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Australian National Cinema

Author : Tom O'Regan
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Tom O'Regan's book is the first of its kind on Australian post-war cinema. It takes as its starting point Bazin's question 'What is cinema?'and asks what the construct of a 'national' cinema means. It looks at the broader concept from a different angle, taking film beyond the confines of 'art' into the broader cultural world. O'Regan's analysis situates Australian cinema in its historical and cultural perspective producing a valuable insight into the issues that have been raised by film policy, the cinema market place and public discourse on film production strategies. Since 1970 Australian film has enjoyed a revival. This book contains detailed critiques of the key films of this period and uses them to illustrate the recent theories on the international and Australian cinema industries. Its conclusions on the nature of the nation's cinema and the discourses within it are relevant within a far wider context; film as a global phenomenon.

American Australian Cinema

Author : Adrian Danks
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This edited collection assesses the complex historical and contemporary relationships between US and Australian cinema by tapping directly into discussions of national cinema, transnationalism and global Hollywood. While most equivalent studies aim to define national cinema as independent from or in competition with Hollywood, this collection explores a more porous set of relationships through the varied production, distribution and exhibition associations between Australia and the US. To explore this idea, the book investigates the influence that Australia has had on US cinema through the exportation of its stars, directors and other production personnel to Hollywood, while also charting the sustained influence of US cinema on Australia over the last hundred years. It takes two key points in time—the 1920s and 1930s and the last twenty years—to explore how particular patterns of localism, nationalism, colonialism, transnationalism and globalisation have shaped its course over the last century. The contributors re-examine the concept and definition of Australian cinema in regard to a range of local, international and global practices and trends that blur neat categorisations of national cinema. Although this concentration on US production, or influence, is particularly acute in relation to developments such as the opening of international film studios in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast over the last thirty years, the book also examines a range of Hollywood financed and/or conceived films shot in Australia since the 1920s.

Creative Nation

Author : Amit Sarwal
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The chapters presented in this Reader, drawing on recent works, explore and analyse dynamic subject matter such as family, moral values, cultural hybridity, Asian-Australian dialogues, gender and racial stereotypes, the representations of Australianness, Indigenous Australia, imagery and motifs, the variety of Australian national symbols, mythology, traditions, representation or development of outback or suburban and metropolitan spaces in Australian cinema and culture. For a better understanding of the breadth and depth of Australia and its culture, the papers selected in this book also examine the exhibition of the Australian artist's aesthetic experimentation in the various faces of the Australian film industry, and the development and evolution of Australian film theory as part of the institutions of film studies and scholarly practices, using historical, archaeological and textual approaches for a wide variety of primary sources to discuss the trends of cinema and cultural consumption in Australia. In the area of purview, here, are not just commercial Australian films but also developments in new media, shorts, digital, art and documentary cinema in the broad context of globalization and international co-production.

Finding Australian National Cinema in Nemo

Author : Elizabeth Avram
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Film and Nationalism

Author : Alan Larson Williams
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Today there is much debate over an increasingly "global economy." But commercial cinema has been, from the very beginnings of its existence, "globalized." From the mediums inception, films have defined and reinforced the core values and social structures of countries. They have also helped definesocially and culturallywhat is to be considered "outside" the nation and what it is to be shunned. Film and Nationalism examines the ways in which cinema has been considered an arena of conflict and interaction between nations and nationhood. Each section of this volume explores a crucial aspect of the discussion. Is film an effective form of national propaganda? Are films losing the very notion of nationhood, in favor of a generalized, "global" cinematographic culture? What is films influence over "national character"? In addition, the volume explores the cultural and economic interactions between developed and underdeveloped countries. How have third world nations defined themselves in relation to hegemonic first world cultures, and how have their relations been changed through the dissemination of Western films? Throughout, Alan Williams chooses essays that enhance our understanding of how films help shape our sense of nationhood and self.

Transnational Australian Cinema

Author : Olivia Khoo
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This book provides the first in-depth study of a history of Asian Australian cinema. Structured through case studies that progress chronologically, the book examines Australian cinema’s transnationality through its under-examined cinematic encounters with Asia.

The Screening of Australia Anatomy of a national cinema

Author : Susan Dermody
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Concerned with the period 1970-1987; Dedicated to Bill Bonney, d.1985.

Film Criticism as Cultural Fantasy

Author : Andrew McGregor
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This book presents an unprecedented analysis of the dynamics of cultural representation and interpretation in film criticism. It examines how French critical reception of Australian cinema since the revival period of the 1970s has evolved as a narrative of perpetual discovery, and how a clear parallel can be drawn between French critics' reading of Australian film and their interpretation of an exotic Australian national identity. In French critical writing on Australian cinema, Australian identity is frequently defined in terms of extremes of cultural specificity and cultural anonymity. On the one hand, French critics construct a Euro-centric orientalist fantasy of Australia as not only a European Antipodes, but the antithesis of Europe. At the same time, French critics have tended to subordinate Australian cultural identity within the framework of a resented Anglo-American filmic and cultural hegemony. The book further explores this marginalisation by examining the influence of the French auteur paradigm, particularly in reference to the work of Jane Campion, as well as by discussing the increasingly problematic notion of national identity, and indeed national cinemas, within the universal framework of international film culture.

Disabling Diversity

Author : Katie Ellis
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Australian National Bibliography

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Australia s National Collections

Author : Clem J. Lloyd
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This film reveals the many lives of flamboyant design pioneer, Florence Broadhurst. Born in outback Australia in 1899, Florence was a singer and dancer in Shanghai in the 20s and ran her own fashion boutique in London in the 30s before sweeping into Sydney society as a painter and charity queen. But it was in her last incarnation that she really made her mark, shaking up conservative Australia with her bold, exotic wallpaper designs. Now, with her prints in huge demand internationally, the times have finally caught up with this glamorous, complicated, unconventional woman, whose brutal murder in 1977 has never been solved.

Media International Australia

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The Oxford Companion to Australian Film

Author : Brian McFarlane
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The Oxford Companion to Australian Film is an indispensable reference for anyone interested in Australian movies. This Companion is a comprehensive guide to the people and ideas that have made Australian cinema. It contains more than a thousand entries and was written by almost a hundredscholars and writers with expertise in different facets of Australian film. No other reference book on this subject contains so many features:* succinct yet detailed entries on key figures (actors, directors, producers, writers, designers, composers etc.)* incisive discussions of major films, with credits and plot summaries* longer essays on critical and historical themes* a series of extended interviews (specially prepared for this Companion) with some of the luminaries of Australian film, including Goeffrey Rush and Pamela Rabe* over 100 illustrations (portraits, stills, and posters)* thorough bibliography* full list of AFI awards* subject index providing easy access to relevant entries.This Companion celebrates Australia's love of the movies and provides a comprehensive and entertaining account of its unique contribution to the art.

Australia s Lost Films

Author : Ray Edmondson
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Australia's Lost Films was published by the National Library of Australia to coincide with THE LAST FILM SEARCH, a project to find as many of these important films as possible and commit them to the care of the National Film and Sound Archive. But with its many photographs and a complete checklist of silent feature films 1896-1930, the book stands as an important record of a necessarily little known part of Australia's cinematic past.

Australian National Film Board Press Clippings

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Peter Weir

Author : Serena Formica
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The cinematic output of Australian director Peter Weir has garnered numerous awards and widespread critical acclaim—from his early short films of the 1970s to the Hollywood hits he’s helmed since 1985, including the likes of Witness, Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show, and Master and Commander.Drawing on contemporary concepts from transnational cinema studies, this book investigates Weir’s entire three-decade career, paying particular attention to his journey from his native Sydney, with its largely auteur-driven national cinema, to the multimillion-dollar Hollywood film industry with its many genre conventions. Along the way, the author explores a host of questions accompanying this move, including Weir’s status as a transnational filmmaker and a more generalized discussion of the critically controversial idea of the auteur. Rounding out this volume are interviews with leading Hollywood filmmakers who discuss Weir’s work.

A Companion to Australian Cinema

Author : Felicity Collins
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The first comprehensive volume of original essays on Australian screen culture in the twenty-first century. A Companion to Australian Cinema is an anthology of original essays by new and established authors on the contemporary state and future directions of a well-established national cinema. A timely intervention that challenges and expands the idea of cinema, this book brings into sharp focus those facets of Australian cinema that have endured, evolved and emerged in the twenty-first century. The essays address six thematically-organized propositions – that Australian cinema is an Indigenous screen culture, an international cinema, a minor transnational imaginary, an enduring auteur-genre-landscape tradition, a televisual industry and a multiplatform ecology. Offering fresh critical perspectives and extending previous scholarship, case studies range from The Lego Movie, Mad Max, and Australian stars in Hollywood, to transnational co-productions, YouTube channels, transmedia and nature-cam documentaries. New research on trends – such as the convergence of television and film, digital transformations of screen production and the shifting roles of women on and off-screen – highlight how established precedents have been influenced by new realities beyond both cinema and the national. Written in an accessible style that does not require knowledge of cinema studies or Australian studies Presents original research on Australian actors, such as Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth, their training, branding, and path from Australia to Hollywood Explores the films and filmmakers of the Blak Wave and their challenge to Australian settler-colonial history and white identity Expands the critical definition of cinema to include YouTube channels, transmedia documentaries, multiplatform changescapes and cinematic remix Introduces readers to founding texts in Australian screen studies A Companion to Australian Cinema is an ideal introductory text for teachers and students in areas including film and media studies, cultural and gender studies, and Australian history and politics, as well as a valuable resource for educators and other professionals in the humanities and creative arts.

Quarterly of Film Radio and Television

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Directory of Australian Associations

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Cinema in Australia

Author : Ina Bertrand
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