a recent ’disaster studies’ literature - in particular, by placing the intrinsic arrangement of societies at the forefront of the explanatory framework. Essentially it is suggested that the resilience or vulnerability of habitation has less to do with exogenous crises themselves, but on endogenous societal responses which dictate: (a) the extent of destruction caused by crises and the capacity for society to protect itself; and (b) the capacity to create a sufficient recovery. By empirically testing the explanatory framework on a number of societies between the Middle Ages and the nineteenth century in England, the Low Countries, and Italy, it is ultimately argued in this book that rather than the protective functions of the state or the market, or the implementation of technological innovation or capital investment, the most resilient human habitations in the pre-industrial period were those than displayed an equitable distribution of property and a well-balanced distribution of power between social interest groups. Equitable distributions of power and property were the underlying conditions in pre-industrial societies that all

Holy Land Archaeology on Either Side

Author : AA. VV.
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The title of the volume may be a little perplexing: Archaeology on Either Side. But on either side of what? The picture we chose for the front cover might give an indication of the answer. This image shows two sides of the River Jordan – the Israeli side and the Jordanian side – both part of the Holy Land! Or we might understand the “either side” of our topic in another way, that is, archaeology both as the study of artifacts and archaeology as the study of literary sources. In the contributions the reader will find all these topics and much more: essays on excavations or archaeological findings in the Holy Land as defined above, and essays on literary sources linked to the history of the ancient Near East, especially in the time of the Christian/Common Era (CE). The book is made up of three main sections: “Excavations and Topographical Surveys”; “Architecture, Decorations, and Art”; “Epigraphy and Sigillography”. Some articles touch on more than one specific section, so they may be found between sections.