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Development and Assessment Centres

Author : Charles Woodruffe
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Examining the role of assessment centres, this text proposes that when tailored to the specific needs of individual organizations, such centres can become a vital tool for selection and development of employees.

Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies

Author : Nigel Povah
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It's becoming more common for organisations to use assessment centres as part of their recruitment drive. So if you've recently been invited to one, and you're not sure what to expect or how to excel, then this is the book for you. You'll be guided through how each activity is conducted and how to prepare for each part of the selection process. You'll find expert advice on how to shine in every activity - and get the career you want. Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies covers: Standing Out in Group Exercises Impressing in Oral Presentations Achieving in Analysis Exercises Performing in Planning and Scheduling Exercises Perfecting Your Approach to Psychometrics

Assessment and Development Centres

Author : Iain Ballantyne
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Since the first edition of this book, the level of interest and the varied forms of assessment and development centres have mushroomed. Iain Ballantyne and Nigel Povah's book looks at the entire process, from the underlying concepts to the most effective methods of validation - not forgetting the organisational politics involved.The main objectives of the book are:* to establish a thorough understanding of the principles and practice of assessment and development centres;* to provide sufficient knowledge to enable practitioners to run their own events in a professional manner;* to help readers to recognise when they may need to call on outside expertise, and* to equip readers to ask pertinent questions of any prospective advisers.This new edition includes guidance to reflect the significant developments within the technology, along with further advice on quality control, process improvements and further refinements to the increasingly popular development centre concept.Assessment and Development Centres represents a practical approach which is sure of a warm welcome from HR professionals.

Assessment Centres

Author : Nitin Sawardekar
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Today`s knowledge-driven organisations recognise the importance of managing competence strategically. To harness potential and develop competencies, a technique which organisations are increasingly resorting to is—assessment centres. In this lucid book, the author covers in detail the evolution of the technique and takes the reader through the entire procedure of employing assessment centre in an organisation which includes: - The identification of competencies - Design parameters - Approaches - The conduct of assessment centres

Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management

Author : George C. Thornton Iii
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Globalization, innovation, market share, identifying visionary leaders and, particularly, talent management ...are just some of the issues that benefit from using assessment and development centres. Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management focuses on topics that influence the design of the assessment centre in terms of the competencies being assessed, the exercises that are used and the nature of the event, so that they can deliver what is required; often to change organizational culture and values. Practical examples and case studies are sprinkled throughout the book as international contributors explore cross-cultural implications, and consider how the design, development and use of assessment centres should be adapted to different cultures. Some of the world's leading researchers and practitioners outline their research into new applications for assessment centre methods, showing how they have used it to design and implement specific assessment and development centres. This is a book from which practitioners can see how science informs good practice, and scholars will find the 32 chapters a rich source of ideas for conducting research into emerging issues in the field.

How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre

Author : Harry Tolley
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When applying for a new job or a promotion alot of people have to face the rigours of an assessment centre. Many organizations, in both the public and private sectors, now use these extended forms of assessment for selection purposes. Candidates often fail to do themselves justice as they are unaware of the different types of assessment tasks they may have to undertake. This fully revised and expanded new edition provides ideal preparation for assessment events and there is expert advice on all the key issues such as: how the assessments are conducted, how to behave - both in formal and informal situations and how to prepare for the different forms of assessment. It looks in detail at each of these different assessments, from group exercises and psychometric tests to panel interviews and role play exercises. There are plenty of practice questions with answers and explanations, and new material on personality and emotional intelligence questionnaires. How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre is essential preparation for this daunting selection process and it will help to improve anyone's chances of success.

Tools for Assessment and Development Centres

Author : Pearn Kandola
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This complete toolkit of exercises and activities enables managers to design and implement their own assessment and development centres and to evaluate their effectiveness. The tools are laid out in a systematic chain link model and comprehensively cover each stage of the process.

360 Degree Feedback and Assessment and Development Centres

Author : Rao
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360 Degree Feedback, often used in tandem with Assessment and Development Centres, is a powerful technique pioneered in India by TV Rao Learning Systems, who have over the last five years applied this very successfully to many of India's large companies.This volume, the third and last in the series, is an indispensable corollary and companion to the second volume, in as much as the focus is on Leadership Development, one of the most urgently felt needs of the Corporate sector. Spurred on by the threats and opportunities of global competition, companies are now focusing on developing talented leaders. This book, in mapping the terrain and the strategies needed to compete, focuses inter alia on:l Assessment Centresl New Case Studies Pertaining to Top Indian Corporatesl Critical essays pertaining to Competency Mapping, 360 Degree Feedback, Assessment Centres, and Mergers & Acquisitionsl In-house Work by Organizations without outside AssistanceThese vital issues explored in elaborate detail in this book will be appreciated not only by practicing HR professionals and senior executives, but also by management students.

Assessment Centres and Managerial Performance

Author : George C. Thornton
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The Handbook of Competency Mapping

Author : Seema Sanghi
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The second edition of this bestselling book is designed to help human resource managers and professionals understand, develop, manage and map competencies within their organizations. Using a highly accessible framework and structure, this reader-friendly book tackles key issues that include: - Understanding and developing competencies - Integrating the competency framework within the HR system of an organization - Implementing and mapping competencies in an assessment centre - Reviewing the plethora of application-based experiences and existing models - Effectively managing the consequent changes in the organization. In this edition, the author has expanded several chapters to provide a greater understanding of business strategies, environmental imperatives and the changing role of HR as a strategic partner. The book includes more case studies, live examples and models offering invaluable insight to users in order to develop customized models of competency mapping for their organizations.

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Author : Paul Banfield
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Co-written by an HR lecturer and an HR practitioner, this introductory textbook provides academic and practical insights which convey the reality of human resource management. The range of real life cases and learning features enables students to quickly understand the issues in practice as well as theory, and brings the subject to life.

Assessment Centres Unlocking People Potential for Growth 2nd Edition

Author : Sandra Schlebusch
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While technology is enhancing every aspect of an Assessment Centre (AC), it remains a real art and skill to design and implement an AC. Assessment Centres: Unlocking People Potential for Growth is a complete 'how to' book that focuses on practical execution. In addition, it includes numerous case studies as examples of the principles discussed. It unpacks the adapted AC Design Model and, in addition, addresses topical issues around ACs, including: - the different purposes that ACs are used for; - what AC practitioners should consider when using ACs; - why strategic positioning of an AC is important; - the business case for ACs in organisations; - the Code of Ethics for ACs; - assessment Centre Policy;

Evaluation of Assessment Centres and Recommendation for Use Within Denplan Ltd

Author : Samantha Whiting
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A Practical Guide to Assessment Centres and Selection Methods

Author : Ian Taylor
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The failure to recruit the right candidates can cost your company a fortune in time and money. The same applies for selecting staff for promotion. If recruits or staff are not motivated, engaged or committed, the likelihood is that your organization will suffer. This book gives you the guidance, tools and techniques to help determine the best candidates for the job. A Practical Guide to Assessment Centres and Selection Methods provides you with the right tools to gain a fully rounded picture of candidates, be they new recruits or prospects for promotion. In two parts, the book shows you how to create market-standard assessment and development centre methods in your organisation. It also provides a range of easy-to-implement assessment exercises, giving you practical advice on how to use them for best results. Part 1 shows you to understand key staff competencies and how to develop internal structures that will allow you to develop a "Competence Framework". It describes how to design and run an assessment centre which works for both the employer and the candidate. It reveals what makes a top-class assessor and describes the role of psychometric instruments in selection. Finally, it presents practical advice on how to adapt and devise your own staff selection activities for revealing the most suitable candidates, using the tools given in Part 2. Part 2 is particularly valuable. It delivers a wide range of different assessment activities designed specifically to determine key strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates. These activities include: * a range of role-play activities. These will help you assess a number of typical issues including performance feedback, dealing with disputes and how to influence without formal authority. * "In Tray" activities designed to reveal how candidates prioritise work. * Report writing and analysis activities designed to reveal how participants use data and information. . * Open-ended group decision-making activities. These use role play in a variety of typical business situations, followed by an analytical phase to reveal how participants may have changed their views during the course of the exercise. * Physical task group activities designed to be more relaxing and enabling the assessor to determine how candidates behave when they are more relaxed and less formal * Mental task group activities which help participants understand how plan, organise, adapt, influence and communicate * Supplementary group activities designed to act as a reserve should other exercises become "over-exposed" or if there is a need to regularly run several group activities with a nominated leader A Practical Guide to Assessment Centres and Selection Methods provides you with a robust, rounded way to measure candidate competency in recruitment or in assessing for promotion. A FREE CD reproduces all the exercises contained in the book so that you can print them individually whenever you need.

competency mapping

Author :
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Performance Management System A Holistic Approach

Author :
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The Ministry of Justice s Language Service Contract

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts
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Before January 2012, the Ministry generally booked interpretation services directly with individual interpreters, many of whom were listed on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI). This approach was administratively inefficient and the Ministry decided to set up a new centralised procurement system. The Ministry awarded the contract to a company, ALS, that was clearly incapable of delivering. Despite having been warned that ALS was too small to shoulder a contract worth more than £1 million, it went ahead and handed them an annual £42 million national contract. The Ministry did not understand its own basic requirements and ignored the views of interpreters, who had serious concerns about the contract. Capita took over ALS in late 2011. The Ministry needed access to 1,200 interpreters when the contract went live but the company had only 280 properly assessed interpreters willing to work for it. The Ministry, though, still decided to go live nationally in one go. Many of the 'interpreters' it thought were available had simply registered an interest on the company's website and had been subject to no official checks. As a result, the company was able to meet only 58% of bookings causing a sharp rise in delayed, postponed and abandoned trials; individuals being kept on remand solely because no interpreter was available; and the quality of interpreters has at times been appalling. However Capita has only been fined £2,200 to date for failing to meet the terms of the contract. Capita-ALS is now fulfilling more bookings, but it is still struggling

Social Services Departments Observation and Assessment Centres for Children

Author : Penny Cooper
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Human Resource Mgmt Tb For Hospitality

Author : Andrews
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The Psychology of Assessment Centers

Author : Duncan Jackson
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Research on the reliability and validity of assessment centers (ACs) has been ongoing for at least 50 years and continues to this day. The assessment center method is a technique or process that is used to assess individual performance and potential. One of the most heavily researched topics over the last 30 years has been the internal structure of AC ratings that assessors make on rating dimensions after the completion of each exercise. This volume, with contributions from experts from around the world, looks at Dimension-Based Assessment Centers, Task-Based Assessment Centers, and Mixed-Model Assessment Centers. All three perspectives are presented in different sections, and a summary of these diverse perspectives is given at the end of the book.