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Banged Up Abroad Hellhole

Author : James Miles
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'There are 3,000 drugged-up psychopaths, armed to the teeth with blades, shooters and bombs. That's the only way I can describe Yare. It's a murderous viper's nest of assassins, cut throats and killers.' When James Miles and his best friend Paul Loseby were caught smuggling ten kilos of cocaine out of Caracas, Venezuela, they couldn't deny their guilt. Young and naive, the lads had thought the one-off drug mule job would be a passport to a better life. But in reality it was a ticket to hell ... They were sentenced to thirty years and flung into the world's deadliest prison system, ending up in the notorious Yare. A place where drugs and weaponry are currency and the rules are: there are no rules. This is the gripping true-life story of how two men endured untold savagery in the most appalling conditions. It's about what it's like to witness murder and rape every day, fearing you'll be next. How it feels to join a dangerous Latino gang and eat dead rats in order to survive. And, what you do when you're at the centre of a riot between thousands of men with machine guns. As seen on Channel 5's Banged Up Abroad, this is the most shocking prison story ever told and an inspiring account of human endurance.

Prison Writing of Latin America

Author : Joey Whitfield
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What happens inside Latin American prisons? How does the social organisation of prisoners relate to the political structures beyond the walls? Is it possible to resist corrupt penal regimes? In Prison Writing of Latin America, Joey Whitfield turns to those best placed to answer these questions: people who have been imprisoned themselves. Drawing on a century of material produced by Latin American prisoners from Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, Whitfield weaves readings of novels, memoirs and testimonial texts with social and political analysis. Rather than distinguishing between dictatorial and democratic periods of government, he shows that from the point of view of the prisoner, all states are authoritarian in nature. In the face of oppression, however, prisoners both 'political' and 'criminal' have found ways not only to resist but also to create alternative communities both real and imagined, sometimes in collaboration with each other.

Locked Up Abroad

Author : David Kunkel
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Locked Up Abroad is a true story of a young drug dealer and his friend turned smugglers. His shoe-string caper covered 6,000 miles from Europe to Afghanistan to Greece. The high of quick money morphed into capture. A Corrupt judicial system introduced them to a hellish 200-year-old island prison fortress. The only way out of the this devil’s den was escape. Locked Up Abroad is a convincing statement of the perils of illegal drugs and unlawful activity. Only the author escaped. His companions either died in prison or are still doing time.

The New Era

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