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Aunts Up the Cross

Author : Robin Dalton
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My great Aunt Juliet was knocked over and killed by a bus when she was eighty-five. The bus was travelling very slowly in the right direction and could hardly have been missed by anyone except Aunt Juliet, who must have been travelling fairly fast in the wrong direction. Growing up in the 1930s in a grand old home in Sydney’s bohemian Kings Cross, Robin Dalton experienced a childhood of curiosity and wonder. Raised by a bevy of idiosyncratic aunts and a revolving door of unconventional houseguests, Dalton recalls a time when children had real adventures in a world not easy but perhaps less complicated than today’s. With a gentle warmth and wicked wit, Robin Dalton brings to life all the colour, glamour and charm of Australian society between the wars. Steeped in nostalgia, Aunts Up the Cross is a delightfully funny memoir of family, childhood and an Australia of yesteryear. Robin Dalton was born in Sydney, and has lived in London since 1946. She has been a television performer, an intelligence agent, a literary agent and a film producer (Madame Souzatska starring Shirley Maclaine; Oscar and Lucinda starring Cate Blanchett), as well as an author. Her 1965 account of her childhood in Kings Cross, Aunts up the Cross remains an Australian classic. The previously unpublished My Relations will be released in 2015. ‘Hysterically funny.’ Jennifer Byrne ‘A hugely energetic gallop, nicely complemented by Dinah Dryhurst’s spikey, spirited illustrations...[Dalton] lived a technicolour, quite glorious life, which you’ll enjoy being diverted by.’ New Zealand Herald ‘A quirky and hilarious childhood memoir. I haven’t laughed so much in years.’ Tim Flannery, The Books We Loved 2016, Sydney Morning Herald

Kathie s Aunt Ruth

Author : Amanda Douglas
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Reprint of the original, first published in 1871.

Kathie s Aunt Ruth

Author : Amanda M. Douglas
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Sydney updated paperback edition

Author : Delia Falconer
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As I set out from the city's southern end, the sandstone walls beneath the Central railway line still held the day's heat...I passed a row of old terraces where feral banana trees had colonised the tiny courtyards behind them, and walked on, past the smell of Thai food, up dirty William Street...The moon rose from the invisible harbour into a sky of such deep royal blue it was almost hard to believe in. The street smelled of low tied. For all its beauty, the city could return in an instant to pulp. And that thought was strangely cheering. Sydney has always been the sexiest and brashest of our cities, but perhaps the most misunderstood. In this new edition of Sydney – part of the classic City Series – Delia Falconer conjures up its sandstone, humidity and jacarandas, its fireworks, glitz and magic. But she discards lazy stereotypes to reveal a complex city: beautiful, violent, half-wild, and at times deeply spiritual. Beginning with her childhood in a decaying '70s Sydney, caught between a faded Art Deco age and mega development, Falconer intertwines her own stories with the wellsprings of the city's history and its literary past. Melancholic, moving and funny — Sydney is about its people: mad clergymen, amateur astronomers, Indigenous weather experts, crimes and victims, photographers and artists, thinkers and dreamers. Falconer's Sydney is intensely atmospheric and seductive. Now with a new Afterword in which Falconer ponders the city's twenty-first century transformations — might it have become a softer, nicer place? Will it be able to withstand the real presence of climate change? — and her own. 'THIS is Delia Falconer's Sydney. She journeys through time and space (both hers and her city's) as an explorer, gentle companion and confidant to the ghosts of its swaggering history. This soul travel gives the book both its allure and alienation. Falconer writes beautifully and evocatively in what is a long love letter to her home town, as she delves deep into its essence. But it is in the depths that she changes, like an alchemist, the city's meaning. Perception is all. Many Sydneysiders may not recognise, or have empathy, with this place … Falconer's Sydney dazzles. You can see the city's showers of light, its clashes of lightning, its thunder teeming. Such is her skill, the elements shear off their axes. You can feel the crush of heat and humidity on your skin in summer, and the cleansing when a tempest sweeps through and washes the city clean.' – The Age 'Delia Falconer's like its harbour, brimful with tones, vivid with contemplation.' — Australian Book Review '[Falconer's] arguments about the sombre undercurrents of Sydney are more delicate than I can give here, but she has succeeded in doing something no other writer has achieved in writing about Sydney: she has given it a melancholic and spectral seriousness that for far too long has been hidden under tinsel and fairy lights. In other words, she has given the city a unique, mythic dimension. This is a brilliant book. If I were to recommend a book about Sydney to anyone, it would be this one.' — Louis Nowra, The Australian 'Falconer's Sydney depicts a city of beauty and violence, of pain and redemption. Whatever your relationship with Sydney, put aside your entrenched preconceptions and explore this book. It may not change your opinion of Australia's largest city, but I'm certain this book will give you a new perspective on our first city' — The Canberra Times

Aunt Jane s Nieces in the Red Cross

Author : L. Frank Baum
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Chapter I THE ARRIVAL OF THE BOY "What's the news, Uncle?" asked Miss Patricia Doyle, as she entered the cosy breakfast room of a suite of apartments in Willing Square. Even as she spoke she pecked a little kiss on the forehead of the chubby man addressed as "Uncle"--none other, if you please, than the famous and eccentric multi-millionaire known in Wall Street as John Merrick--and sat down to pour the coffee. There was energy in her method of doing this simple duty, an indication of suppressed vitality that conveyed the idea that here was a girl accustomed to action. And she fitted well into the homely scene: short and somewhat "squatty" of form, red-haired, freckle-faced and pug-nosed. Wholesome rather than beautiful was Patsy Doyle, but if you caught a glimpse of her dancing blue eyes you straightway forgot her lesser charms. Quite different was the girl who entered the room a few minutes later. Hers was a dark olive complexion, face of exquisite contour, great brown eyes with a wealth of hair to match them and the flush of a rose in her rounded cheeks. The poise of her girlish figure was gracious and dignified as the bearing of a queen. "Morning, Cousin Beth," said Patsy cheerily. "Good morning, my dear," and then, with a trace of anxiety in her tone: "What is the news, Uncle John?" The little man had ignored Patsy's first question, but now he answered absently, his eyes still fixed upon the newspaper: "Why, they're going to build another huge skyscraper on Broadway, at Eleventh, and I see the political pot is beginning to bubble all through the Bronx, although--" "Stuff and nonsense, Uncle!" exclaimed Patsy. "Beth asked for news, not for gossip."

Aunt Sally Or The Cross the Way to Freedom

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Aunt Sally The Cross The Way To Freedom

Author : Isaac Williams
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There are very few Anti-Slavery books adapted to the young, yet no field could furnish a more attractive literature for children than this. Robinson Crusoe and the Arabian Nights would seem lifeless and uninteresting by the side of hundreds of true and simple narratives which might be written of slave life in our Southern States. This story of "Aunt Sally" is, probably, no more remarkable than multitudes of others; only it has chanced to come to notice. It is strictly true in all its incidents. It has not been embellished, or wrought up for effect, but is given, as nearly as possible, in the words in which it was related to the writer.

The British Juvenile

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Dancing with Strangers

Author : Inga Clendinnen
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Winner, Kiriyama Prize 2004 Winner, Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-fiction, NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2004 Winner, Best History Book, Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards 2004 Dancing with Strangers is Inga Clendinnen’s seminal account of the moment in January 1788 when the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Harbour and a thousand British men and women, some of them convicts and some of them free, encountered the Australians living there. ‘These people mixed with ours,’ wrote a British observer after landfall, ‘and all hands danced together.’ What followed would shape relations between the peoples for the next two centuries. Inga Clendinnen was born in Geelong in 1934. Her early books and scholarly articles on the Aztecs and Maya of Mexico earned her a reputation as one of the world’s finest historians. Reading the Holocaust, Tiger’s Eye and Dancing with Strangers have been critically acclaimed and won a number of local and international awards. ‘I cannot imagine that a more vivid or beguiling account of the origins of British Australia will ever be extraordinary achievement.’ Robert Manne, Age ‘Wonderfully brave and stylishly written...Sometimes provocative, but startling in the way it entertainingly refreshes our history.’ Courier Mail ‘Because we know the outcome, the story has a deep poignancy. But Clendinnen does not just plod through the familiar sad story of oppression. Hers is a lyrical account that draws us into its passionate heart.’ New Zealand Herald ‘A masterful book, elegantly conceived and written with narrative brilliance. Clendinnen is witty, incisively poetic.’ Anne McGrath, Age ‘Enthralling, and masterful in its prose...Clendinnen’s characters come vividly to life in her poetically written and compelling story.’ Toowoomba Chronicle

The Mother s Treasury

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