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Atlas of History s Greatest Disasters Mistakes

Author : Tim Cooke
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A compelling collection of human error and catastrophe through the ages. The dynamic incidents, crises, battles and defeats from all fields of endeavour are included. Accurate dynamic maps explore what caused the disasters and mistakes and their consequences. 50 fascinating stories of human error and natural disasters with insightful essays, historical illustrations and colour photographs are brought to life.

World s Worst Military Disasters

Author : Chris McNab
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This book examines some of the worst battle defeats in military history, from ancient times through to the present day. Each story brings every battle and military mishap to life, making history come alive for readers.

100 Mistakes that Changed History

Author : Bill Fawcett
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Collected in one volume, here are backfires and blunders that collapsed empires, crashed economies, and altered the course of the world. From the Maginot Line to the Cuban Missile Crisis, history is filled with bad moves and not-so-bright ideas that snowballed into disasters and unintended consequences. This engrossing book looks at one hundred such tipping points. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. The Caliphs of Baghdad spend themselves into bankruptcy. The Aztecs greet the Conquistadors with open arms. Mexico invites the Americans to Texas-and the Americans never leave. And the rest is history...

The History of the Peloponnesian War Illustrated by Maps Taken Entirely from Actual Surveys by Thucydides

Author :
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Epitome of Alison s History of Europe from 1789 to 1815 With Atlas

Author : sir Archibald Alison (1st bart.)
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The Human History Mistake

Author : Hans-Joachim Zillmer
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Our ancestors didn't live in trees, and apes never turned into humans. In The Human History Mistake, German bestselling author Hans-Joachim Zillmer has compiled factual material and empirical facts from all over the world proving that Charles Darwin's evolution theory is a myth. For more than thirty years, Zillmer has concentrated on investigating contentious findings and inconsistencies in the images of the world, recording numerous sensational discoveries and showing that documenting the anthropogenesis must be changed. In The Human History Mistake, Zillmer points to numerous finds from the Stone Age that are far younger than previously thought. The skulls of Neanderthal man and of people from the Paleolithic age must be made "younger" by as much as 27,000 years to the age of a few thousand or even hundreds of years. This science book rejects the ideas of macroevolution, but instead demonstrates that microevolution plays a much larger role in the creation of new species. Accompanied by sixty-nine photos and forty-nine illustrations, The Human History Mistake shows that the history of mankind must be rewritten.

History of Greece With portrait maps and index Fourth edition

Author : George GROTE
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Atomic Accidents

Author : Jim Mahaffey
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A “delightfully astute” and “entertaining” history of the mishaps and meltdowns that have marked the path of scientific progress (Kirkus Reviews, starred review). Radiation: What could go wrong? In short, plenty. From Marie Curie carrying around a vial of radium salt because she liked the pretty blue glow to the large-scale disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima, dating back to the late nineteenth century, nuclear science has had a rich history of innovative exploration and discovery, coupled with mistakes, accidents, and downright disasters. In this lively book, long-time advocate of continued nuclear research and nuclear energy James Mahaffey looks at each incident in turn and analyzes what happened and why, often discovering where scientists went wrong when analyzing past meltdowns. Every incident, while taking its toll, has led to new understanding of the mighty atom—and the fascinating frontier of science that still holds both incredible risk and great promise.

History of Map in China

Author : Zhi Dao
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The book provides highlights on the key concepts and trends of evolution in History of Map in China, as one of the series of books of “China Classified Histories”.

History s Worst Decisions

Author : Stephen Weir
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History is strewn with mistakes. Many made by well intentioned people who were bright, intelligent, capable, but just made the wrong decision.

Geographic Information Systems GIS for Disaster Management

Author : Brian Tomaszewski
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Now in its second edition, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management has been completely updated to take account of new developments in the field. Using a hands-on approach grounded in relevant GIS and disaster management theory and practice, this textbook continues the tradition of the benchmark first edition, providing coverage of GIS fundamentals applied to disaster management. Real-life case studies demonstrate GIS concepts and their applicability to the full disaster management cycle. The learning-by-example approach helps readers see how GIS for disaster management operates at local, state, national, and international scales through government, the private sector, non‐governmental organizations, and volunteer groups. New in the second edition: a chapter on allied technologies that includes remote sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), indoor navigation, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS); thirteen new technical exercises that supplement theoretical and practical chapter discussions and fully reinforce concepts learned; enhanced boxed text and other pedagogical features to give readers even more practical advice; examination of new forms of world‐wide disaster faced by society; discussion of new commercial and open-source GIS technology and techniques such as machine learning and the Internet of Things; new interviews with subject-matter and industry experts on GIS for disaster management in the US and abroad; new career advice on getting a first job in the industry. Learned yet accessible, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management continues to be a valuable teaching tool for undergraduate and graduate instructors in the disaster management and GIS fields, as well as disaster management and humanitarian professionals. Please visit to view supplemental material such as slides and hands-on exercise video walkthroughs. This companion website offers valuable hands-on experience applying concepts to practice.

Corporate Disasters

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Profiles the biggest corporate mistakes or misdeeds throughout history -- covering the people, the times, the decisions made. From the infamous sock puppet of Internet lore to earlier entrepreneurial attempts that just plain flopped, each essay puts the business and its operators in the context of its own time, explaining the market, social, and technology forces at play, and each explores the key make-or-break decisions that led to disaster. --from publisher description.


Author : Elizabeth Mathews Losh
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Government media-making, from official websites to whistleblowers' e-mail, and its sometimes unintended consequences. Today government agencies not only have official Web sites but also sponsor moderated chats, blogs, digital video clips, online tutorials, videogames, and virtual tours of national landmarks. Sophisticated online marketing campaigns target citizens with messages from the government--even as officials make news with digital gaffes involving embarrassing e-mails, instant messages, and videos. In Virtualpolitik, Elizabeth Losh closely examines the government's digital rhetoric in such cases and its dual role as mediamaker and regulator. Looking beyond the usual focus on interfaces, operations, and procedures, Losh analyzes the ideologies revealed in government's digital discourse, its anxieties about new online practices, and what happens when officially sanctioned material is parodied, remixed, or recontextualized by users. Losh reports on a video game that panicked the House Intelligence Committee, pedagogic and therapeutic digital products aimed at American soldiers, government Web sites in the weeks and months following 9/11, PowerPoint presentations by government officials and gadflies, e-mail as a channel for whistleblowing, digital satire of surveillance practices, national digital libraries, and computer-based training for health professionals. Losh concludes that the government's "virtualpolitik"--its digital realpolitik aimed at preserving its own power--is focused on regulation, casting as criminal such common online activities as file sharing, video-game play, and social networking. This policy approach, she warns, indefinitely postpones building effective institutions for electronic governance, ignores constituents' need to shape electronic identities to suit their personal politics, and misses an opportunity to learn how citizens can have meaningful interaction with the virtual manifestations of the state.

Corporate Disasters

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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Corporate Disasters: What Went Wrong and Why profiles the biggest corporate mistakes or misdeeds throughout history -- covering the people, the times, the decisions made. This volume covers Mergers and Acquisitions. Each essay puts the business and its operators in the context of its own time, explaining the market, social, and technology forces at play, and each explores the key make-or-break decisions that led to disaster.


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California Geology

Author :
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Fieldnotes from the State of Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology

Author : University of Arizona. Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology
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Author : Richard S. Grossman
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Presents an analysis of major economic crises over the past two hundred years.


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Red for Danger

Author : L. T. C. Rolt
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Railway disasters are almost always the result of human fallibility—a single mistake by an engine-driver, guard, or signalman, or some lack of communication between them—and it is in the short distance between the trivial error and its terrible consequence that the drama of the railway accident lies. First published in 1955, and the result of Rolt’s careful investigation and study of the verbatim reports and findings by H. M. Inspectorate of Railways, this book was the first work to record the history of railway disasters, and it remains the classic account. It covers every major accident on British railways between 1840 and 1957 which resulted in a change in railway working practice, and reveals the evolution of safety devices and methods which came to make the British railway carriage one of the safest modes of transport in the world.