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Sustainable Bamboo Development

Author : Zhu Zhaohua
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This book presents over 40 cases of bamboo development across 22 major bamboo-industry countries and explores the knowledge gained from their successes and failures. It synthesises experiences and exchanges with country experts from international training courses and consultations, study tours, and seminars. Each case includes observations and summaries of discussions related to the development of bamboo-based industries in a healthy, sustainable way, and the facilitation of strategic and balanced development of bamboo in different global regions. Industrial and artisanal bamboo growing and processing is expanding worldwide and this book brings together key experiences to help inform future developments. This book provides an analysis of bamboo plant features, including strong renewability, fast-growing, and high biomass production. It also reviews important ecological functions of bamboos, such as water and soil conservation, carbon sink and storage, and adaptation to climate change, as well as addressing the diversified culture of bamboo and key issues affecting the sector. Highly illustrated and in full colour throughout, this book is an essential resource for all those interested in bamboo, from private sector investors to governmental and development agencies, academic researchers and students.

Sustainable Development of Bamboo Resources

Author : Thailand. Krom Pāmai
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Sustainable Development of Bamboo Resources

Author : Thailand. Krom Pāmai
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Bamboo for Sustainable Development

Author : Cherla B. Sastry
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Bamboo is a plant that occurs over much of the World. It is probable that billions of the World's population see, eat and touch bamboo every day. Bamboo contributes significantly to the income generation of many poor farmers. Yet it is an "orphan" crop - largely ignored by the main landholding agencies - forestry and agriculture. This volume contains most of the papers presented at the joint Fifthth International Bamboo Congress and Sixth International Bamboo Workshop held in San José, Costa Rica, 1998, organized by the International Bamboo Association (IBA) and INBAR. The book is divided into four parts: Bamboo Resources and Socio-economics; Bamboo Propagation and Management; Bamboo Engineering and Construction; Bamboo Design and Utilization. The topics covered include varied aspects of bamboo, such as: from bamboo resources of Mexico to bamboos of Ethiopia; from bamboo afforestation of a mined area to bamboo as a food and fiber alternative in an island; from bamboo drippers to bamboo wheelchairs; from teaching architecture with bamboo to an international building code for bamboo; from silviculture of Guadua bamboo to flowering of Moso bamboo; and many more. This publication serves to highlight the usefulness of bamboo in aiding developing countries in their sustainable social, economic and environmental development.

Proceedings of the National Conference on Sustainable Development of Bamboo Resources Held in Chiangmai Thailand

Author : Royal Forest Department
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Sustainable Development of the Bamboo and Rattan Sectors in Tropical China

Author : Zhaohua Zhu
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New Energy And Sustainable Development Proceedings Of 2016 International Conference On New Energy And Sustainable Development Nesd 2016

Author : Yuan Yan-ping
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This compendium includes a wide range of topics, from energy science and technology, development and utilization of resources to sustainable ecological development. It serves not only as a combination and analysis of the existing theories and findings, but also emphasizes on new investigations and experiments. The book is an invaluable source for professionals, researchers, academicians and engineers. It is also an important tool for authors to re-examine their researches by comparing them to other similar ones shown in other papers.

Environment Energy and Sustainable Development

Author : Wen-Pei Sung
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Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development brings together 242 peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2013 International Conference on Frontiers of Energy and Environment Engineering, held in Xiamen, China, November 28-29, 2013.The main objective of this proceedings set is to take the environment-energydevelopments discussion a step further. Vo

Materials and Sustainable Development

Author : Michael F. Ashby
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This book, from noted materials selection authority Mike Ashby, provides a structure and framework for analyzing sustainable development and the role of materials in it. The aim is to introduce ways of exploring sustainable development to readers in a way that avoids simplistic interpretations and approaches complexity in a systematic way. There is no completely "right" answer to questions of sustainable development – instead, there is a thoughtful, well-researched response that recognizes concerns of stakeholders, the conflicting priorities and the economic, legal and social aspects of a technology as well as its environmental legacy. The intent is not to offer solutions to sustainability challenges but rather to improve the quality of discussion and enable informed, balanced debate. Winner of a 2016 Most Promising New Textbook Award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association Describes sustainable development in increasingly detailed progression, from a broad overview to specific tools and methods Six chapter length case studies on such topics as biopolymers, electric cars, bamboo, and lighting vividly illustrate the sustainable development process from a materials perspective Business and economic aspects are covered in chapters on corporate sustainability and the "circular materials economy" Support for course use includes online solutions manual and image bank

Bio Cultural Diveristy Sustainable Development In North East India

Author : Ajeya Jha
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This Book Explores The Ways To Address The Problem Of Deterioration Of Bio-Cultural Diversity In North East Indian In The Name Of Development. It Discusses At Length The Linkage Between Environmental Quality And Economic Growth.

Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials

Author :
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Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials provides a comprehensive overview, covering research and development on all aspects of renewable, recyclable and sustainable materials. The use of renewable and sustainable materials in building construction, the automotive sector, energy, textiles and others can create markets for agricultural products and additional revenue streams for farmers, as well as significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, manufacturing energy requirements, manufacturing costs and waste. This book provides researchers, students and professionals in materials science and engineering with tactics and information as they face increasingly complex challenges around the development, selection and use of construction and manufacturing materials. Covers a broad range of topics not available elsewhere in one resource Arranged thematically for ease of navigation Discusses key features on processing, use, application and the environmental benefits of renewable and sustainable materials Contains a special focus on sustainability that will lead to the reduction of carbon emissions and enhance protection of the natural environment with regard to sustainable materials

Resource driven Sustainable Bamboo Construction in Asia Pacific Bamboo Areas

Author : Zujian Huang
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This book presents the new approach of resource-driven bamboo construction (RDBC), developing a clear assessment framework and operational solution to improve the value of resources and the sustainability of bamboo constructions. The book discusses how to carry out research on basic parameters and life cycle assessment, as well demonstrating the approach in practice. This book develops a sustainability assessment model for bamboo construction in Asia-Pacific bamboo areas to measure the effects and success of RDBC. It solves issues related to environmental impact, energy consumption, land cost, indoor comfort, construction durability, and sustainable material application of the bamboo constructions. It utilizes digital tools to perform statistical analysis on large sample conditions, enabling the method to be better implemented, and presents case studies of RDBC method in action. The large amount of data collected, method guidance, and demonstrations provide a comprehensive reference for those wishing to apply bamboo in the building industry. This book is particularly relevant to scientists, professionals, architects, civil engineers, and students who are interested in bamboo material and its application in building industry. It provides readers with a new perspective of the high-value utilization of bamboo forest resources and methods to achieve sustainable bamboo construction.

Sustainable Development Through Engineering Innovations

Author : Harvinder Singh
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Entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals

Author : Nikolaos Apostolopoulos
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Given the compelling need to understand how entrepreneurship can support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and be appropriately guided, this book explores how entrepreneurial thinking and action can support social change, and investigates alternative entrepreneurship approaches by drawing together different studies.


Author : Walter Liese
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This book presents the state-of-the-art knowledge on bamboo. It starts with an introduction to the plant’s biology, its taxonomy, habitat, morphology and growth. The cultivation of bamboo is discussed in terms of silviculture, pests and diseases, and harvesting techniques. The book is completed by a comprehensive presentation of the properties of bamboo, its utilization and its preservation. Bamboo is the fastest-growing and most versatile plant on Earth. For centuries it has played an indispensible part in the daily life of millions of people in tropical countries. In recent decades it has gained increasing importance as a substitute for timber. The book was developed as a reference text for scientists, professionals, and graduate students with a strong interest in this unique plant.

Governance of Sustainable Development

Author : Kin Wing Chan
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Forests and Globalization

Author : William Nikolakis
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The overarching contribution of this book is a review and assessment of the current and future impacts of globalization on the world’s forests. The work has been developed by the "Resources for the Future" Task Force for the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). Four key themes are addressed: the effect of globalization on forests (including future trade flows); plantations as the primary source of forest products and its consequences, including plant breeding and forest health; the effect of new products such as bio-products and markets on forests; and the emergence of forest ecosystem services and their impact on the landscape and human communities. These four themes are examined in detail to map out the impacts of these trends for forests throughout the world and at multiple scales, and how forest research needs to be adapted to address these trends. Overall, the volume provides a major synthesis of current thinking and knowledge on the topic for advanced students, as well as policy-makers and professionals in the forest sector.

Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures

Author : Y Xiao
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Fast-growing and local to some of the poorest communities in the tropics and subtropics, bamboo holds huge potential for climate change mitigation, innovative construction and job creation, but the material is rarely used for more than simple construction and household use. Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures collects the papers presented at the third International Conference on Modern Bamboo Structures (ICBS2018, Beijing, China, 25-27 June 2018). The overarching theme of the book is ‘Enhancing Cooperation for Green Development through Bamboo’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals’. The contributions focus on how to realize bamboo’s huge potential in a number of areas: sustainable commodity production, disaster-resilient construction, poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, land restoration and biodiversity protection. Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures recognizes bamboo’s various benefits, and aims at ministers, policymakers and representatives from research institutes, development organizations, NGOs or UN bodies and the private sector.

Bamboo a Sustainable Solution for Western Europe

Author : Pablo van der Lugt
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Life cycle analyse, gebruik en duurzaamheid van bamboe als bouwmateriaal.

Non Conventional Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Development

Author : Khosrow Ghavami
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Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 15th International Conference on Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies NOCMAT, November 23-25, 2014, Pirassununga, Brazil