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Autism Art and Children

Author : Julia Kellman
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The early, spontaneous art of young artists with autism tells a story, a narrative described in the language of visual structure and forms. Not only do these artists inform us of their world in their images, they tell us of our own visual possibilities and meaning-making capacities, too.

Art as an Early Intervention Tool for Children with Autism

Author : Nicole Martin
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The book is packed with suggestions for providing art therapy for children with autism, covering topics such as the materials required, safety issues, how to set up a workspace, and managing difficult behaviour. Nicole Martin is a qualified art therapist specializing in working with children with autism, and she also has a brother with autism.

Psychodynamic Art Therapy Practice with People on the Autistic Spectrum

Author : Matt Dolphin
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Psychodynamic Art Therapy Practice with People on the Autistic Spectrum offers a valuable counterbalance to the phenomenological, cognitive and behavioural theories that currently prevail in the wider field of practice and research. The result of a decade of work by a group of highly experienced art therapists, this book presents eight frank and compelling accounts of art therapy with either adults or children with autism, supported by a discussion of the relevant theory. The book begins with an overview of the theoretical context and the subsequent chapters give varied accounts of practitioners’ experiences structured in a loose developmental arc, reflecting issues that may arise in different settings and at various stages of therapy. Each is followed by an afterword which describes the author’s reflections in the light of their subsequent knowledge and experience. The conclusion brings together some of the common threads arising from their encounters and considers how these might be relevant to current and continuing art therapy practice in the field of autism. Psychodynamic Art Therapy Practice with People on the Autistic Spectrum is a thoughtful consideration of where art therapy meets autism and the particular challenges that arise in the encounter between the autistic client and the therapist. Presenting honest reflections arising from lived encounters and highlighting general principles and experiences, this book aims to orient other practitioners who work with people on the autistic spectrum, in particular art therapists and art therapy trainees.

The Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Carol Turkington
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Autism is a baffling brain disorder that profoundly affects children's communication and social skills. This work provides a reference guide to this disease. It includes approximately 500 entries that address the different types of autism, causes and treatments, institutions, associations, leading scientists and research, social impact, and more.

Curricula for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Hsu-Min Chiang
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This book provides an extensive overview of curricula and instructional strategies for teaching children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It offers an empirically solid framework for designing and developing interventions for learners along the autism spectrum by reducing skill deficits and enhancing learner strengths while being flexible enough to allow for individual differences. The book discusses key concepts in educating individuals with ASD as they impact the processes of syllabus building, from planning goals and objectives to generating content choosing appropriate teaching strategies, and assessing progress. Chapters detail curriculum designs in academic areas such as language skills, science, and social studies, as well as functional skills, including independent living, career development, and preventing social victimization. The book concludes with recommendations for future interventions and curricula-building. Among the topics covered: Communication and autism spectrum disorder. Mathematical problem-solving instruction for students with ASD. Visual arts curriculum for students with ASD. How to build programs focused on daily living and adult independence. Sexuality education for students with ASD. Curricula for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a must-have resource for researchers, graduate students, and clinicians and related therapists and professionals in clinical child and school psychology, childhood/special education, social work, developmental psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, and child and adolescent psychiatry.

Art as a Language for Autism

Author : Jane Ferris Richardson
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Art as a Language for Autism addresses the clinical challenges that are common in working with autistic spectrum disorder by exploring how artistic expression can provide a communicative language for younger clients who are set in their thought processes and preferences. Exploring how both art and play-based approaches can be effective tools for engaging therapeutic work, this book introduces strategies to help young clients find expressive "languages" that can fully support communication, expression, and empathic understanding, as well as build skills for relaxation, calming, and coping. Building from a foundation of a client’s individual strengths and interests, this playful and integrative approach is informed by an awareness of the individual sensory profiles and the developmental needs of children and adolescents with autism. Through a greater awareness of these materials and processes for therapy, the reader will be able to create a space for their young clients to share what they know and care about. This exciting new book is essential reading for clinicians working with children and adolescents on the autism spectrum.

Understanding Students with Autism Through Art

Author : Beverly Levett Gerber
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Visual Arts Research

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Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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American Book Publishing Record

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