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Bacterial Biosurfactants

Author : Bolin Kumar Konwar
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This new volume offers comprehensive coverage of bacterial biosurfactants, the competitive new area of research that has exciting potential application in agriculture and petroleum exploration. The book helps readers to understand the synthesis of biosurfactants by some specific bacteria, their culture, and extraction toward use in bioremediation and enhanced crude oil recovery. The volume covers the gamut of topics in bacterial biosurfactants in nanostructure, including their comparison to synthetic surfactants, their interaction with microorganisms, and their biochemistry, characterization, genetics of production, bioremedial effects, and more. The volume also explores the myriad uses of bacterial biosurfactants, including in laundry detergents, cosmetics, food production, petroleum, agriculture, medicine and therapeutics, environment, metallurgy, etc. Attention to biosurfactants has been gradually increasing in recent years due to the possibility of their production through fermentation technology and their potential applications in environmental protection. Despite their numerous advantages over synthetic chemical surfactants, biosurfactants have been unable to compete with chemically synthesized surfactants due to high production costs in relation to the inefficient bioprocessing techniques, poor strain productivity, and use of costly substrates. This volume helps to identify the factors that need to be addressed to reduce the cost of production of biosurfactants.

Microbial Biosurfactants

Author : Inamuddin
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Microbial biosurfactant compounds are a group of structurally diverse molecules produced by microorganisms, and are mainly categorized according to their chemical structure. The diversity of microbial biosurfactants makes them versatile and means that they offer a range of capabilities, while at the same time being economically sustainable. As such, they have potential applications in environmental processes, as well as in food, biomedicine and other industries. This book discusses innovative approaches and cutting-edge research that utilize the various properties of biosurfactants. Drawing on research from around the globe, it provides an up-to-date review of biosurfactant applications and their importance in fields such as medicine, gene therapy, immunotherapy, antimicrobial bioremediation and agriculture. It also discusses their anti-adhesive properties. The book will appeal to academics and researchers in the field of microbiology, as well as policymakers. It also serves as additional reading material for undergraduate and graduate students of agriculture, ecology, soil science, and environmental sciences.

Biosurfactants of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Author : Deepansh Sharma
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This book provides an introduction to biosurfactants produced by lactic acid bacteria, presenting a detailed compilation of their functional properties and structural composition. Microbial surfactants, extensively known as surface-active agents, have created a niche for themselves in the green-chemicals market, thanks to their distinct environment-friendly properties. The demand for biosurfactants in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and environmental industries is steadily growing, and biosurfactants from lactic acid bacteria possess significant biological properties, making them potentially suitable for antimicrobial, anti-adhesive and various other industrially important applications. Exploring these aspects in depth, the book offers a valuable resource for both postgraduate students and researchers in the fields of food and industrial microbiology.

Biosurfactants New Insights in their Biosynthesis Production and Applications

Author : Gloria Soberón-Chávez
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Innovative Bio Based Technologies for Environmental Remediation

Author : Pardeep Singh
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Innovative Bio-Based Technologies for Environmental Remediation explores the recent applications of both the latest and broad practical and theoretical aspects of environmental remediation with an aim to combine various innovation-based biotechnology for waste management, waste minimization, and waste to economy. This book summarizes the recent progress of bio-based technologies for environmental remediation at both an experimental and a theoretical model level. An emphasis has been made on trends and the probable future of sustainable techniques to reduce waste and harmful compounds from the environment. Biological-based technologies have low operating costs and involve direct degradation of organic pollutants without the release of toxic intermediates. Recent applications covered in this book include process intensification in bio-based approaches, green technology, phytoremediation, biopolymers, biosurfactants for environmental applications, and other bio-based technologies with sustainable design and the future of remediation are also discussed. This book is an important reference source for environmental scientists and engineers who are seeking to improve their understanding of how bio-based technologies are playing an increasingly important role in environmental remediation. It brings together recent innovations and practices of bio-based technologies for environmental remediation, outlines major bio-based technologies, and discusses biopolymers and biosurfactants for environmental management.

Microbial Applications Vol 1

Author : Vipin Chandra Kalia
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This contributed volume sheds new light on waste management and the production of biofuels. The authors share insights into microbial applications to meet the challenges of environmental pollution and the ever- growing need for renewable energy. They also explain how healthy and balanced ecosystems can be created and maintained using strategies ranging from oil biodegration and detoxification of azo dyes to biofouling. In addition, the book illustrates how the metabolic abilities of microorganisms can be used in microbial fuel-cell technologies or for the production of biohydrogen. It inspires young researchers and experienced scientists in the field of microbiology to explore the application of green biotechnology for bioremediation and the production of energy, which will be one of the central topics for future generations.

Microbial Applications Vol 2

Author : Vipin Chandra Kalia
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This contributed volume provides insights into multiple applications using microbes to promote productivity in agriculture, to produce biochemicals or to respond to challenges in biomedicine. It highlights the microbial production of nanocompounds with medical functionality alongside new anti-mycobacterial strategies, and introduces plant-growth-promoting Rhizobacteria as well as the correlation between biofilm formation and crop productivity. Further, the authors illustrate the green synthesis of biochemical compounds, such as hydroxamid acid or biosurfactants, using microbial and fungal enzymes. It inspires young researchers and experienced scientists in the field of microbiology to explore the combined use of green, white and red biotechnology for industrial purposes, which will be one of the central topics for future generations.

Microbial Biomolecules

Author : Ajay Kumar
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Microbial Biomolecules: Emerging Approach in Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Environment Management explores and compiles new aspects of microbial-based biomolecules such as microbial enzymes, microbial metabolites, microbial surfactants, exopolysaccharides, and bioactive compounds and their potential applications in the field of health-related issues, sustainable agriculture and environment contamination management. Written for researchers, scientists, and graduate and PhD students in the areas of Microbiology, Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Pharmacology, this book covers the urgent need to explore eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to healthcare, agriculture and environmental contamination management. Explores eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to healthcare, agriculture and environmental contamination management Compiles new aspects of microbial-based biomolecules Proves that the use of microbes or microbial products are suitable alternatives to manage the current challenges of healthcare issues, chemical pesticides and environmental contamination

Advancements in Biosurfactants Research

Author : Ruby Aslam
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This book presents numerous uses of biosurfactants as potential alternatives to synthetic surfactants in food, textile, biomedical and therapeutic applications as well as in bioremediation and waste management. Divided into four parts, the book explores a wide range of biosurfactants as sustainable materials, starting with an overview of biosurfactants’ production, in which readers will find topics such as characterization, purification, sustainable production, biodegradation, and cytotoxic aspects of biosurfactants. Part 2 presents the latest applications of biosurfactants in food and textile industries, as well as their application in nanoparticle synthesis, heavy metal remediation, drug absorption, waste treatment, agriculture management, marine sediment remediation of organic pollutants, emulsification and biofuel production, and as anti-corrosive agents. Part 3 traces current biomedical applications of biosurfactants, including their use as biocidal, wound healing, and anti-tumour agents. In this part, readers will also discover further applications of biosurfactants in oral cavity care, and biofilm prevention and disruption. The final part of the book discusses the main advantages and disadvantages of biosurfactants over synthetic surfactants, the current challenges in biosurfactant research, and prospects for their commercialization. This book will be a valuable resource for students, scholars and researchers working in the fields of colloidal and interface science, chemistry and chemical engineering. Professionals and scholars alike will appreciate the latest research findings that it presents.

Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Science

Author : Dr. Inamuddin
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Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Science: Biosurfactants for the Bioremediation of Polluted Environments explores the use of biosurfactants in remediation initiatives, reviewing knowledge surrounding the creation and application of biosurfactants for addressing issues related to the release of toxic substances in ecosystems. Sections cover their production, assessment and optimization for bioremediation, varied pollutant degradation applications, and a range of contaminants and ecological sites. As awareness and efforts to develop greener products and processes continues to grow, biosurfactants are garnering more attention for the potential roles they can play in reducing the use and production of more toxic products. Drawing on the knowledge of its expert team of global contributors, this book provides useful insights for all those currently or potentially interested in developing or applying biosurfactants in their own work. Provides an accessible introduction to biosurfactant chemistry Highlights the optimization, modeling, prediction and kinetics of key factors supporting biosurfactant-enhanced biodegradation processes Explores a wide range of biosurfactant applications for remediation and degradation of pollutants