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I m Getting a Bad Reception

Author : Matthew Engel
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You see them in the corner at weddings, spinning the platters that matter, making the bride and groom happy, they are they DJ. There are many good 'How to' books on being a DJ. This is not one of them. This is the true story of a mobile wedding DJ from Northern Lower Michigan who started from scratch and is still scratching. I'M GETTING A BAD RECEPTION takes you down the rollicking road on how I became a DJ, the perils and pitfalls I encountered along the way as well as some interesting and humorous people and stories thrown in for good measure. The first section is how I got my act together and took it on the road. The second section takes you step by step from my experience at playing for the ceremony, all the way to the end of the night. No party animals were harmed in the making of this publication.

Poor Reception

Author : Barrie Gunter
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Published in 1990, Poor Reception is a valuable contribution to the field of Communication Studies.

Individual and Small Group Decisions

Author : K.J. Radford
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ecision making is one of the most important activities in both our profes D sional and our private lives today. The literature on the subject has grown considerably over the last fifty years and it now covers many different approaches to the subject. These approaches range from that of creating a mathematical model of the decision situation under consideration, as in operations research and other forms of mathematical decision analysis, to those that are based on human and organizational behavior. Recently, those working in the field have begun to combine approaches to the study of decision situations that arise in organizations, in our personal lives and in the communities in which we live. This book is an attempt to assist those concerned with decision making to work with this combination of approaches. In the past, decision problems have been considered according to the condi tions under which they arise and to some extent in terms of the approaches available for their resolution. Writers on the subject who are mathematically oriented have devised a method of classifying decisions based on the type of mathematics that they suggest be used in the resolution of the problems. This approach leads to the division of decision situations into the categories of cer tainty, uncertainty, risk and competition. Deterministic models available in oper ations research have then been offered as the means of treating decision situations in the category of certainty.

Routledge German Dictionary of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Worterbuch Elektrotechnik and Elektronik Englisch

Author : Peter-Klaus Budig
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This book presents the vocabulary of a continually evolving and fundamental technical field which is finding ever broad applications in industry. It provides special attention to the language of national and international standards and recommendations, as well as appropriate field indications.

The Crown Colonist

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Junior School Dictionary

Author : Linsay Knight
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Junior School Dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary designed for the primary classroom.

Astrologia Gallica Book Eighteen

Author : J-B Morin
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This book is an English translation of Book XVIII of the Astrologia Gallica, in which Morin explains in detail his theory of how to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the planets in a horoscope, a topic of great relevance and consequence to astrology. The present volume includes several horoscopes of notable persons that are used as examples of the rules. Morin was a well-known physician who became the most renowned of the French astrologers. He was appointed Royal Mathematician to King Louis XIII and was present at the birth of the future King Louis XIV. His massive Astrologia Gallica written in the scholarly Latin of the 17th century is now becoming available to English-speaking readers in a series of translations.

TV Guide

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American Art to 1900

Author : Sarah Burns
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From the simple assertion that "words matter" in the study of visual art, this comprehensive but eminently readable volume gathers an extraordinary selection of words—painters and sculptors writing in their diaries, critics responding to a sensational exhibition, groups of artists issuing stylistic manifestos, and poets reflecting on particular works of art. Along with a broad array of canonical texts, Sarah Burns and John Davis have assembled an astonishing variety of unknown, little known, or undervalued documents to convey the story of American art through the many voices of its contemporary practitioners, consumers, and commentators. American Art to 1900 highlights such critically important themes as women artists, African American representation and expression, regional and itinerant artists, Native Americans and the frontier, popular culture and vernacular imagery, institutional history, and more. With its hundreds of explanatory headnotes providing essential context and guidance to readers, this book reveals the documentary riches of American art and its many intersecting histories in unprecedented breadth, depth, and detail.

The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy

Author : Royal Irish Academy
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