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I m Getting a Bad Reception

Author : Matthew Engel
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You see them in the corner at weddings, spinning the platters that matter, making the bride and groom happy, they are they DJ. There are many good 'How to' books on being a DJ. This is not one of them. This is the true story of a mobile wedding DJ from Northern Lower Michigan who started from scratch and is still scratching. I'M GETTING A BAD RECEPTION takes you down the rollicking road on how I became a DJ, the perils and pitfalls I encountered along the way as well as some interesting and humorous people and stories thrown in for good measure. The first section is how I got my act together and took it on the road. The second section takes you step by step from my experience at playing for the ceremony, all the way to the end of the night. No party animals were harmed in the making of this publication.

Poor Reception

Author : Barrie Gunter
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The whole volume is very well organized and indexed. No comparable work exists that accomplishes so much in one volume. An extremely valuable review and analysis of literature, this book is recommended not only for students and researchers, but also for television news presenters inclined to gloat in their self- perceived importance.-CHOICE.

SOE in Czechoslovakia

Author : An Official History
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The majority of the successful SOE operations in Europe took place in countries occupied by the Germans after the outbreak of war in 1939, Hitler’s forces being regarded as foreign invaders. In Czechoslovakia it was different. The country, which had large numbers of ethnic Germans living within its borders, had been occupied since 1938, allowing the Germans to establish a strong hold on the country which limited the opportunities for subversive action by resistance movements. Nevertheless, resist the Czechs did, despite the Germans conducting savage and indiscriminate reprisals. It was against this background that SOE attempted to infiltrate its agents into Czechoslovakia in 1941, their role being to help in co-ordinating and expanding the resistance movement and to establish communications with the Czech authorities in the UK. Successful actions were admittedly few before 1942 when one of the most successful SOE-backed operations resulted in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the highest-ranking Nazi to be killed by any resistance group. The huge wave of reprisals against the civilian population which followed severely hampered SOE activities in the immediate aftermath. Another factor which limited SOE’s ability to infiltrate Czechoslovakia and to supply the resistance was the distance and difficulty experienced by the RAF in flying to the region. During the short nights of summer, no flights could be attempted. This changed in September 1943 when sorties were able to be conducted from Italy, and by 1944 the scale of operations increased both in frequency and scale. More than 300 Czechs were trained by SOE and, in conjunction with local resistance groups, those that managed to infiltrate back into their homeland, kept the occupying forces constantly on the alert, ensuring that Germany’s eastern flank was never entirely secure. This is the first full, official account of SOE in Czechoslovakia, compiled by SOE headquarters staff who had direct access to all the organisation’s records, many of which were destroyed after the war.

Individual and Small Group Decisions

Author : K.J. Radford
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ecision making is one of the most important activities in both our profes D sional and our private lives today. The literature on the subject has grown considerably over the last fifty years and it now covers many different approaches to the subject. These approaches range from that of creating a mathematical model of the decision situation under consideration, as in operations research and other forms of mathematical decision analysis, to those that are based on human and organizational behavior. Recently, those working in the field have begun to combine approaches to the study of decision situations that arise in organizations, in our personal lives and in the communities in which we live. This book is an attempt to assist those concerned with decision making to work with this combination of approaches. In the past, decision problems have been considered according to the condi tions under which they arise and to some extent in terms of the approaches available for their resolution. Writers on the subject who are mathematically oriented have devised a method of classifying decisions based on the type of mathematics that they suggest be used in the resolution of the problems. This approach leads to the division of decision situations into the categories of cer tainty, uncertainty, risk and competition. Deterministic models available in oper ations research have then been offered as the means of treating decision situations in the category of certainty.

Bad Blood

Author : Casey Sherman
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The death of a police officer and local man in 2007 reveal the deep-rooted tensions of Franconia, New Hampshire that have been laying right under the surface of the picturesque town.

The Year book of Wireless Telegraphy Telephony

Author :
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Includes "Literature".

Routledge German Dictionary of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Worterbuch Elektrotechnik and Elektronik Englisch

Author : Peter-Klaus Budig
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This book presents the vocabulary of a continually evolving and fundamental technical field which is finding ever broad applications in industry. It provides special attention to the language of national and international standards and recommendations, as well as appropriate field indications.

Scientific Reports

Author :
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Astrologia Gallica Book Eighteen

Author : J-B Morin
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This book is an English translation of Book XVIII of the Astrologia Gallica, in which Morin explains in detail his theory of how to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the planets in a horoscope, a topic of great relevance and consequence to astrology. The present volume includes several horoscopes of notable persons that are used as examples of the rules. Morin was a well-known physician who became the most renowned of the French astrologers. He was appointed Royal Mathematician to King Louis XIII and was present at the birth of the future King Louis XIV. His massive Astrologia Gallica written in the scholarly Latin of the 17th century is now becoming available to English-speaking readers in a series of translations.

Junior School Dictionary

Author : Linsay Knight
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Junior School Dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary designed for the primary classroom.