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Athenian Red Figure Vases

Author : John Boardman
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Discusses the historical and artistic aspects of Athenian red figure vases of the classical period through the fourth century

The Art of Vase Painting in Classical Athens

Author : Martin Robertson
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The results of the author's lifetime's study of Greek vase-painting.

The Transformation of Athens

Author : Robin Osborne
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How remarkable changes in ancient Greek pottery reveal the transformation of classical Greek culture Why did soldiers stop fighting, athletes stop competing, and lovers stop having graphic sex in classical Greek art? The scenes depicted on Athenian pottery of the mid-fifth century BC are very different from those of the late sixth century. Did Greek potters have a different world to see—or did they come to see the world differently? In this lavishly illustrated and engagingly written book, Robin Osborne argues that these remarkable changes are the best evidence for the shifting nature of classical Greek culture. Osborne examines the thousands of surviving Athenian red-figure pots painted between 520 and 440 BC and describes the changing depictions of soldiers and athletes, drinking parties and religious occasions, sexual relations, and scenes of daily life. He shows that it was not changes in each activity that determined how the world was shown, but changes in values and aesthetics. By demonstrating that changes in artistic style involve choices about what aspects of the world we decide to represent as well as how to represent them, this book rewrites the history of Greek art. By showing that Greeks came to see the world differently over the span of less than a century, it reassesses the history of classical Greece and of Athenian democracy. And by questioning whether art reflects or produces social and political change, it provokes a fresh examination of the role of images in an ever-evolving world.


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Greek Praise Poetry and the Rhetoric of Divinity

Author : Felix J. Meister
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The polar dichotomy between man and god, and the insurmountable gulf between them, are considered a fundamental principle of archaic and classical Greek religion. Greek Praise Poetry and the Rhetoric of Divinity argues that poetry produced between the eighth and the fifth centuries BC does not present such a uniform view of the world, demonstrating instead that particular genres of poetry may assess the distance between humans and gods differently. Discussion focuses on genres where the boundaries appear to be more flexible, with wedding songs, victory odes, and selected passages from tragedy and comedy taken as case studies that illustrate that some human individuals may, in certain situations, be presented as enjoying a state of happiness, a degree of beauty, or an amount of power comparable to that of the gods. A central question throughout is whether these presentations stem from an individual poet's creative ingenuity or from the conventional ideological repertoire of the respective genre, and how this difference might shape the comparison of a human with the gods. Another important question concerns the ritual contexts in which some of these songs would have been performed, expanding the scope of the analysis beyond merely a literary device to encompass a fundamental aspect of archaic and classical Greek culture.

Plato Republic V

Author : Plato
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This new edition provides a thorough reappraisal of one of the most remarkable and controversial sections of the Republic.

Greek Art and Archaeology

Author : John Griffiths Pedley
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Praised as being an ideal introduction to the field, this book explores the development of Greek art and civilisation across three millennia, from the engimatically beautiful Cycladic figurines of the Bronze Age to the sensuous sculptures, mosaics and buildings of the Hellenistic period. This new edition includes the latest archaeological discoveries such as the 7th century b.c. statue found on the island of Thera as well as expanded coverage on the art of Macedon. The author has also added special interest boxed inserts on Greek culture & society and on controversies & issues. Clearly written and authoritative, the author blends insightful interpretation and numerous well-chosen illustrations to provide the most accessible introduction available today.

Frontal Faces in Attic Vase Painting of the Archaic Period

Author : Yvonne Korshak
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Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

Author : William R. Biers
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Essays in Classical Archaeology for Eleni Hatzivassiliou 1977 2007

Author : David Saunders
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Edited by Donna Kurtz with Caspar Meyer, David Saunders, Athena Tsingarida and Nicole Harris. Studies in Classical Archaeology IV

Greek Vases from the Hirschmann Collection

Author : Hans Peter Isler
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Ancient Greek art from the collection of Stavros S Niarchos

Author : Mouseio Kykladik−es Techn−es
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American Bookseller

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The British Museum Book of Greek and Roman Art

Author : British Museum
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This introduction to Greek and Roman art begins with the Greek Bronze Age and continues through the Geometric, Classical and Hellenistic periods and the Etruscans of pre-Roman Italy, to the Romans themselves, whose influence extended across the Mediterranean.

Greek Art A i

Author : Nigel Spivey
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From the Parthenon in Athens to the theatre at Epidauros, from idealized sculptures of athletic youths to red-figure vases, ancient Greece produced some of the world's most familiar and enduring art and architecture. The rapid evolution of art that took place in Greece from the eighth to the second century BC established such an influential artistic culture that even today the history of Western art can be seen in terms of reworkings of and reactions to the achievements of Greek artists. In this original and stimulating account Nigel Spivey considers how Greek art was inextricably bound up with the political, religious, philosophical and social circumstances of the period, from the early influence of Minoan and Mycenaean art, through the effect of Athenian democracy to the consequences of the empire building of that most charismatic of Greek heroes, Alexander the Great. The author draws on his first-hand experience of Greek archaeological sites and covers the full range of Greek art - sculpture, pottery, architecture, metalwork, wall-paintings - to produce a book that is comprehensive, lively and thought provoking.

Greek Vases

Author : Dyfri Williams
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Pottery is a key to our understanding of many ancient cultures. In this edition, Dr Williams traces the development of Greek painted pottery from its first moments around 6000BC, through its finest years at Athens, until its eventual decline in the 2nd century BC. He describes how Greek vases were made and introduced us to individual artists, both potters and painters. The text shows the changes that have occurred in a very traditional craft, some inspired by artistic or commercial considerations, others brought about by social or political events.

The Oxford History of Classical Art

Author : John Boardman
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Provides an overview of Greek and Roman art from the 8th century B.C. to the late Roman Empire, examining the different styles, artists, and patrons for each period.

The Art and Culture of Early Greece 1100 480 B C

Author : Jeffrey M. Hurwit
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A history of the early development of the Greek civilization includes discussions of poetry, sculpture, democracy and vase painting

Cretan Studies

Author : W. F. Bakker
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The Archaic Style in Greek Sculpture

Author : Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway
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