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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Author : United States. Department of State
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Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board

Author : United States
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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Late President of the United Sates of America and the Attempted Assassination of William H Seward and Frederick W Seward

Author :
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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the Attempted Assassination of William H Seward Secretary Od State and Frederick W Seward Assistant Secretary on the Evening of the 14th of April 1865

Author : Stati Uniti d'America : Department of state
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The Assassination and History of the Conspiracy

Author :
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Roman History The Early Empire From the assassination of Julius C sar to that of Domitian With two maps

Author : William Wolfe CAPES
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The Assassination of Lumumba

Author : Ludo de Witte
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Reveals how Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of the Republic of Congo, was murdered in January, 1961, directly by the Belgian government and Congolese rebels, but with the indirect help of the United States and United Nations.

The Rajiv Gandhi Assassination

Author : D.R. kaarthikeyan
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Who Killed Rajiv Gandhi? Why? How? An infamous murder. It was 10:20 pm on 21 May. The year was 1991. A woman bowed respectfully. Her arm reached out to touch his feet. Suddenly there was an explosion. The deafening sound, the clouds of smoke, the shattered bodies, the blood and gore. Who put together the pieces? Who saw through the foul play? Follow the trail. Follow the trial. Follow the story to know the truth. This book unfolds the gripping story – at once fascinating and grim – of perhaps the first case of assassination of a world-class leader by a human bomb. There was a general demand for explanation and action. The totally blind case with enormous ramifications needed skilled, dexterous and professional investigation. D. R. Kaarthikeyan was called upon by the Government of India to unravel the mystery. This assassination profoundly influenced political developments in India and altered the course of contemporary history in India and Sri Lanka.

The Lincoln Assassination Trial The Court Transcripts

Author : William C. Edwards
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This is a transcript of NARA M599 Reels 8-15. It contains the arguments and summaries as well as the full testimony of each witness. It also contains the testimony of the perjured witnesses. This along with "The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence" and The Lincoln Assassination: The Reward Files" constitute a large majority of the primary evidence of the assassination.


Author : Linda Laucella
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Documents the political assassinations that have changed the course of history, looking at the victims, their assassins and their motives, the political climate, conspiracy theories, and the aftermath

Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Assassinations
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Hearings Before the President s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

Author : Estados Unidos. President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
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Investigation of the Assassination of President John F Kennedy

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Assassinations
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The Politics of Assassination

Author : Murray Clark Havens
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Revised edition was published in 1975 under title : Assassination and terrorism.

Assassination of a Saint

Author : Matt Eisenbrandt
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"A tale told well that provides valuable insights into the motives and modus operandi of the death squads in El Salvador, and of the financiers who commissioned and facilitated such crimes. It also highlights the difficulties that face those who pursue such cases many years after the crimes have taken place."—New York Review of Books On March 24, 1980, the assassination of El Salvador’s Archbishop Óscar Romero rocked that nation and the world. Despite the efforts of many in El Salvador and beyond, those responsible for Romero’s murder remained unpunished for their heinous crime. Assassination of a Saint is the thrilling story of an international team of lawyers, private investigators, and human-rights experts that fought to bring justice for the slain hero. Matt Eisenbrandt, a lawyer who was part of the investigative team, recounts in this gripping narrative how he and his colleagues interviewed eyewitnesses and former members of death squads while searching for evidence on those who financed them. As investigators worked toward the only court verdict ever reached for the murder of the martyred archbishop, they uncovered information with profound implications for El Salvador and the United States.

JFK Assassination Logic

Author : John McAdams
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Untangling the logic behind the JFK conspiracy claims

Assassination and Commemoration

Author : Stephen Fagin
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The shots that killed President John F. Kennedy in November 1963 were fired from the sixth floor of a nondescript warehouse at the edge of Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. That floor in the Texas School Book Depository became a museum exhibit in 1989 and was designated part of a National Historic Landmark District in 1993. This book recounts the slow and painful process by which a city and a nation came to terms with its collective memory of the assassination and its aftermath. Stephen Fagin begins Assassination and Commemoration by retracing the events that culminated in Lee Harvey Oswald’s shots at the presidential motorcade. He vividly describes the volatile political climate of midcentury Dallas as well as the shame that haunted the city for decades after the assassination. The book highlights the decades-long work of people determined to create a museum that commemorates a president and recalls the drama and heartbreak of November 22, 1963. Fagin narrates the painstaking day-to-day work of cultivating the support of influential citizens and convincing boards and committees of the importance of preservation and interpretation. Today, The Sixth Floor Museum helps visitors to interpret the depository and Dealey Plaza as sacred ground and a monument to an unforgettable American tragedy. One of the most popular historic sites in Texas, it is a place of quiet reflection, of edification for older Americans who remember the Kennedy years, and of education for the large and growing number of younger visitors unfamiliar with the events the museum commemorates. Like the museum itself, Fagin’s book both carefully studies a community’s confrontation with tragedy and explores the ways we preserve the past.

The Lincoln Assassination The Rewards Files

Author : William C. Edwards
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After the trial of the conspirators was over, the Govt. called for claims to the rewards. Many of the Detectives, Soldiers and citizens involved wrote detailed descriptions and sometimes submitted original reports to support their claims.

The Assassination of New York

Author : Robert Fitch
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The story of how the richest city in the world became one of the poorest in North America, with a new introduction by Peter Kwong How did New York City come to be a network of steel towers, banks, and nail salons, with chain drugstores on every block—a place where, increasingly, no one can afford to live except the lords of Wall Street and foreign billionaires, and where more and more of the Big Apple’s best-loved businesses have closed their doors? It didn’t start with Michael Bloomberg—or with Robert Moses. As Robert Fitch meticulously demonstrates in this eye-opening book, the planning to assassinate New York began a century ago, as the city’s very richest few—the Morgans, the Mellons, and especially the Rockefellers—looked for ways to maximize the value of their real estate by pushing Gotham’s vibrant and astonishingly varied manufacturing sector out of town, and with it, the city’s working class. The Assassination of New York attacks a Goliath-like enemy: the real-estate developers who maintain a stranglehold on the city’s most valuable commodity. Their efforts to increase land value by replacing low-rent workers and factories with high-rent professionals and office buildings was one of the single most decisive factors in the city’s downturn. In the 1980s the number of real-estate vacancies eclipsed that of the fiscal crisis of the 1970s. In September of 1992 there was a staggering twenty-five million square feet of empty office space. Are the city’s problems fixable? How will the future of New York play out through the twenty-first century? Fitch comes up with solutions, from saving jobs to promoting economic diversity to rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure. But it will take vision and hard work to restore New York to what it once was while creating a new and better home for coming generations.

A Year of Reckoning

Author : James Goldston
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