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Australians and Globalisation

Author : Brian Galligan
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From colony to federation to the present, it analyses the development of globalisation in Australia.

The Politics and Culture of Globalisation

Author : Hans Löfgren
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The Politics And Culture Of Globalisation: India And Australia Brings Together Indian And Australian Experts In The Fields Of Political Science, International Relations, Philosophy, Cultural Theory And Political Economy. Its Timeliness And Unifying Theme Derive From Comparisons Between Indian And Australian Perspectives, And Analyses By Australian Writers On Developments In India. Indian-Australian Relations Are Explored In Several Chapters.

Global Nation

Author : John Wiseman
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Globalisation was one of the most ubiquitous buzzwords of the late twentieth century, yet its meaning was often elusive. Retrenchments, trade alliances, global warming, currency devaluations, and so on are often explained as unavoidable consequences of globalisation, and even everyday things - from the food we eat to the television we watch and the clothes we wear - are apparently impacted upon by globalisation. This 1998 book provides an accessible exploration of the meanings and implications of globalisation. The discussion is carefully grounded in the changing social, economic, ecological, and political relationships of Australia. Global Nation? also looks at a range of existing and potential responses to the globalisation process, arguing that there may be alternatives, even though we are increasingly told that there are not.

Globalisation the State and Regional Australia

Author : Amanda Walsh
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‘If we are to understand global capital, neoliberalism and the state in meaningful ways, we must understand them as they operate in, and on, particular places and people.’ Amanda Walsh Globalisation is an inescapable term in the 21st century, but its real meaning is often difficult to pin down. This book sheds new light on the political and economic implications of globalisation by examining the lived experience of a particular region: the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales, where two iconic Australian industries – dairying and manufacturing – struggled to survive in the face of global competition. Drilling down through layers of theory, policy and politics, Amanda Walsh surveys how globalisation has played out in regional Australia. Using industry case studies, she explores how decisions made at a national level have affected regional communities, and considers the role of the state in promoting and mediating globalising forces.


Author : Martin Shanahan
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Modern globalisation is producing far-reaching changes for communities, regions and nations, and creating new types of social, political and economic challenges and opportunities. More than just being an economic phenomenon, this globalisation is quickly reaching into new areas of human activity, and creating new contexts for individuals.

The Vulnerable Country

Author : Tom Conley
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Focusing on Australia’s position within the global economy, this thorough reference presents a striking picture of the interaction between politics and economics. Beginning with historical analysis of this relationship, the study presents Australia’s origins as a convict settlement through its development of self-governing colonies to its ultimate development as a federation. Addressing such questions as How did Australia transform from a protected, insular country to an outwardly focused, globalized one? and Why, in the current economic climate, should Australia resist a return to its protectionist past?, this extensively researched account argues that now, more than ever, the state has a responsibility to promote diversification of trade while regulating economic activity and ensuring that the benefits of growth are spread as widely as possible.

Australia in the Global Economy

Author : Barrie Dyster
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Explores the evolution of Australia's position in the global economy from the start of the twentieth century through to today.

The Experience of Middle Australia

Author : Michael Pusey
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This book puts middle Australia under the microscope, examining how quality of life is faring in the face of change and uncertainty. 400 Australians from around the country shared their experiences of work, family, and community for this book, creating a striking picture of Australian society into a new millennium. This lived experience is set against hard data so that we can truly understand the impact - good and bad - of economic restructuring on the broad Australian middle class. Meticulously researched, it mounts a moral and intellectual counter-argument to economic reform. A sequel to the best-selling Economic Rationalism in Canberra, Michael Pusey's book will be equally important.

Introduction to Public Health E Book

Author : Mary Louise Fleming
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This text introduces students to the core concepts and principles of public health: the nature and scope of public health; its history; an introduction to health determinants and epidemiology; evidence-based practice in public health and understanding public health data plus more.

Institutions Globalisation and Empowerment

Author : K. C. Roy
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Examining aspects of social and economic institutions, and exploring their operation as a result of globalisation, this book approaches the issue of globalisation from a perspective of how the forces of globalisation are transforming domestic, social and economic institutions to create greater opportunities for empowerment in individual countries.

Internationalisation and Globalisation in Mathematics and Science Education

Author : Bill Atweh
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This book aims to develop theoretical frameworks of the phenomena of internationalisation and globalisation and identify related ethical, moral, political and economic issues facing mathematics and science educators. It provides a wide representation of views some of which are not often represented in international publications. This is the first book to deal with issues of globalisation and internationalisation in mathematics and science education.

Australian Sociology

Author : David Holmes
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Australian Sociology 4e provides a concise and current introduction to the field of Sociology, through an analysis of Australian society. In doing so, it draws on a diverse range of perspectives as well as a myriad of topics that go to issues at the core of Australian social life. Our ever-changing society presents continuing challenges to sociological analysis. This new edition of Australian Sociology sets out to document these many changes, while retaining an organised analysis required of an introductory overview of Australian society.

International Handbook on Globalisation Education and Policy Research

Author : Joseph Zajda
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The aim of this Handbook is to present a global overview of developments in education and policy change during the last decade. It has the objective of providing both a strategic education policy statement on recent shifts in education and policy research globally and offers new approaches to further exploration, development and improvement of education and policy making. The Handbook attempts to address some of the above issues and problems confronting educators and policy makers globally. Different articles seek to conceptualize the on-going problems of education policy formulation and implementation, and provide a useful synthesis of the education policy research conducted in different countries, and practical implications. The Handbook, by focusing on such issues as - the OECD (2001) model of the knowledge society, and associated strategic challenge and 'deliverable goals' (OECD 2001:139) - UNESCO-driven lifelong learning paradigm, and its relevance to education policy makers, globally - different models of policy planning, and equity questions that are raised by centralization/decentralization, diversity/uniformity and curriculum standardization issues - the 'crises' of educational quality, the debate of standards and excellence, and good and effective teaching. - will contribute to a better and more holistic understanding of the education policy and research nexus; offering possible strategies for the effective and pragmatic policy planning and implementation at the local, regional and national levels.


Author : Anthony Moran
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Tracing the development of modern Australian society in the global age, this text focuses on key areas, such as settler/indigenous relations, economics and culture since the 1980s, and the effects of the growing diversity caused by globalization.

Inequality in Australia

Author : Alastair Greig
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This text analyses the changing nature of inequality in Australia.

Globalisation Global Justice and Social Work

Author : Iain Ferguson
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This book tackles the effects of the past decade's neoliberalism and globalisation on world-wide social work. The book also grapples with the implications for social work practice of the global social justice/anti-corporate and more.

Globalising Australian Capitalism

Author : Robert Catley
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Tells the story of Australia's integration into the international economy. It traces the Australian economy from Federation to its downturn the 1970s and assesses the current state of play. Topics include the rise of economic rationalism, demographic and social repercussions of globalisation, and the emerging power of the Asia-Pacific region.

Commercial Law in a Global Context Some Perspectives in Anglo Japanese Law

Author : Yutaka Tajima
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This unique work consists of a selection of key papers presented at the first Anglo-Japanese Comparative Law Conference, held at Jesus College, Cambridge in September 1996. The conference was organised under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London; the University of Tsukuba, Japan; and Murdoch University in Australia. The conference brought together a number of leading business lawyers from around the world, who discussed the impact of globalisation on commercial law. If trhe internalisation of trade and business has produced problems for lawyers, the impact of globalisation, particularly in such areas as the capital markets, has proved to be even more problematic. The implications for all those who operate in the commercial and financial sectors, and for those who advise them, of developments in the nature and character of the markets are increasingly significant. The publication will be of particular interest to academics, those involved in trans-national business, and legal practitioners.

Teacher Education Globalisation standards and teacher education

Author : David Hartley
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Globalisation Ideology and Neo Liberal Higher Education Reforms

Author : Joseph Zajda
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This book sets out to examine the neo-liberal dimensions of globalisation and market-driven economic imperatives that have impacted higher education reforms. It critiques the notions of accountability, efficiency, academic capitalism, quality of education, and the market-oriented and entrepreneurial university model, based on a neo-liberal ideology. The expansion of economic rationality into the educational sector is one the most ubiquitous dimensions of neo-liberalism and one of its most powerful ideological tools, resulting in the commodification, commercialization, and marketization of education and knowledge. The book critiques structural changes in education and the impact of neo-liberalism and globalisation on educational systems around the world. With this as its overall focus, the respective chapters present hand-picked scholarly research on major discourses in the field of global neo-liberal education reforms. The book draws upon recent studies in the areas of globalisation, neo-liberal education reforms, and the role of the state. It critically assesses the neo-liberal ideological imperatives of current education and policy reforms and illustrates how these shifts in the relationship between the state and education policy are shaping current trends in education policy reform outcomes. Taken together, the chapters offer a timely analysis of current issues affecting neo-liberal education policy research, and outline future directions that education and policy reforms could take.