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Attitudes Chaos and the Connectionist Mind

Author : J. Richard Eiser
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This book presents a broad-ranging and fascinating examination of attitudes: how we form them; how we organize them towards others; and whether they are inherently human or could also be developed by computers. Professor Eiser suggests there are fundamental objections to the idea of a computer having a sense of self or a set of attitutdes.

Contemporary Perspectives on the Psychology of Attitudes

Author : Geoffrey Haddock
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What is an attitude? How do different research approaches characterise 'attitude' and its applications in social psychology? The Attitude concept has long formed an indispensable construct in social psychology. In this volume, internationally renowned contributors review contemporary developments in research and theory to capture the current metamorphosis of this central concept. This book draws together the latest developments in the field to provide a scholarly and accessible overview of the study of attitudes, examining the implications for its position as a paradigm of social psychological understanding. Dividing the subject into two main parts, this book first addresses the structural and behavioural properties of attitudes, including the affective-cognitive structure of attitudes, the nature of attitude ambivalence and intention-behaviour relations. The second section focuses on representational and transformational processes, such as meta-cognitive attitudinal processes, the role of implicit and explicit attitudinal processes, cultural influences and attitude change. In a third, concluding section, the editors draw together these contemporary perspectives and elaborate on their impact for future theorising and research into attitudes. Empirically supported throughout, this collection represents a timely integration of the burgeoning range of approaches to attitude research. It will be of interest to social psychologists, sociologists, political scientists and researchers with an interest in attitudinal phenomena.


Author : Ulrich Ammon
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Chaos and Society

Author : A. Albert
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This publication reflects on the discussion on using chaos theory for the study of society. It explores the interface between chaos theory and the social sciences. A broad variety of fields (including Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Management, Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences) is represented in the book. The leading themes are: Conceptual and Methodological Issues, Social Connectionism and the Connectionist Mind, Social Institutions and Public Policy, and Social Simulations. The book includes the following topics: the relevance of the complexity-chaos paradigm for analyzing social systems, the usefulness of nonlinear dynamics for studying the formation and sustainability of social groups, the comparison between spontaneous social orders and spontaneous biological/natural orders, the building of Artificial Societies, and the contribution of the chaos paradigm to a better understanding and formulation of public policies.

Dynamics Synergetics Autonomous Agents

Author : Wolfgang Tschacher
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This volume focuses on the modeling of cognition, and brings together contributions from psychologists and researchers in the field of cognitive science. The shared platform of this work is to advocate a dynamical systems approach to cognition. Several aspects of this approach are considered here: chaos theory, artificial intelligence and Alife models, catastrophe theory and, most importantly, self-organization theory or synergetics. The application of nonlinear systems theory to cognitive science in general, and to cognitive psychology in particular, is a growing field that has gained further momentum thanks to new contributions from the science of robotics. The recent development in cognitive science towards an account of embodiment, together with the general approach of complexity theory and dynamics, will have a major impact on our psychological understanding of reasoning, thinking and behavior.

Connectionist Models of Social Reasoning and Social Behavior

Author : Stephen John Read
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Although neural network models have had a dramatic impact on the cognitive and brain sciences, social psychology has remained largely unaffected by this intellectual explosion. The first to apply neural network models to social phenomena, this book includes chapters by nearly all of the individuals currently working in this area. Bringing these various approaches together in one place, it allows readers to appreciate the breadth of these approaches, as well as the theoretical commonality of many of these models. The contributors address a number of central issues in social psychology and show how these kinds of models provide insight into many classic issues. Many chapters hint that this approach provides the seeds of a theoretical integration that the field has lacked. Each chapter discusses an explicit connectionist model of a central problem in social psychology. Since many of the contributors either use a standard architecture or provide a computer program, interested readers, with a little work, should be able to implement their own variations of models. Chapters are devoted to the following topics and models: * the learning and application of social categories and stereotypes; * causal reasoning, social explanation, and person perception; * personality and social behavior; * classic dissonance phenomena; and * belief change and the coherence of large scale belief systems.

The Making of Memory in the Middle Ages

Author : Lucie Doležalová
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Based on case studies from across Europe including its ‘peripheries,’ this book offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the notion of memory in the Middle Ages concentrating on contructing memory both as individual competence and as part of a society’s identity.

The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change

Author : Greg Maio
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What are your attitudes on climate change? Do you have opinions on how political parties should be funded? Or indeed, celebrity misadventure? Written by two world-leading academics in the field of attitudes research, this textbook gets to the very heart of this fascinating and far-reaching field. In the 2nd Edition, Greg Maio and Geoffrey Haddock expand on how scientific methods have been used to better understand attitudes and how they change, with updates to reflect the most recent findings. With the aid of a few helpful metaphors, the text provides readers with a grasp of the fundamental concepts for understanding attitudes and an appreciation of the scientific challenges that lay ahead. With plenty of learning aids to help with revision and a new companion website, this textbook is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning or teaching about attitudes. Key features of the new edition: Key Terms, Key Points and a Glossary Research Highlights that illustrate interesting and important case studies and their findings Useful recaps of ′What we have learned′ and ′What do you think?′ questions at the end of chapters to get students thinking A new Companion Website ( with useful material for both instructors and students

Chaos Catastrophe and Human Affairs

Author : Stephen J. Guastello
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Whether talking about steering a wheelbarrow over rugged terrain or plotting the course of international relations, human performance systems involve change. Sometimes changes are subtle or evolutionary, sometimes they are catastrophic or revolutionary, and sometimes the changes are from periods of relative calm to periods of vibrant oscillations to periods of chaos. As a general rule, more complex systems are likely to produce more complex forms of change. Although social scientists have long acknowledged that change occurs and have considered ways to effect desirable change, the dynamical processes of change have been poorly understood in the past. This volume combines recent advances in mathematics and experimental design with the best available social science theories to produce a new, integrated, and compact theory of work, organizations, and social evolution. The domains of application extend from human decision-making processes to personnel selection and work motivation, work performance under conditions of stress, accident and health risk analysis, the development of social institutions and economic systems, creativity and innovation, organizational development and group dynamics, and political revolutions and war. Relative to other literature on nonlinear dynamical systems theory (NDS), this book is unique in that it integrates new developments in NDS with substantive psychological theory. It builds on many recent developments in organizational theory to show that nonlinear dynamics were often implicit in those works all along. The result is an entirely new way of viewing social events, understanding change processes, and asking questions about social systems. This book also contains much new empirical work and explains the newly developed methods for testing these new hypotheses.

Attitudes and Related Psychosocial Constructs

Author : Lewis Aiken
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In this work, the author provides a compact but comprehensive research-oriented treatment of attitudes and related psychosocial constructs - values, opinions, beliefs, and personal orientations.