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Autism Every Day

Author : Alyson Beytien
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Introduces over 150 techniques for tackling the challenges of autism at home, school, and in the community.

Autism and Everyday Executive Function

Author : Paula Moraine
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Understand and support executive function in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with this fully-explained, innovative model. Showing how to use an individual's strengths to address executive functioning weaknesses, this approach will also help to build a strong foundation for social and communication skills. Advocating a person-centred approach, the author describes the importance of identifying the individual's preferred style of engagement and communication, and how sensory experiences impact their thoughts, feelings, and actions. She explains how to use this information to identify the individual's strengths and weaknesses across eight key areas which are the building blocks of executive functions: attention; memory; organization; time management; initiative; behavior; goal setting and flexibility. These areas can be used daily to establish predictability and offer a foundation for interpreting, processing and understanding the world with flexibility. Professionals and parents can also use them as the basis of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or to create personalized interventions and support at school or at home.

Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions Through Everyday Transitions

Author : John Smith
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Facing any type of change can cause confusion and anxiety for individuals with autism spectrum conditions. This book looks at the small transitions in everyday life that can be a big deal for a child with autism and offers simple and effective strategies to make change less of a daily challenge. Explaining why seemingly minor changes to routine can be emotionally distressing for children with autism, this book teaches parents practical solutions for coping with common transitions including switching from a weekday to weekend schedule, the changing of the seasons, and sleeping in a different bed when on holiday. With insights from the authors' personal experiences and helpful scripts, signs and sketches to use along the way, this book shows that with planning and preparation parents can reduce the stress surrounding change for their child and the whole family. This book is the perfect tool to help children with autism deal with change in a calmer and more confident manner and will be essential reading for parents and any professionals working alongside them.

Girls and Autism

Author : Barry Carpenter
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Often thought of as a predominantly ‘male’ disorder, autism has long gone unidentified, unnoticed and unsupported in girls – sometimes with devastating consequences for their social and mental well-being. As current research reveals a much more balanced male-to-female ratio in autism, this book provides crucial insight into autistic girls’ experiences, helping professionals to recognize, understand, support and teach them effectively. Drawing on the latest research findings, chapters consider why girls have historically been overlooked by traditional diagnostic approaches, identifying behaviours that may be particular to girls, and exploring the ‘camouflaging’ that can make the diagnosis of autistic girls more difficult. Chapters emphasize both the challenges and advantages of autism and take a multidisciplinary approach to encompass contributions from autistic girls and women, their family members, teachers, psychologists and other professionals. The result is an invaluable source of first-hand insights, knowledge and strategies, which will enable those living or working with girls on the autism spectrum to provide more informed and effective support. Giving voice to the experiences, concerns, needs and hopes of girls on the autism spectrum, this much-needed text will provide parents, teachers and other professionals with essential information to help them support and teach autistic girls more effectively.

War on Autism

Author : Anne McGuire
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War on Autism examines autism as a historically specific and power-laden cultural phenomenon that has much to teach about the social organization of a neoliberal western modernity. Bringing together a variety of interpretive theoretical perspectives including critical disability studies, queer and critical race theory, and cultural studies, the book analyzes the social significance and productive effects of contemporary discourses of autism as these are produced and circulated in the field of autism advocacy. Anne McGuire reveals how in the field of autism advocacy, autism often appears as an abbreviation, its multiple meanings distilled to various "red flag" warnings in awareness campaigns, bulleted biomedical "facts" in information pamphlets, or worrisome statistics in policy reports. She analyzes the relationships between these fragmentary enactments of autism and traces their continuities to reveal an underlying, powerful, and ubiquitous logic of violence that casts autism as a pathological threat that advocacy must work to eliminate. Such logic, McGuire contends, functions to delimit the role of the "good" autism advocate to one who is positioned "against" autism. Book jacket.

The Philosophy of Autism

Author : Jami L. Anderson
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This book examines autism from the tradition of analytic philosophy, working from the premise that Autism Spectrum Disorders raise interesting philosophical questions that need to be and can be addressed in a manner that is clear, jargon-free, and accessible. The goal of the original essays in this book is to provide a philosophically rich analysis of issues raised by autism and to afford dignity and respect to those impacted by autism by placing it at the center of the discussion.

Becoming Disabled

Author : Jan Doolittle Wilson
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Becoming Disabled attempts to forge a new view of the world, one that understands disability as a valuable human variation, embraces interdependency, recognizes the disabling impact of existing ideologies and institutions, and works toward the creation of a society that fully includes, supports, and celebrates all forms of human diversity.

Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement

Author : Steven K. Kapp
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This open access book marks the first historical overview of the autism rights branch of the neurodiversity movement, describing the activities and rationales of key leaders in their own words since it organized into a unique community in 1992. Sandwiched by editorial chapters that include critical analysis, the book contains 19 chapters by 21 authors about the forming of the autistic community and neurodiversity movement, progress in their influence on the broader autism community and field, and their possible threshold of the advocacy establishment. The actions covered are legendary in the autistic community, including manifestos such as “Don’t Mourn for Us”, mailing lists, websites or webpages, conferences, issue campaigns, academic project and journal, a book, and advisory roles. These actions have shifted the landscape toward viewing autism in social terms of human rights and identity to accept, rather than as a medical collection of deficits and symptoms to cure.

Critical Interventions in the Ethics of Healthcare

Author : Dave Holmes
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Critical Interventions in the Ethics of Healthcare argues that traditional modes of bioethics are proving incommensurable with burgeoning biotechnologies and consequently, emerging subjectivities. Drawn from diverse disciplines, this volume works toward a new mode of discourse in bioethics, offering a critique of the current norms and constraints under which Western healthcare operates. The contributions imagine new, less paternalistic, terms by which bioethics might proceed - terms that do not resort to exclusively Western models of liberal humanism or to the logic of neoliberal economies. It is argued that in this way, we can begin to develop an ethical vocabulary that does justice to the challenges of our age. Bringing together theorists, practitioners and clinicians to present a wide variety of related disciplinary concerns and perspectives on bioethics, this volume challenges the underlying assumptions that continue to hold sway in the ethics of medicine and health sciences.

Understanding Parent Experiences and Supporting Autistic Children in the K 12 School System

Author : Yarbrough, Jillian
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Parenting and educating a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a unique experience for many reasons. Too often, the K-12 school system overlooks the needs of children with ASDs or educators find themselves unprepared to provide a learning environment that fulfills these needs. Parents of children with ASDs must also stay informed on autism support services, school system practices, developmental pediatrics, and more in order to be an active voice in how their children are supported within the school system. Understanding Parent Experiences and Supporting Autistic Children in the K-12 School System shares the experiences of children with ASDs in order to develop more supportive practices for these children as they navigate the K-12 system. It also offers best practices, strategies, and information for educators to provide a sufficient learning environment to support children with ASDs within their classrooms. Covering topics such as assistive tools, inclusive practices, and parent experiences, it is an ideal resource for K-12 administration and faculty, educators, pre-service teachers, policymakers, parents, researchers, and academicians.