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Atlas of Lost Cities

Author : Aude de Tocqueville
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Explore more than forty forsaken urban destinations around the world in a "highly entertaining read . . . for history buffs, mystery fanatics and travel junkies alike" (GoNomad). Cities are mortal, but the traces they leave behind tell a fascinating story. In Atlas of Lost Cities, an accomplished travel writer reveals the rise and fall of notable places, each pithy portrait illuminated by a vintage map that puts armchair explorers right in the scene. Wander with care through: Ancient and legendary places like Pompeii, Teotihuacá and Angkor Contemporary wonders like Centralia, a nearly abandoned Pennsylvania town consumed by unquenchable underground fire Eerie planned communities like Nova Citas de Kilamba in Angola, where housing, schools, and stores were built for 500,000 people who never came Epecuen, a tourist town in Argentina that was swallowed by water With each map are fantastical illustrations that help the reader envision these hubs as they were in their prime. A perfect gift for the traveler who believes he or she has seen it all.

Atlas of Lost Cities

Author : Aude Grouard de Tocqueville
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An Atlas of Lost Kingdoms

Author : Emily Hawkins
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An Atlas of Lost Kingdoms takes young explorers on a quest to discover legendary lost worlds from a variety of different cultures spanning the globe.

Lost Cities

Author : Natalie Lunis
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Some cities that once thrived have now disappeared, the sites sometimes turning into empty, ominous ruins. What dark secrets are hidden in these vanished cities? In this book, readers will explore the mysteries of the world’s most famous lost cities and learn how these intriguing places were rediscovered. Among the 11 spooky places highlighted are the abandoned remains of a futuristic vacation town that was said to be cursed, and the crumbling ruins of an industrial town on an eerily deserted island. Fascinating histories and haunting photographs will keep kids turning the pages for more.

Atlas of Lost Cities

Author : Brenda Rosen
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Some of the most extraordinary ancient cities that have been abandoned, forgotten, or hidden by time are now revealed in their full splendor. Examining the role of natural and man-made disasters, rulers and their hostile neighbors, and the fate of cities built to celebrate religious beliefs, this fascinating volume features stunning photography of major archaeological sites and recently discovered cities. Detailed reconstructions and maps trace the lost beauty and ancient wisdom embodied in the Borobodur in Java, Aphrodisias in Turkey, and Niya in Central Asia. An illuminating and thought-provoking work that builds on the recent success of numerous bestsellers about how and why ancient civilizations fail, it will prove an invaluable reference.

Lost Cities of Atlantis Ancient Europe the Mediterranean

Author : David Hatcher Childress
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Atlantis! The legendary lost continent comes under the close scrutiny of archaeologist David Hatcher Childress. From Ireland to Turkey, Morocco to Eastern Europe, or remote islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Childress takes the reader on an astonishing quest for mankind's past. Ancient technology, cataclysms, megalithic construction, lost civilisations, and devastating wars of the past are all explored in this amazing book. Childress challenges the sceptics and proves that great civilisations not only existed in the past but that the modern world and its problems are reflections of the ancient world of Atlantis.

Lost Cities Ancient Mysteries of Africa Arabia

Author : David Hatcher Childress
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Join Childress as he discovers forbidden cities in the Empty Quarter of Arabia, 'Atlantean' ruins in Egypt and the Kalahari desert; a mysterious, ancient empire in the Sahara; and more. This is an extraordinary life on the road: across war torn countries Childress searches for King Solomon's Mines, living dinosaurs, the Ark of the Covenant and the solutions to the fantastic mysteries of the past.

Lost Cities

Author : Giles Laroche
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Combining world culture, history, geography, and architecture, this visually stunning look at ancient cities around the globe takes readers to such places as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, and the mysterious sculptures of Angkor Wat. Perfect for fans of This Is How We Do It and Atlas Obscura. What would it be like if you lived a thousand years ago? To pass through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on your way home? Or gaze at the stars from your cave dwelling in Mesa Verde? On mountaintops, deserts, and the banks of rivers, ancient cities that once thrived have become lost to time. But in their ruins, we can find clues of the past and the extraordinary lives their residents lived. All it takes is a simple question: What was life like before? Beautiful illustrations, masterfully crafted from layers of cut paper, ask readers to spend a day in the footsteps of someone from thousands of years ago.

Lost Cities and Forgotten Civilizations

Author : Michael Pye
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Investigates questions concerning such lost civilizations as Lemuria and Atlantis, looking at their beliefs and possible contacts with extraterrestrial or advanced beings, while discussing cases of evidence suppression and archaeological scandals.

Imaginary Peaks

Author : Katie Ives
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Author is a renowned writer in international climbing community Fascinating story of hoax that inspired a quest for a North American Shangri-La Vivid recounting of fabled mountains from across the world Using an infamous deception about a fake mountain range in British Columbia as her jumping-off point, Katie Ives, the well-known editor of Alpinist, explores the lure of blank spaces on the map and the value of the imagination. In Imaginary Peaks she details the cartographical mystery of the Riesenstein Hoax within the larger context of climbing history and the seemingly endless quest for newly discovered peaks and claims of first ascents. Imaginary Peaks is an evocative, thought-provoking tale, immersed in the literature of exploration, study of maps, and basic human desire.