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Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs

Author : Ken M. Harrison
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Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs is a complete guide for amateur astronomers who are looking for a new challenge. After a brief overview of the development of spectroscopes and an introduction to the theory of stellar spectra, the book goes on to examine the various types of spectroscopes available to amateurs. Next, practical sections address all aspects of setting-up and using various types of commercially-available and home-built spectroscopes. A final part gives detailed instructions for the design and construction of three different spectroscopes, along with the necessary design theory (minimal math). The home-made spectroscopes have performance capabilities near or equal to commercial units but are constructed using basic hand tools for a fraction of the cost! This up-to-date practical spectroscopy book will enable amateur astronomers to develop the skills and equipment needed to prepare scientifically acceptable spectra data, and to make a valuable contribution to ProAm projects.

Spectroscopy for Amateur Astronomers

Author : Marc F. M. Trypsteen
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This accessible guide presents the astrophysical concepts behind astronomical spectroscopy, covering both theoretical and practical elements. Suitable for anyone with only a little background knowledge and access to amateur-level equipment, it will help you understand and practise the scientifically important and growing field of amateur astronomy.

Spectroscopy The Key to the Stars

Author : Keith Robinson
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This is the first non-technical book on spectroscopy written specifically for practical amateur astronomers. It includes all the science necessary for a qualitative understanding of stellar spectra, but avoids a mathematical treatment which would alienate many of its intended readers. Any amateur astronomer who carries out observational spectroscopy and who wants a non-technical account of the physical processes which determine the intensity and profile morphology of lines in stellar spectra will find this is the only book written specially for them. It is an ideal companion to existing books on observational amateur astronomical spectroscopy.

Practical Amateur Spectroscopy

Author : Stephen F. Tonkin
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This book contains everything an amateur astronomer needs to know to begin observing whilst going relatively deeply into the subject for those who are already involved. Covers a very wide range of available equipment, from simple DIY spectroscopes to the most expensive commercially-made instruments. Describes basic principles so that the reader understands how to analyse the spectra he/she sees or records. Contributions by leading amateurs astronomers from the USA and Europe.

Grating Spectroscopes and How to Use Them

Author : Ken M. Harrison
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Written for amateur astronomers just getting into this area of the subject, this is the perfect companion for first-time spectroscope users, with no heavy mathematics and with information on how to buy and use an entry-level spectroscope costing around $150.

Spectral Atlas for Amateur Astronomers

Author : Richard Walker
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A full colour reference featuring detailed commented spectral profiles of more than one hundred astronomical objects.

Using Commercial Amateur Astronomical Spectrographs

Author : Jeffrey L. Hopkins
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Amateur astronomers interested in learning more about astronomical spectroscopy now have the guide they need. It provides detailed information about how to get started inexpensively with low-resolution spectroscopy, and then how to move on to more advanced high-resolution spectroscopy. Uniquely, the instructions concentrate very much on the practical aspects of using commercially-available spectroscopes, rather than simply explaining how spectroscopes work. The book includes a clear explanation of the laboratory theory behind astronomical spectrographs, and goes on to extensively cover the practical application of astronomical spectroscopy in detail. Four popular and reasonably-priced commercially available diffraction grating spectrographs are used as examples. The first is a low-resolution transmission diffraction grating, the Star Analyser spectrograph. The second is an inexpensive fiber optic coupled bench spectrograph that can be used to learn more about spectroscopy. The third is a newcomer, the ALPY 600 spectrograph. The fourth spectrograph considered is at the other end of the market both in performance and cost, the high-resolution Lhires III. While considerably more expensive, this is a popular and excellent scientific instrument, that allows more advanced amateur astronomers to produce scientifically valuable data. With all of these tools in place, the amateur astronomer is well-prepared to forger deeper into the night sky using spectroscopy.

Astronomical Spectroscopy An Introduction To The Atomic And Molecular Physics Of Astronomical Spectroscopy Third Edition

Author : Tennyson Jonathan
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The third edition of Astronomical Spectroscopy examines the physics necessary to understand and interpret astronomical spectra. It offers a step-by-step guide to the atomic and molecular physics involved in providing astronomical spectra starting from the relatively simple hydrogen atom and working its way to the spectroscopy of small molecules.Based on UCL course material, this book uses actual astronomical spectra to illustrate the theoretical aspects of the book to give the reader a feel for such spectra as well as an awareness of what information can be retrieved from them. It also provides comprehensive exercises, with answers given, to aid understanding.

The Analysis of Starlight

Author : J. B. Hearnshaw
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This book presents a detailed pedagogical account of the equation of state and its applications in several important and fast growing topics in theoretical physics, chemistry and engineering. This book is the storv of the analysis of starlight by astronomical spectroscopy. It describes the development of the subject from the time of Joseph Fraunhofer, who, in 1814, used a telescope-mounted prism to observe the spectral light emitted from several bright stars. He discovered that light was missing at certain colours (wavelengths) in the starlight, and these so-called spectral lines were subsequently shown to hold clues to the nature of the stars themselves. The book explains how the classification of stars using their line spectra developed into a major branch of astronomy whilst new methods in astrophysics made possible the approximate quantitative analysis of spectral lines in the 1920s and 1930s. After the Second World War these techniques were considerably improved when computers were programmed to model the structure of the outer layers of stars. Basic concepts in spectroscopy and spectral analysis are also covered and. finally. Dr Hearnshaw comments on the stellar spectroscopy of some individual star.

Astronomical Spectroscopy

Author : Andrew David Thackeray
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