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Author : Jillian Scudder
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In this enthralling cosmic journey through space and time, astrophysicist Jillian Scudder locates our home planet within its own ‘family tree’. Our parent the Earth and its sibling planets in our solar system formed within the same gas cloud. Without our grandparent the Sun, we would not exist, and the Sun in turn relies on the Milky Way as its home. The Milky Way rests in a larger web of galaxies that traces its origins right back to tiny fluctuations in the very early universe. Following these cosmic connections, we discover the many ties that bind us to our universe. Based around readers’ questions from the author’s popular blog ‘Astroquizzical’, the book provides a quirky guide to how things work in the universe and why things are the way they are, from shooting stars on Earth, to black holes, to entire galaxies. For anyone interested in the ‘big picture’ of how the cosmos functions and how it is all connected, Jillian Scudder is the perfect guide.


Author : Jillian Scudder
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Exploring the family tree of the cosmos, from humans on Earth to stars and galaxies to the first atoms of the Big Bang; with striking color illustrations. Looking up at the night sky, we see not only stars twinkling in their constellations and planets caught mid-orbit but our cosmic family tree. We are here on Earth because billions of years ago the Big Bang created the atoms that, over unimaginable periods of time, formed the stars and galaxies. Generations of stars that burned, exploded, or collided long before our planet was formed created the carbon of our bodies and the iron in our blood. In Astroquizzical, astrophysicist Jillian Scudder takes readers on a curiosity-driven journey through outer space, traveling back in time from Earth to the stars and galaxies to the cosmic explosions of the Big Bang. Scudder proceeds—astroquizzically—question by question, answering and explaining such queries as “What color is the universe?,” “Do all planets spin the same way?,” and “How many galaxies are there?” Along the way, she proposes a series of thought experiments, including “What would happen if we split the sun in half?” and “What happens to time dilation at the speed of light?” She covers meteors, the aurora, and the Moon (Earth’s cosmic companion); Jupiter’s stripes and Pluto’s mountains; red dwarfs, brown dwarfs, and white dwarfs; the deaths of stars and the abundance of galaxies; and much more. Striking color images illustrate astrophysical marvels.

Astroquizzical the Illustrated Edition

Author : Jillian Scudder
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Thriving with Microbes

Author : Sputnik Futures
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From the remarkable minds of Sputnik Futures, this visually engaging exploration of the microbes that surround us and how these unseen powerhouses are shaping our future is perfect for readers of I Contain Multitudes and 10% Human. Let’s face it, microbes rule the world! Bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa, algae, even viruses—these microorganisms may go unseen, but the impact they have on our lives is unmistakable. From panspermia (the bacteria dust from our galaxy) and the microbiomes of our homes and our environments, to emerging research on microbes’ role in our social emotions of love and empathy, and the realization that we are a superorganism, made up of trillions of bacteria that may be what makes us “human,” the authors take you through a fascinating revelation of how microbial populations play a crucial role in every aspect of our life. Breakthroughs in our understanding of microbes are shaping the frontier of medicine and health, technology, environmentalism, wellness, architecture, and more. Microbes are talking to us, and we are learning to speak to them in turn. For example, did you know: -That the mind and the gut talk to each other? -That your personality may be shaped by your microbiome? -That a lack of biodiversity can make you sick? -That microbes can reverse climate change and reduce plastic waste? -That our first microbes came from the universe, and we are taking our microorganisms back to space? In Thriving with Microbes, the brilliant minds of Sputnik Futures reveal cutting-edge discoveries from biologists, doctors, ecologists, technologists, and thought leaders as they explore the vast network of microorganisms around and within us. With expert voices, bold discoveries, and engaging visuals, this captivating addition to the Alice in Futureland® series is a must-read guide to the vibrant microbial world we inhabit, how it is shaping our individuality, and the miraculous future these microorganisms are showing us.