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At That Very Moment

Author : Mridula Sinha
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My mom had died after suffering a great pain. The sorrow of her separation was mitigated by loss of suffering by death. I reached the village; the car stopped at the gate of my brother. All the children of the neighbourhood came rushing; “Madhu phua has come.” My nephew and bhabhi also came out of the house. Everyone was happy at my sudden arrival. Suddenly I felt that my blood vessels were numbed as if my legs were going behind. After crossing the stair cases; I found the easy chair; near the door was the machia. The whole atmosphere was the same; my bhabhi has not made any changes after the passing away of my father and mother. Near the vacant easy chair; suddenly my legs stopped and I forcefully prevented my hands from folding. I forcefully entered the room. Bhabhi has spread the cot in the yard; women and children surrounded us; from courtyard to door and every place was full. After a long time all have gathered together but even in the atmosphere emptiness was pursuing me. I realised my mom was staring at my every limb; I was shaken. My aunt quickly perceived my condition and said; “Madhu is remembering her dead mother.” As if somebody had pierced a needle in the wound; I started crying. —from this collection Heart touching stories from renowned author Mridula Sinha; which will move you and make you emotional.

In This Very Moment

Author : James Ishmael Ford
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A valuable beginner's resource and teaching tool, this brief and useful history of Zen Buddhism introduces the history, philosophy and practice of Zen for beginners and others who want an overview that is at once wise and accessible. The helpful Glossary demystifies the terminology of Buddhism.

The Interpretation of The Meaning of The Holy Quran Volume 48 Surah Al Qasas verse 1 to 45

Author : Nasoha Bin Saabin
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I have written many books and articles on various topics but since 2013, I have devoted myself fully in writing the interpretation of the Holy Quran in English and with the grace of Allah, I have completed the whole Quran on 29th October 2020 with 84 books. I believe there is a great need in the whole world for the correct interpretation of the Holy Quran to be written in English. Currently, there is a great misunderstanding about Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims globally. The misunderstanding of the meaning of the Holy Quran among Muslims will lead to the wrong practice of Islam which leads to the wrong actions of Muslims. The wrong actions of Muslims will lead to misunderstandings about Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims. The wrong actions of the Muslims have led to many miseries and wars among Muslims. The wrong actions of Muslims have also led to many wars and clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims. In order to avoid miseries, wars and clashes from taking place between the whole mankind in the whole world, the whole mankind in the whole world need to understand the true teaching of Islam. There is no other way for the whole mankind to understand the true teaching of Islam unless the whole mankind is able to read and understand the correct interpretation of the Holy Quran. The whole mankind is only able to read and understand the correct interpretation of the Holy Quran when it is written in the universal language of the world (English). For this very reason I have written the interpretation of the Holy Quran in English. Prof. Nasoha Bin Saabin

This Very Moment

Author : Rachel Ann Nunes
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A Compelling Story of Heartbreaking Loss, Inspiring Faith, and a Newfound Love Strong Enough to Heal All Wounds. Bill Dubrey is a sought-after plastic surgeon for LA’s prestigious and wealthy, and an equally sought-after bachelor. On the surface it appears he has it all—money, respect, and fame. Yet behind his aloof exterior lurks a tragic past that prevents him from finding lasting happiness. All that changes on the day Kylee Stewart reenters his life. She alone knows Bill’s secret agony, and she is determined to help him face his past. During the years they’ve been apart, Kylee’s own life has been far from easy, but unlike Bill, she has turned to God in her need, finding a faith to which she desperately clings. The tentative friendship they begin has Bill rethinking his stark future, yet he keeps his heart in check—afraid to commit, afraid to lose again. During Kylee’s darkest moment, when she needs him most, will he be there for her? Bestselling author Rachel Ann Nunes offers This Very Moment, a captivating read for everyone who enjoys a page-turning Christian romance!

Ethics of Deconstruction

Author : Simon Critchley
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The first book to argue for the ethical turn in Derrida's work, this new edition contains three new appendixes and a new preface where Critchley reflects upon the origins, motivation and reception of 'The Ethics of Deconstruction'.

The Pacific World

Author :
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The Orphan Or Memoris of Matilda

Author : Eugène Sue
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Westminster abbey sermons for the working classes by the dean of Westminster R C Trench and others

Author : Westminster abbey
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Knowledge Belief and Character

Author : Guy Axtell
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This is a unique collection of new and recently-published articles which debate the merits of virtue-theoretic approaches to the core epistemological issues of knowledge and justified belief. The readings all contribute to our understanding of the relative importance, for a theory of justified belief, of the reliability of our cognitive faculties and of the individuals responsibility in gathering and weighing evidence. Highlights of the readings include direct exchanges between leading exponents of this approach and their critics.

The Red and the Black

Author : Stendhal
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INTRODUCTION Some slight sketch of the life and character of Stendhal is particularly necessary to an understanding of Le Rouge et Le Noir (The Red and the Black) not so much as being the formal stuffing of which introductions are made, but because the book as a book stands in the most intimate relation to the author's life and character. The hero, Julien, is no doubt, viewed superficially, a cad, a scoundrel, an assassin, albeit a person who will alternate the moist eye of the sentimentalist with the ferocious grin of the beast of prey. But Stendhal so far from putting forward any excuses makes a specific point of wallowing defiantly in his own alleged wickedness. "Even assuming that Julien is a villain and that it is my portrait," he wrote shortly after the publication of the book, "why quarrel with me. In the time of the Emperor, Julien would have passed for a very honest man. I lived in the time of the Emperor. So—but what does it matter?" Henri Beyle was born in 1783 in Grenoble in Dauphiny, the son of a royalist lawyer, situated on the borderland between the gentry and that bourgeoisie which our author was subsequently to chastise with that malice peculiar to those who spring themselves from the class which they despise. The boy's character was a compound of sensibility and hard rebelliousness, virility and introspection. Orphaned of his mother at the age of seven, hated by his father and unpopular with his schoolmates, he spent the orthodox unhappy childhood of the artistic temperament. Winning a scholarship at the Ecole Polytechnique at the age of sixteen he proceeded to Paris, where with characteristic independence he refused to attend the college classes and set himself to study privately in his solitary rooms. In 1800 the influence of his relative M. Daru procured him a commission in the French Army, and the Marengo campaign gave him an opportunity of practising that Napoleonic worship to which throughout his life he remained consistently faithful, for the operation of the philosophical materialism of the French sceptics on an essentially logical and mathematical mind soon swept away all competing claimants for his religious adoration. Almost from his childhood, moreover, he had abominated the Jesuits, and "Papism is the source of all crimes," was throughout his life one of his favourite maxims. After the army's triumphant entry into Milan, Beyle returned to Grenoble on furlough, whence he dashed off to Paris in pursuit of a young woman to whom he was paying some attention, resigned his commission in the army and set himself to study "with the view of becoming a great man." It is in this period that we find the most marked development in Beyle's enthusiasm of psychology. This tendency sprang primarily no doubt from his own introspection. For throughout his life Beyle enjoyed the indisputable and at times dubious luxury of a double consciousness. He invariably carried inside his brain a psychological mirror which reflected every phrase of his emotion with scientific accuracy. And simultaneously, the critical spirit, half-genie, half-demon inside his brain, would survey in the semi-detached mood of a keenly interested spectator, the actual emotion itself, applaud or condemn it as the case might be, and ticket the verdict with ample commentations in the psychological register of its own analysis.