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Bamboo in China

Author : Shen Min
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An exploration of Chinese art and culture, Bamboo in China shines a light on this relatively unknown craft. The noted British scholar Joseph Needham concluded from his thorough study of the history of Chinese science and technology that the "East Asian civilization is none other than a bamboo civilization" and China is just the cradle of that bamboo civilization. Since bamboo has been used for thousands of years in China and in many aspects of daily life, it became an influential part of the Chinese culture. With the tributes to bamboo and the extolling of its strengths, it was further blended into China's Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist thinking to give birth to a cultural phenomenon uniquely Chinese that has since spread far and wide. This beautifully illustrated book presents a vivid history of bamboo in China: The uses of bamboo in daily life, production, musical instruments, transportation, architecture and landscaping, hydraulic engineering and the military Traditional treatments of bamboo by Chinese artisans, including two main artistic processing techniques. Bamboo wares with a unique Chinese flavor such as fans, oilpaper umbrellas, and mats and curtains

The Bamboo Network

Author : Murray L. Weidenbaum
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Describes how expatriate Chinese entrepreneurs are building business empires in Southeast Asia

World Bamboo Resources

Author : Maxim Lobovikov
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Bamboo -- a major non-wood forest product -- is an ancient woody grass widely distributed in tropical, subtropical and mild temperate zones. It is an integral part of forestry, but is also widely spread outside forests, including farmlands, riverbanks, roadsides and urban areas. Bamboo is quickly changing its image from the "poor man's tree" to a high-tech, industrial raw material and substitute for wood. This study, prepared by FAO jointly with the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, is an initiative to incorporate bamboo into the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) program. A total of 22 countries responded to the FAO/INBAR call for information and submitted national reports. Although data availability and quality are often weak, the main value of the study is that it has established a systematic methodology and has launched the most comprehensive assessment of global bamboo resources to date.--Publisher's description.

Sustainable Bamboo Development

Author : Zhu Zhaohua
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This book presents over 40 cases of bamboo development across 22 major bamboo-industry countries and explores the knowledge gained from their successes and failures. It synthesises experiences and exchanges with country experts from international training courses and consultations, study tours, and seminars. Each case includes observations and summaries of discussions related to the development of bamboo-based industries in a healthy, sustainable way, and the facilitation of strategic and balanced development of bamboo in different global regions. Industrial and artisanal bamboo growing and processing is expanding worldwide and this book brings together key experiences to help inform future developments. This book provides an analysis of bamboo plant features, including strong renewability, fast-growing, and high biomass production. It also reviews important ecological functions of bamboos, such as water and soil conservation, carbon sink and storage, and adaptation to climate change, as well as addressing the diversified culture of bamboo and key issues affecting the sector. Highly illustrated and in full colour throughout, this book is an essential resource for all those interested in bamboo, from private sector investors to governmental and development agencies, academic researchers and students.

Bamboo Valley

Author : Ann Whitehead Nagda
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A panda encounters danger as he leaves his Chinese bamboo forest in search of a new home.

Behind the Bamboo Curtain

Author : Priscilla Mary Roberts
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Based on new archival research in many countries, this volume broadens the context of the U.S. intervention in Vietnam. Its primary focus is on relations between China and Vietnam in the mid-twentieth century; but the book also deals with China's relations with Cambodia, U.S. dealings with both China and Vietnam, French attitudes toward Vietnam and China, and Soviet views of Vietnam and China. Contributors from seven countries range from senior scholars and officials with decades of experience to young academics just finishing their dissertations. The general impact of this work is to internationalize the history of the Vietnam War, going well beyond the long-standing focus on the role of the United States.

Blue China

Author : Bamboo Hirst
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'Blue China' is the inspiring memoir about the personal journey of the author as an abandoned young half-Chinese, half-Italian girl in war torn China. It is an account of her quest in China and Europe, to find her true identity and reconcile her eastern and western roots.

Bamboo and Its Uses in China

Author : Willard Merritt Porterfield
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Philosophy on Bamboo

Author : Dirk Meyer
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Through close readings of excavated texts from Gu?diàn, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the way in which meaning is produced in early Chinese philosophical texts. It is the first book on early China to cast light on the relationship between material conditions and ideas and shows how, in an evolving manuscript culture, texts were used by different social groups.

Written on Bamboo and Silk

Author : Tsuen-hsuin Tsien
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Paleography, which often overlaps with archaeology, deciphers ancient inscriptions and modes of writing to reveal the knowledge and workings of earlier societies. In this now-classic paleographic study of China, Tsuen-Hsuin Tsien traces the development of Chinese writing from the earliest inscriptions to the advent of printing, with specific attention to the tools and media used. This edition includes material that treats the many major documents and ancient Chinese artifacts uncovered over the forty years since the book's first publication, as well as an afterword by Edward L. Shaughnessy. Written on Bamboo and Silk has long been considered a landmark in its field. Critical in this regard is the excavation of numerous sites throughout China, where hundreds of thousands of documents written on bamboo and silk--as well as other media--were found, including some of the earliest copies of historical, medical, astronomical, military, and religious texts that are now essential to the study of early Chinese literature, history, and philosophy. Discoveries such as these have made the amount of material evidence on the origins and evolution of communication throughout Chinese history exceedingly broad and rich, and yet Tsien succeeds in tackling it all and building on the earlier classic work that changed the course of study and understanding of Chinese paleography.

Modern Bamboo Structures

Author : Yan Xiao
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Bamboo materials are well available in the world. Bamboo has much shorter maturity than trees, thus can be harvested with shorter cycles of plantation. Despite the fact that human society has a long history of using bamboo, there is still a lack of modern and industrialized application of bamboo materials in construction. Promoting the application

Bamboo Wood Carvings of China and the East

Author : Spink & Son
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Framework for assessing ecosystem services from bamboo forests

Author : Paudyal, K.
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Bamboo is well known for supporting people’s livelihoods, and is widely used in landscape restoration programs while providing a wide range of ecosystem goods and services. However, while marketable goods from bamboo such as shoots for food and timber for construction, flooring and furniture are well known, the ecosystem services (ES) supply from bamboo is not, due to limited research. To date, very few studies highlight the role of bamboo forests in providing multiple ES that have local and global value. Lack of an appropriate framework and tools is considered a barrier to assessing the ES from bamboo forests. Therefore, this study attempts to develop an easy-to-apply framework to assess ES from bamboo and test them in three countries in Asia and Africa – Nepal, Indonesia and Ethiopia – in order to understand the relative supply capacity of the key ES from bamboo forests. The literature related to ES and assessment frameworks was reviewed so as to design an appropriate assessment framework for bamboo forests. This study offers an easy-to-apply framework that can be used widely. The research shows that the ES supply capacity of bamboo forests is higher than for industrial planted forest while it is lower than for the natural forests in all case study sites. The ES assessment from bamboo forests poses several challenges: defining and classifying ES, limited data, and complex relationships in trade-offs and synergies of ES that should be kept in mind while designing the framework.

Bamboo and Its Uses in China

Author : Willard M. Porterfield
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This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. So that the book is never forgotten we have represented this book in a print format as the same form as it was originally first published. Hence any marks or annotations seen are left intentionally to preserve its true nature.

Sweet Bamboo

Author : Louise Leung Larson
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Sweet Bamboo is the vivid and absorbing memoir of a Chinese American family who lived in Los Angeles since the first years of the twentieth century. Lovingly recounted by the second daughter, who went on to become the first Asian American reporter for a major American newspaper, this account illuminates the many changes that occurred in the family as members increasingly became integrated into American society. While much of the attention given to Chinese immigrants has focused on the struggles of working class people, this book sheds new light on a different kind of immigrant experience—that of privileged Chinese parents and their children living in relative affluence in a predominantly white neighborhood. The family saga begins in China's Kwangtung Province, in the village of Gum Jook (Sweet Bamboo), about 31 miles south of Canton. It follows Louise Leung Larson's parents through their arranged marriage in 1898, to their arrival in Los Angeles, the birth of three daughters and five sons (named after American presidents), and her father's development of a successful herbalist business. Larson's intimate portrait of her family, her lively depiction of Los Angeles at the turn of the century, and her engaging descriptions of meals eaten, holidays celebrated, school events, visits from relatives, and much more make this a richly textured excursion into the dreams and disappointments of everyday life. The death of the author's mother in 1957 marks the end of an era for the Tom Leung family. An epilogue brings the story to the late 1980s, tracing the intermarriage of the third and fourth generations, and the family's diminishing sense of its Chinese identity. A postscript by the author's daughter, Jane Leung Larson, provides details of the fourth and fifth generations Leungs and recounts Jane's trip to China where she visited her parents' birthplaces and met relatives from both her grandmother's and grandfather's families. Taken together, these keen observations illustrate several generations' adaptation to dual cultures and the formation of a unique Chinese American sensibility.

Farming Bamboo

Author : Daphne Lewis
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Bamboos of China

Author : Dajun Wang
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Behind the Bamboo Curtain

Author : Albert Menzo Dunlap
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Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures

Author : Y Xiao
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Fast-growing and local to some of the poorest communities in the tropics and subtropics, bamboo holds huge potential for climate change mitigation, innovative construction and job creation, but the material is rarely used for more than simple construction and household use. Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures collects the papers presented at the third International Conference on Modern Bamboo Structures (ICBS2018, Beijing, China, 25-27 June 2018). The overarching theme of the book is ‘Enhancing Cooperation for Green Development through Bamboo’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals’. The contributions focus on how to realize bamboo’s huge potential in a number of areas: sustainable commodity production, disaster-resilient construction, poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, land restoration and biodiversity protection. Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures recognizes bamboo’s various benefits, and aims at ministers, policymakers and representatives from research institutes, development organizations, NGOs or UN bodies and the private sector.

A Bibliography of Chinese Bamboo Science China

Author : Ying Tsiang
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