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Ayurvedic Spa

Author : Melanie Sachs
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If you are a spa owner looking for new, authentic world class treatments, a body worker wanting to learn methods that touch your clients on a heart level, or someone who enjoys creating nurturing rituals for yourself and family in your home, Ayurvedic Spa will guide and help you to offer and/or achieve greater levels of beauty, peace and wellness.

Ayurveda 2 in 1 Box Set

Author : Elena Garcia
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Let Ayurveda Change Your Life! Discover Holistic Transformation and Attract Amazing Health, Vitality, Happiness and Abundance!SPECIAL OFFER- Ayurveda 2 IN 1 BOX SET FREE AUDIOBOOK INSIDE: “Lose Weight with Neuro-Linguistic Programming” Dear Reader,Have you ever wondered how your life would change, if you could just attractvibrant health, positive emotions and unstoppable energy? Have you noticed that what can help your friend, or your neighbor, does not necessarily help you? The answer is simple- we are all different. You are special and unique and so is your energy. This is where Ayurveda comes in. It is an ancient healing system that originated in India. It teaches you how totake care of your body, mind, and spirit in order to create an amazing life you have always wanted. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Then- read on. Ayurveda is not difficult. It all comes down to understanding more about your body, mind, and emotions.The only reason why you can't lose weight, get rid of headaches and infections or struggle to rev up your sex lifeis that you were doing it all wrong. What works for me, may not work for you and the other way round. In fact we all need to have different self-care routines. It wasn't until we began studying Ayurveda, that we were able to take our lives to the next level. Depression and excess weight are now nightmares from the past to me. You don't need to be a doctor to understand the essence of holistic health care.It's so easy that even a kid can do it! First, we need to unlearn what we were taught by our Western society.We need to re-program ourselves for REAL HEALTH SUCCESS! In this practical box set, we have included our two bestselling books that include:• Ayurvedic Wellness and Health• Ayurvedic Aromatheraoy Spa and Essential Oils We want to guide you step by step, and reveal our Ayurvedic secretsbased on our personal journey. Inside Ayurveda 2 in 1 Box Set, you will discover all you need to know to transform your body and mind in an Ayurvedic Way! Here is a preview of what you will learn from more than 200 pages that will change your relationship with food, exercise and holistic self-care:• What is your dosha? • How to get started on Ayurvedic lifestyle • The great elements and Ayurvedic wellness made easy• The three doshas made easy: different strokes for different folks• Ayurvedic cooking for vibrant health and unstoppable energy (detailed Ayurvedic recipes for different doshas included)• Use Ayurveda to fight off stress• Amazing Ayurvedic herbs for self-healing• Rev up your sex life with Ayurveda (aphrodisiac recipes included)• Stimulate massive weight loss with Ayurveda• Learn your yoga asanas and how to practice them (pictures and detailed instructions included)• Learn how to transform your place into an Ayurvedic Spa- all you need to know about Ayurvedic aromatherapy and essential oils to heal yourself and spread wellness• Dosha tests that will help you determine your dosha• Aromatherapy recipes for skin problems and common health issues• Ayurvedic recipes for colds, flu, insomnia, anxiety …and much much more to help you discover a new, healthier and happier version of yourself!• FREE AUDIOBOOK: “NLP for Fast Weight Loss” Take control of your life. Heal, energize and spread the Ayurvedic message! Ayurveda has helped millions of people restore health and happiness. It's your turn now- today!


Author : Sonja Shah-Williams
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Balance mind, body, and spirit with your own essential Ayurvedic self-care toolkit. New science has revealed the effectiveness of Ayurveda as a 360-degree approach to physical and mental wellness, tailored to the individual. This book directly delivers practical Ayurvedic advice according to your specific needs - as though you were having an Ayurvedic consultation. Sonja Shah-Williams has curated a collection of tried and tested Ayurvedic practices and remedies including foods, oils, yoga, and meditation, that you can apply to your need or situation - to aid sleep, increase energy, boost immunity, relieve digestive problems, improve relationships, and much more.


Author : James Adler
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Ayurveda for Beginners. SECOND REVISED EDITION- SEPTEMBER 2014 Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Holistic Therapies Will Help You Restore Balance, High Energy Levels and Zest for Life! “AYURVEDIC WELLNESS AND HEALTH” will teach you all about…:• Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Wellness• Understanding Holistic Balance• The Great Elements and Ayurvedic Wellness• The Three Doshas: Different Strokes for Different Folks• True Healthcare and Real Treatment• Ayurvedic Cooking and Recipes for Wellness and Balance• Ayurveda as a Part of Our Daily Lives• Ayurveda and Stress• Ayurveda for Sexual Health• Ayurveda and Weight Loss• Ayurveda and Yoga• Ayurveda and Longevity When you achieve balance, is when you can truly lead a happy life. This does not mean that you will have to be watchful of every step that you take, like some kind of task. With the help of Ayurvedic ideology, you will bring yourself closer to nature. This closeness will develop as you keep practicing Ayurveda regularly for a certain period of time. As the time goes by, you will feel like you are guided by this white light that acts as your shield all the time. Surrendering to Ayurveda is a key to longevity, happiness and health! With Ayurveda, You Can Say ''Goodbye'' to:• stress, • addictions• mood swings• anxiety• digestive problems• sexual problems• lack of focus• low energy levels and mental cloudiness All you need to do is to rebalance your lifestyle just as I did. No longer will you look at curing the symptom, you will be trying to find the source: the part of you that is out of balance. Ayurveda will become your new way of living.

The Ayurvedic Woman

Author : Dipika Delmenico
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Whether you are experiencing digestive issues, anxiety, fear, insomnia, aches and pains, hormonal problems, menstrual difficulties, or fertility challenges, Ayurveda can help you achieve greater health by establishing simple routines and rhythms, realigning with your purpose and creative expression.

Multicultural Approaches to Health and Wellness in America 2 volumes

Author : Regan A. R. Gurung
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Led by a UCLA-trained health psychologist, a team of experts describes non-traditional treatments that are quickly becoming more common in Western society, documenting cultural variations in health and sickness practices to underscore the diversity among human society. • Provides a thorough exploration of different approaches to health—such as Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and Native American medicine—written by interdisciplinary teams of authors and subject experts • Dedicates multiple chapters to the health practices and specific challenges of specific minority groups such as Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans • Demonstrates the diversity of world views regarding health that falls outside of the Western definition: the absence of disease • Documents the inherent role of immigration and acculturation in health disparities • Supplies clear, carefully considered prescriptions for achieving cultural competence

Ayurveda in The New Millennium

Author : D. Suresh Kumar
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Ayurveda or "the sacred knowledge of longevity" has been practiced in India and many Asian countries since time immemorial. Interest in Ayurveda started growing all over the world in the late 1970s, following the Alma Ata Declaration adopted by the W.H.O. in 1978. Ayurveda in the New Millennium: Emerging Roles and Future Challenges attempts to survey the progress made in this field and to formulate a course of action to take Ayurveda through the new millennium. It also identifies the many stumbling blocks that need to be removed if Ayurveda is to cater to the needs of a wider audience. Features: Newer insights into the history of Ayurveda Regulatory aspects of the manufacture of ayurvedic medicines Industrial production of traditional ayurvedic medicines Quality control The scientific rationale of single herb therapy Biological effects of ayurvedic formulations Optimization of ancient wisdom and newer knowledge Conservation of threatened herbs Nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals from Ayurveda Critical view of Ayurveda in the West Direction for the Ayurveda renaissance Ayurveda in the New Millennium: Emerging Roles and Future Challenges describes the strength of Ayurveda and how to usher in the Ayurveda renaissance. This book will be of interest to proponents of Ayurveda and all branches of traditional and alternative medicine. Experts from the fields of medicine, pharmacology, new drug discovery and food technology will also find it useful.

The 25 Day Ayurveda Cleanse

Author : Kerry Harling
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A Practical Introduction to the Life-Changing Power of AYURVEDA Transform yourself and kick unhealthy habits to the curb once and for all with a cleanse based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Using food as medicine, certified Ayurveda practitioner Kerry Harling will help you get to the root causes of ill health and bring your body, mind and spirit into balance. Ayurveda works because it’s not a diet; it’s a holistic approach to living that’s tailored to your “dosha,” or unique metabolic type. Kerry’s 25-day cleanse is perfect for those new to Ayurveda because it is broken down into three distinct, easy-to-follow phases with more than 60 delicious recipes. The first phase clears out your digestion, ridding your body of toxins that lead to illness and lethargy. In the second phase, healing foods and daily practices ignite your digestive fire, transforming your physical and emotional health. In the third phase, you’ll reintroduce foods based on your individual needs and learn how to maintain this new lifestyle. Each phase has a day-by-day schedule, an illustrated yoga sequence, a guided meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and journal prompts to support your journey. Rather than counting calories or determining ratios of macronutrients in a one-size- fits-all approach, you’ll receive guidance with the freedom to customize the plan that feels right to you. You’ll also learn to prepare nourishing and delicious meals with beautifully photographed recipes, such as Pumpkin Saffron Soup, Cooling Coconut Curry Soup and Sesame Ginger Salmon Salad. With Kerry guiding the way, you can achieve long-lasting wellness that brings your body, mind and spirit into complete harmony within 25 days. You’ll emerge on the other side rejuvenated, glowing with vitality from the inside out.

The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook

Author : Lois Leonhardi
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Enjoy optimal wellness with these delicious Ayurvedic-inspired recipes.


Author : Kim Inglis
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Discover India's age-old beauty secrets through the ancient wellness regimen known as Ayurveda. Healing therapies are clearly explained and illustrated with lovely photographs that bring to life the benefits of this 5,000-year-old Asian medical tradition. Treatments and practices from India's other healing systems—Unani, Siddha and Tibetan traditional medicine—are also included in the book. With sections devoted to various meditation and yoga practices as well as natural beauty treatments for hair, face and body, Ayurveda: Asian Secrets of Wellness, Beauty and Balance is an enlightening introduction to holistic health systems with ultimate spiritual goals. Discover Indian beauty secrets and information on healing with metals, minerals, crystals and gemstones as well as mendhi (henna) and chakra alignment. Includes a helpful listing of ayurvedic hospitals, homestays and treatment centers.

Health and Wellness

Author : Gordon Edlin
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Health and Wellness, Tenth Edition is written in a personal and engaging style with specific tips and aids to help students improve their health habits. This text encourages students to learn the skills they need to enhance the quality and longevity of life. Health and Wellness covers the many perspectives of personal health, including physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual perspectives, with a central theme of self-responsibility for one’s behavior.

The Simple Healing Cleanse

Author : Kimberly Larson
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Cleanse your body while still feeling well-fed, healthy, and balanced! Most cleanses promise everything from clear skin, to zero belly fat, to nirvana. But one thing missing from many of these empty promises is true nourishment. Derived from Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga and the ancient system of Hindu medicine, The Simple, Healing Cleanse is an informational guide to a traditional, accessible four-week cleanse that will help you build more body awareness and consciousness around food. With 50 basic, cleansing recipes and meal-planning tips, this cleanse is easy even for the busiest bee with a minimal amount of time to spend in the kitchen. You'll learn how to incorporate the concept of your Ayurvedic type (dosha) to build a foundation for healthy, life-long dietary choices, bring balance to the body and mind, and cultivate vibrant health. The Simple, Healing Cleanse will help you find simple ways to give your digestive system a break, to simplify your diet without crazy, unhealthy restrictions, and simply find lightness, clarity, and ease in a scattered, noisy world.

Outlook Traveller

Author :
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Wellness Escapes

Author : Lonely Planet
File Size : 29.98 MB
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Discover the world's most energising, inspiring and relaxing wellbeing retreats. From yoga, t'ai chi and meditation to mindfulness, spa treatments and creative writing, we present our favourite retreats and spas around the world to help replenish the mind, body and soul.

Balance Your Hormones Balance Your Life

Author : Claudia Welch
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An accessible, thorough guide to hormones, how and why they become unbalanced, and the steps to restore hormonal health from holistic medicine expert Dr. Claudia Welch. Internationally renowned Doctor of Oriental Medicine Claudia Welch breaks through the secrets behind hormonal health using the principles of Ayurveda and the holistic sensibility of Dr. Christiane Northrup. Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life gives women the essential tools to achieve the perfect balance between their yin (sex hormones) and yang (stress hormones), and between the body and the mind. You'll find the information you need to restore your body's natural harmony, including: Tips to help heal your most pressing concerns, from menstrual pain, infertility, and menopause to breast and heart health The best foods to eat for optimal health and wellness Natural sleep secrets What to do when you are just feeling crummy How stress sabotages hormonal balance Practical, easy-to-adopt stress-management techniques

Global Developments in Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Author : Sudip Paul
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"This book focuses on the current state of the global healthcare and medical tourism sector. It explores recent trends and issues impacting healthcare services, healthcare service providers, government policies and initiatives for health reforms, emerging medical tourism destinations, world class health services, health insurance, medical visas, chartered flights, cashless treatment, and technological advancements"--Provided by publisher.

Press Here Ayurvedic Head Massage for Beginners

Author : Hillary Arrieta
File Size : 63.97 MB
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Press Here! Ayurvedic Head Massage for Beginners gives simple step-by-step guidance on how to incorporate Indian head massage into you and your family's everyday routines to enhance overall well-being and beauty. The techniques illustrated and explained offer many health benefits, including: Easing sleep disturbances Reducing stress Easing muscular tension, headaches, and eye strain Promoting increased blood circulation to the head and cephalic region Enhancing scalp health Practitioners can also achieve psychological and spiritual benefits, including: Increasing a sense of human connection between giver and receiver Creating a meditative mood that encourages deep sleep Relief from mild depression or life burnout/overwhelm through the release of endorphins Potential beauty benefits include: Improves the condition of skin and hair by increasing blood circulation Provides nutrients to the living cells of the skin and hair Gives the receiver a refreshed and younger looking appearance Nourishing hair oils can further increase and customize your beauty efforts along with the massage The book also addresses safety considerations, including vital areas of caution in the neck and head and when it might be unwise to practice Indian head massage, and cautions with regard to herbally infused oils. Each chapter covers an important area related to head massage techniques in depth, including foundational principles of ayurveda and how Indian head massage is part of ayurvedic practice. You'll find: A basic review of Doshas, including details on how to discover your unique, elemental body type—Pitta, Vata, Kapha, and combinations of these Marma or vital energy points of the head and neck Preparation tips with a supply list, mood, space, and lighting considerations Preparing the body and mind to give/receive an Ayurvedic Indian head massage—hygiene, stretches for the arms, shoulders, and hands Types of massage movements used in Indian head massage, described step by step—nerve strokes, effleurage, petrissage, frictions, tapotement Also covered: Self-care rituals with an introduction to touch, step-by-step protocols, communication with partner about pressure and comfort Hair oil recipes, including everyday hair oil recipes, tips on creating your own recipes, authentic beauty hair oil, headache relief hair oil, mid-day energizing hair oil, peaceful sleep hair oil Incorporation of rituals, including authentic beauty rituals, step-by-step protocol to enhance one's own natural beauty, headache relief ritual, step-by-step protocol to reduce tension headaches, mid-day energizing rituals, step-by-step protocol to stay alert during the day, peaceful sleep ritual, step-by-step protocol to enhance sleep The book ends with an Ayurvedic Dosha–type quiz to help understand your personal prakriti or constitution. The Press Here! series offers contemporary takes on traditional hands-on healing practices for a new generation of practitioners. These introductory guides feature easy-to-access organization, clear instructions, and beautiful illustrations of each technique. Other Press Here! topics include reiki, reflexology, chakras, and acupressure.

Ayurvedic Balancing

Author : Joyce Bueker
File Size : 89.98 MB
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Bueker combines her experience as a bodybuilder and power lifter to present aprogram that integrates Western fitness with Eastern wellness. Illustrations.Charts.

Ayurveda Achieve Wellness Relieve Stress Transform Your Body Fast with Effective Ayurvedic Tips Recipes Nutrition Herbs Lifestyle

Author : James Adler
File Size : 72.19 MB
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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Made Easy, Doable, and Totally Achievable Even for Busy Individuals! Do you want to learn more about Ayurveda but don't know where to start? Confused when it comes to Ayurvedic information overload? Overwhelmed when it comes to complicated theory that seems impossible to apply in a busy, modern world? What if you could have one simple guide that distills all you need to know to transform your body and lifestyle to get the health results you deserve? A guide that is modernized, practical, and totally adapted to a busy 21st-century person's needs... Wouldn't it be great to have a simple and proven Ayurvedic plan that is personalized and easy to follow? Wouldn't it be great to have a set of tasty Ayurvedic recipes, practical nutritional advice, yoga poses, herbal remedies, and lifestyle tips that you could apply straightaway to start experiencing ultimate wellness? Wouldn't it be great to have your own holistic plan to restore energy, transform your body, recharge your mental focus, and (if desired) lose weight without feeling deprived? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you have come to the right place! This book is the perfect solution for you and is perfect both for beginners and for those who are seasoned but need a simple, practical walk through to take meaningful and purposeful action according to Ayurvedic principles. If you've ever wanted glowing skin, better energy and vitality, better mood, a slimmer body, and freedom from feeling sick and tired, then the Ayurvedic lifestyle will take your health to a whole new level! What's inside? Here's a short preview of what you are about to discover: Ayurvedic lifestyle on a busy schedule How to create a personalized self-care plan What the great elements are and how you can create ayurvedic wellness The three doshas: You are unique- how to understand your body type How to prevent sickness through the Ayurvedic lifestyle Ayurveda and nutrition - cook easy, healthy, and nutritious meals you love Ayurveda and stress - the best yoga poses and other mind-body techniques to reduce stress Ayurveda for sexual health (natural viagra!) Ayurveda and weight loss - how to start losing weight with Ayurveda and create a lasting change Ayurvedic herbs for longevity How to change your mind-set to set yourself up for health and wellness success Much much more!


Author : Manisha Kshirsagar
File Size : 38.13 MB
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"Ayurveda: A Quick Reference Handbook is an excellent addition to the library of any serious Ayurvedic student or practitioner, and it is written in a clear style for beginners. It summarizes all of the basic Ayurvedic knowledge in beautiful charts that make finding the information for reference easy. Yoga, Jyotish and Vastu included in the same book expands the vedic resources for Ayurvedic students. Well done." - Cynthia Copple, Dean, Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda President, Lotus Holistic Health Institute