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Babel of the Atlantic

Author : Bethany Wiggin
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Despite shifting trends in the study of Oceanic Atlantic history, the colonial Atlantic world as it is described by historians today continues to be a largely English-only space; even when other language communities are examined, they, too, are considered to be monolingual and discrete. Babel of the Atlantic pushes back against this monolingual fallacy by documenting multilingualism, translation, and fluid movement across linguistic borders. Focusing on Philadelphia and surrounding areas that include Germantown, Bethlehem, and the so-called Indian country to the west, this volume demonstrates the importance of viewing inhabitants not as members of isolated language communities, whether English, German, Lenape, Mohican, or others, but as creators of a vibrant zone of mixed languages and shifting politics. Organized around four themes—religion, education, race and abolitionism, and material culture and architecture—and drawing from archives such as almanacs, newspapers, and the material world, the chapters in this volume show how polyglot, tolerant, and multilingual spaces encouraged diverse peoples to coexist. Contributors examine subjects such as the multicultural Moravian communities in colonial Pennsylvania, the Charity School movement of the 1750s, and the activities of Quaker abolitionists, showing how educational and religious movements addressed and embraced cultural and linguistic variety. Drawing early American scholarship beyond the normative narrative of monolingualism, this volume will be invaluable to historians and sociolinguists whose work focuses on Pennsylvania and colonial, revolutionary, and antebellum America. In addition to the editor, the contributors include Craig Atwood, Patrick M. Erben, Cynthia G. Falk, Katherine Faull, Wolfgang Flügel, Katharine Gerbner, Maruice Jackson, Lisa Minardi, Jürgen Overhoff, and Birte Pfleger.

The Translation Zone

Author : Emily Apter
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Translation, before 9/11, was deemed primarily an instrument of international relations, business, education, and culture. Today it seems, more than ever, a matter of war and peace. In The Translation Zone, Emily Apter argues that the field of translation studies, habitually confined to a framework of linguistic fidelity to an original, is ripe for expansion as the basis for a new comparative literature. Organized around a series of propositions that range from the idea that nothing is translatable to the idea that everything is translatable, The Translation Zone examines the vital role of translation studies in the "invention" of comparative literature as a discipline. Apter emphasizes "language wars" (including the role of mistranslation in the art of war), linguistic incommensurability in translation studies, the tension between textual and cultural translation, the role of translation in shaping a global literary canon, the resistance to Anglophone dominance, and the impact of translation technologies on the very notion of how translation is defined. The book speaks to a range of disciplines and spans the globe. Ultimately, The Translation Zone maintains that a new comparative literature must take stock of the political impact of translation technologies on the definition of foreign or symbolic languages in the humanities, while recognizing the complexity of language politics in a world at once more monolingual and more multilingual.

Some Versions of Empson

Author : Matthew Bevis
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William Empson was one of the most important poet-critics of the twentieth century, and continues to influence and inspire writers from many divergent critical traditions. Following on recent scholarly developments, this timely collection of essays provides a fully-rounded examination of Empson's life, work, inheritance, and influence. This is the first volume of critical essays on Empson to be published in over a decade, and the first to consider the full range of his work, studying his poetry alongside his criticism in order to reassess the scale of his achievement. It also includes the first publication of a substantial interview with Empson in 1970, in which he looks back over his career and discusses the composition and reception of his work. The collection examines Empson's oeuvre from a variety of angles - aesthetic, philosophical, psychological, linguistic, scientific, socio-political, religious, and sexual - and features essays from an outstanding line-up of emerging and established scholars. Some Versions of Empson demonstrates the poet-critic's continuing importance for literary and cultural criticism, and sets the agenda for studies of his work in the twenty-first century.

Babel No More

Author : Michael Erard
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An engaging assessment of famous historical "hyperpolyglot" linguistic high achievers who demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for learning and speaking languages explains the sources of such abilities and what their collective talents reveal about the nature of memory and language. By the author of Um…: Slips, Stumbles, and Verbal Blunders, and What They Mean.

Babel Unbound

Author : Lesley Cowling
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In this timely, original and sophisticated collection, writers from the Global South demonstrate that forms of publicness are multiple, mobile and varied. The notion that societies mediate issues through certain kinds of engagement is at the heart of imaginings of democracy and often centers on the ideal of the public sphere. But this imagined foundation of how we live collectively appears to have suffered a dramatic collapse across the world, with many democracies apparently unable to solve problems through talk – or even to agree on who speaks, in what ways and where. In the 10 essays in this timely, original and sophisticated collection, writers from southern Africa combine theoretical analysis with the examination of historical cases and contemporary developments to demonstrate that forms of publicness are multiple, mobile and varied. They propose new concepts and methodologies to analyse how public engagements work in society. Babel Unbound examines charged examples from the Global South, such as the centuries old Timbuktu archive, Nelson Mandela as a powerful absent presence in 1960s public life, and the challenges to the terms of contemporary debate around the student activism of #rhodesmustfall and #feesmustfall. These show how issues of public discussion span both archive and media, verbal debates in formal spaces and visual performances that circulate in unpredictable ways.

Mi Fu

Author : Peter Charles Sturman
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Mi Fu was a prominent calligrapher in 11th-century China. This analysis of his work considers content and style, and examines his calligraphy within the framework of the artist's life, the Northern Song culture in which he lived and the literati theory of art he helped to formulate.

Babel s Shadow

Author : Pete Moore
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Genetic sciences are creating technologies that radically influence our understanding of life, death and what it is to be human. The current policy of letting the market set the pace according to popular demand sounds democratic, but one person’s decision to implement an option all too often impinges on someone else’s freedom. Without agreed boundaries there will be conflict. Just as a confusion of language caused the people to scatter from Babel, confusions of personal interest may cause a breakdown in society leading to genetic under-classes and discrimination. Genetic technologies could, in our time, become the equivalent of the biblical Tower of Babel, representing great human technological achievement that shows division and enmity. In a thorough analysis of the ethical questions raised by the new technologies, Pete Moore sheds valuable light on this complex subject.

In Babel s Shadow

Author : Tuska Benes
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A comprehensive cultural history of the language sciences in nineteenth-century Germany.

CMJ New Music Report

Author :
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CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay and independent and trend-forward retail sales. CMJ's trade publication, compiles playlists for college and non-commercial stations; often a prelude to larger success.

Handbook of Organization Studies

Author : Stewart R Clegg
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This unique handbook presents a major retrospective and prospective overview of the field of organization studies. Drawing on the talents of an outstanding team of international contributors, the editors have assembled, assessed and synthesized the key strands in past and current theory. The text moves from the general to the specific, from the past to the present and from the present to the future. Addressing the established traditions, as well as newer foci of inquiry, it examines the questions that the fin de si[gr]ecle poses for organizations, and for ourselves as organization members and researchers. Central to the enterprise has been a concern to reflect and honour the manifest diversity of the field - includin

Before Babel

Author : Joseba Gabilondo
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Before Babel: A History of Basque Literatures is the first book written originally in English and directed towards a global audience. It is also a new departure from traditional literary histories, as it is not a philological tedious classification of centuries, authors, genres, and books published in Basque. This book addresses the historical conflict and violence that define Basque history and culture, and so it defines Basque literary history as that of at least two literatures: one expressed by Basque subaltern (oppressed) classes in their language, euskara, which mainly constitutes an oral tradition, and the other written by Basque elites in Spanish, Latin, French, etc. The book emphasizes that this double literature remains at the core of the Basque Country’s history and culture to our days. Even today Basque literature in euskara (Basque language) plays a symbolic role: to represent a Basque Country where the majority speaks and writes in other state languages. Euskara, used by a minority, remains subordinate. In this respect, this book is a departure from previous Basque literary histories; it redefines Spanish and French literatures, advances a new theory of what a minority literature is, and pays attention to texts, disciplines, and practices that traditional histories neglect: political discourse, anthropology, tourism, economics. This history also represents a review of most literary historical discourses (new historicism, postcolonial theory, multiculturalism, subaltern studies) and presents a new methodological and theoretical proposal. Finally, this history allows to revisit under a new light political and historical movements such as nationalism, feminism, modernity, and globalization. As a result, different authors such as Sabino Arana, Judah Halevi, Maddalen Lujambio, Axular, Hugo, Unamuno, Itxaro Borda or Oteiza are brought together.

The Summit

Author : Ed Conway
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The idea of world leaders gathering in the midst of economic crisis has become all-too familiar. But the summit at Bretton Woods in 1944 was the only time countries from around the world have agreed to overhaul the structure of the international monetary system. And, what's more, they were successful - it was the closest to perfection the world's economy has ever been, and arguably the demise of the Bretton Woods system is behind our present woes. This was no dry economic conference. The delegates spent half the time at each other's throats, and the other half drinking in the hotel bar. The Russians nearly capsized the entire project. The French threatened to walk out, repeatedly. John Maynard Keynes had a heart attack. His American counterpart was a KGB spy. But this summit could be instrumental in preventing World War Three. Drawing on a wealth of unpublished accounts, diaries and oral histories, this brilliant book describes the conference in stunning colour and clarity. Bringing to life the characters, events and economics and written with exceptional verve and narrative pace,this is an extraordinarily accomplished work of history from a talented new writer.

Evaporites Through Space and Time

Author : B. Charlotte Schreiber
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This book is an exploration of varying approaches to the study of the deposition, diagenesis and stratigraphy of evaporites. The volume includes papers from chemical modellers, who work on the basis of geochemical representations of the formative water bodies, and from basin-wide depositional-stratigraphical modellers, who propose depositional scenarios that are fitted to individual basinal pictures.Until now there have been only a few studies of evaporite formation that explain the characteristic features we observe in the real rock record. This volume is a collection of relevant papers in which these features are integrated in a realistic manner, based on our new understanding of saline water bodies, to the diverse tectonic, chemical and depositional constraints of their individual basins. In additional there are several review articles that offer oversight and extensive referencing of basins worthy of further study.This book is a valuable resource for sedimentologists and stratigraphers looking for an up-to-date reference on evaporite deposits.

Offshoring and Working Conditions in Remote Work

Author : J. Messenger
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An historical context of the development of global outsourcing with case study analysis in four countries where the industry is large or growing. It provides policy advice from employers to policy makers on how the growth of good quality jobs can be ensured as this industry grows and matures around the world.

Canfield Guide to Classical Recordings

Author :
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New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty

Author : Evan Haefeli
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The settlers of New Netherland were obligated to uphold religious toleration as a legal right by the Dutch Republic's founding document, the 1579 Union of Utrecht, which stated that "everyone shall remain free in religion and that no one may be persecuted or investigated because of religion." For early American historians this statement, unique in the world at its time, lies at the root of American pluralism. New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty offers a new reading of the way tolerance operated in colonial America. Using sources in several languages and looking at laws and ideas as well as their enforcement and resistance, Evan Haefeli shows that, although tolerance as a general principle was respected in the colony, there was a pronounced struggle against it in practice. Crucial to the fate of New Netherland were the changing religious and political dynamics within the English empire. In the end, Haefeli argues, the most crucial factor in laying the groundwork for religious tolerance in colonial America was less what the Dutch did than their loss of the region to the English at a moment when the English were unusually open to religious tolerance. This legacy, often overlooked, turns out to be critical to the history of American religious diversity. By setting Dutch America within its broader imperial context, New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty offers a comprehensive and nuanced history of a conflict integral to the histories of the Dutch republic, early America, and religious tolerance.


Author : Kristofer SENECA
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Has it been your dream to become a paralegal or lawyer? Perhaps you have a desire to obtain a degree or further your education in one of the many law or law-related fields. Yet due to your schedule or circumstances, you simply cannot attend a residential school full time. Well this guide is your answer. It contains over 400 schools offering Distance Learning in such programs. Also included in this Guide are sections covering Designations, Paralegal Exams, Admission to Law School, Studying Law, Qualifying for the Bar, Bar Associations, Law Societies, and much more. The Schools are located through-out the World and their programs can be completed with little or no residency


Author : Gaston Dorren
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English is the world language, except that most of the world doesn’t speak it—only one in five people does. Dorren calculates that to speak fluently with half of the world’s 7.4 billion people in their mother tongues, you would need to know no fewer than twenty languages. He sets out to explore these top twenty world languages, which range from the familiar (French, Spanish) to the surprising (Malay, Javanese, Bengali). Babel whisks the reader on a delightful journey to every continent of the world, tracing how these world languages rose to greatness while others fell away and showing how speakers today handle the foibles of their mother tongues. Whether showcasing tongue-tying phonetics or elegant but complicated writing scripts, and mind-bending quirks of grammar, Babel vividly illustrates that mother tongues are like nations: each has its own customs and beliefs that seem as self-evident to those born into it as they are surprising to the outside world. Among many other things, Babel will teach you why modern Turks can’t read books that are a mere 75 years old, what it means in practice for Russian and English to be relatives, and how Japanese developed separate “dialects” for men and women. Dorren lets you in on his personal trials and triumphs while studying Vietnamese in Hanoi, debunks ten widespread myths about Chinese characters, and discovers that Swahili became the lingua franca in a part of the world where people routinely speak three or more languages. Witty, fascinating and utterly compelling, Babel will change the way you look at and listen to the world and how it speaks.

Studying Organization

Author : Stewart R Clegg
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In response to the needs of lecturers, the acclaimed Handbook of Organization Studies has been made available as two major paperback textbooks. In this, the first of a two-volume paperback edition of the landmark Handbook of Organization Studies, editors Stewart Clegg and Cynthia Hardy survey the field of organization studies. Studying Organization is an ideal textbook around which to build courses on organization theory and research methodology. Central to the enterprise has been a concern to reflect and honour the manifest diversity of the field, including recognition of the extent to which the very notion of a single field of organization studies is debated. Part One locates the study of organization by reviewing some of the most significant theoretical paradigms to have shaped our understanding. The second part reflects on the relationships between theory and research in organization studies.

Odessa Genius and Death in a City of Dreams

Author : Charles King
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"Rich and riveting, complex and compelling, powerful and poetic."—Peter M. Gianotti, Newsday In Odessa, the greatest port on the Black Sea, a dream of cosmopolitan freedom inspired geniuses and innovators, from the writers Alexander Pushkin and Isaac Babel to Zionist activist Vladimir Jabotinsky and immunologist Ilya Mechnikov. Yet here too was death on a staggering scale, as World War II brought the mass murder of Jews carried out by the city’s Romanian occupiers. Odessa is an elegy for the vibrant, multicultural tapestry of which a thriving Jewish population formed an essential part, as well as a celebration of the survival of Odessa’s dream in a diaspora reaching all the way to Brighton Beach.