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Bare Hooves and Open Hearts

Author : Fran McNicol
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The journey to barefoot horses and sustainable fields.*How and why horses benefit from going barefoot.*Feeding the barefoot horse.*Re-wilding your fields to grow food for your barefoot horse.*How to pasture the barefoot horse.Bare Hooves and Open Hearts: Tales from Nelipot Cottage is the author's story of her journey from horse-mad child, to goal-orientated doctor training horses for competition, to listening to her horses and learning from them about life and love.We have high standards that govern how we keep animals in zoos. We legislate to ensure they have space, suitable food, and social interaction with their own kind. Yet somehow we do not apply the same minimum welfare standards to our domestic animals. Leisure horses undoubtedly suffer in human care. They demonstrate stereotypical behaviours, like weaving and crib-biting, associated with confinement and stress. The supplement market is awash with calming powders and digestive health remedies. Equine vets are busy investigating mystery lameness and treating sports horses for gastric ulcers. What if we could keep our beloved horses in a way that is governed by their needs, rather than our convenience? What if we could offer horses a life that fulfils their needs for friends, forage, and freedom, as well as our goals and desires? This seems a fair exchange in return for allowing us to share their grace ad beauty. A healthy, happy, and sound horse would be a partner in a dream come true. Fran McNicol bought her first horse at the age of 32. She was a surgical trainee, with a good salary, and an aspiration to compete in amateur one-day eventing. Paddy was a dark bay, almost black, a good jumper and an elegant mover, with a troubled past. He didn't know what apples or carrots were for, didn't much like cuddles, and was generally suspicious of humans. And he hated the whole process of being shod. She tried to work with him because after all, horses need shoes to be ridden?don't they?

My Heart to Keep

Author : S.B. Alexander
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Enjoy this sweet sports romance series by bestselling author S.B. Alexander... Quinn A summer bash on the farm kicks off our official year as seniors. It’s my first time hosting a party, and it’s sure to be the talk of the school when we return in the fall. But a brawl is not what I had in mind for people to remember. To make matters worse, senior year erupts with a bang, and I mean literally. Pranks and mayhem break out, and the blame is pinned on me. None of that matters when my life takes a turn I’m not expecting. Senior year is supposed to be fun and exciting, and mine is anything but, especially when I turn to Maiken for a shoulder to cry on and he’s not there. I can’t worry about him. I have my own problems, and if I can’t crawl out from under them, I might lose everything important to me. Maiken My basketball season was toast last year due to my injury, and I vow to do everything in my power to have the perfect season. I can’t afford to screw up if I want scouts to notice me. But I also want to let loose and enjoy my senior year. That means hanging with my girl, Quinn, and taking things to the next level in our relationship. Only her idea of having fun doesn’t match mine. We’re on two different paths, going in opposite directions, especially when I learn that my mom has plans to ship my siblings and me to a private academy. Now I have a decision to make, and if I make the wrong choice, then I could lose Quinn. Although if I stay, I’m not sure we’ll be dating anymore. Books in this series: 1. My Heart to Touch 2. My Heart to Hold 3. My Heart to Give 4. My Heart to Keep My Heart to Keep is the final novel in the Maxwell Family Saga series. All books in the series should be read in order for a better reading experience. A sweet and clean wholesome romance with all the feels, hunky basketball star, high school drama, and a coming of age love story. Topics: romance books, romance novels, romantic books, romance books full novel, clean romance, teen romance, coming of Age, sweet romance, family saga, love story, full novel, romantic novels, audiobooks, all the feels, hot hero, angsty romance.

Naked Heart

Author : Nicholas Smith
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After inheriting an old Pennsylvania farm, Daniel Clements, a failed entrepreneur, begins to recall memories from a previous life. After discovering an Impressionist painting in a closet, he finds that his Civil War era relative led a fascinating life. Known to his family as 'The General,' Dan finds that his great relative spoke German, traveled throughout Europe, and met a Russian emigré named Barbe De Kolbassov in Paris in the year 1870. On a research trip to Paris, Dan is involved in a traffic accident that transforms him into the man he never thought possible. He realizes that he has become Colonel Joshua Clements visiting Paris in 1870. As the memory of his later existence fades, he indulges in what Second Empire France has to offer. He meets and falls in love with Barbe De Kolbassov just as France is whipped into a war frenzy against its bitter Prussian rivals. Knowing that the French military is pitifully unprepared, he tries to stop and then bears witness to their defeat in the Franco-Prussian War. The Prussian army soon encircles Paris, trapping the people he cares for inside. He then returns to Paris to endure a five month siege and the turmoil of France's Terrible Year...

Now is the Time to Open Your Heart

Author : Alice Walker
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'A modern take on the Odyssey in which it is Penelope who wanders far from home before returning to her Odysseus' Sunday Telegraph Kate has always been a wanderer. A well-published author, married several times, she has lived a life full of exploration. Now, as she begins to feel the first ravages of age, she wants to find a new sense of meaning. She leaves her lover Yolo on a journey down the Colorado river - a journey that will force her to re-explore her past and her future, and her connection to the real world. On her travels she meets shamans and the mysterious spiritual world of the native Indian. Yolo too begins his own journey as he travels to Hawaii and meets a former lover whose life is being destroyed by the excesses of American society. As Kate and Yolo gain shifting insights into the world around them, will their paths diverge or lead back to each other? This is a novel very much in tune with the zeitgeist - Alice Walker argues that we need to look inwards and develop a more open attitude in order to combat the pervasive climate of fear and distrust.

Dark Angel Twisted Heart

Author : Eden Maguire
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Tania has moved on. Her gap year takes her across Europe, leaving beloved Orlando in college in Dallas. But despite this, life is a new and exciting vibe of artists, sculptures, parties and passion. But the threat of revenge is never far away. Zoran's mission to destroy young love and steal their souls is not over. Far from home, Tanya needs Orlando more than ever as she must find a way to thwart the Dark Angel's sinister power.

Hoof Prints to HIS Prints

Author : Jeff May
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"Hoof Prints to HIS Prints" brings together everything a spiritually-minded deer hunter experiences while pursuing the whitetail deer. Many deer hunters are talking about how they feel so close to God in the woods. It's not surprising. The Bible says, "As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for you, O God." In "Hoof Prints to HIS Prints", you will enjoy more than 52 stories tracking through the seasons of life—stories of inspiration, laughter, friendship and comradery, family and even trials. Each devotional walks a trail through the woods and into the Word of God. You will likely relive many of your own adventures in the whitetail woods. You don't even have to hunt to be captivated by this book. It aims to interest everyone who is searching for meaning in life. This is a book you will read and then want to share with others. Come along for the pursuit. There's a great trophy waiting at the end.

Author : Malhar Bhikaji Belsare
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30 000 On the Hoof

Author : Zane Grey
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Logan Huett thought he knew the West. Once a scout with the Army, he was familiar with both the hardships and rewards of pioneer life. But not even Logan could foresee the challenges that lay ahead for him and his young wife Lucinda--raising a brood of headstrong children, struggling to achieve financial security in the wilderness, concealing a long-buried family secret, and, finally, surviving the tragedy dealt them by a devastating war.

The Pirate Captain Treasured Treasures

Author : Kerry Lynne
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The Pirate Captain, Treasured Treasures is the third volume of Captain Nathanael Blackthorne’s saga. Once again, Nathan discovers that Death can be an entirely temporary state. It also changes nothing: both his enemies and his past still pursue him. One might be out-run, but as to the other…? The story is a testimony to Nathan’s lofty goal of protecting what he holds dear: his ship and—treasure of treasures—Cate Mackenzie. In the meantime, Cate wrestles with her own struggles of learning how to live once more—a not so easy task—and living down her own ghosts. One should never, ever count out the tenacity of a pirate captain to see his treasure safe. Nathan’s world is treacherous with deadly consequences, but through trust and humanity, Nathan and Cate seek to celebrate the joy of their victory.“Treasured Treasures, The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend” answers the questions of who is in command of the Ciara Morganse? What awaits the Morganse’s crew off the shores and amid the treacherous waters off Dead Goat Island?

Hoof and Claw

Author : Charles Roberts
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Hoof and Claw

Author : Charles G. D. Roberts
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The gaunt, black mother lifted her head from nuzzling happily at the velvet fur of her little one. The cub was but twenty-four hours old, and engrossed every emotion of her savage heart; but her ear had caught the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the mountain. They were confident, fearless footsteps, taking no care whatever to disguise themselves, so she knew at once that they were the steps of the only creature that presumed to go so noisily through the great silences. Her heart pounded with anxious suspicion. She gave the cub a reassuring lick, deftly set it aside with her great paws, and thrust her head forth cautiously from the door of the den.

Hoof Prints in the Snow

Author : Jim Hawley
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Hoofprints in the Snow is the story of Lucy Johannson Morgan and her life in southeast Wyoming from the Great Depression, through World War II, and Vietnam. It is a story of love, horses, war, and the western plains with a twist at the end.

Deutsch Englisch

Author :
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Author : Connie T. Braun
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With this collection of meditative, personal, memoir, and lyrical essays and narrative poetry, Connie T. Braun explores the multi-valences of silence within themes of loss, displacement, identity, heritage, and faith. Reflecting on her childhood in Canada, and her ancestral Mennonite homeplace, these pieces form a memoir about her maternal grandparents’ and her mother’s life in Poland, their experiences of war and displacement, and their eventual immigration and acculturation. In these pages, and in consecutive travels to Poland, the author invites the reader to accompany her as she traverses the territory of old and new worlds, war and peace, the landscape of dispossession, and the mass forced migrations of World War II within the ground of holocaust. Braun conveys through story that not only words, but silences, speak meaning. Private memory within the historical record reveals people caught up in catastrophe striving to survive with their humanity intact. These are stories crafted from silence and language, memory and obscurity, faith and doubt, chaos and hope, the past, and future possibility. Telling and listening to stories performs the acts of mourning and witness, and attests to the regenerative and transcendent qualities of narrative.

The Valiant Heart

Author : Kathleen Kirkwood
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A golden warrior of the North . . . A beautiful heiress and pawn of the king . . . Love unexpected, bringing peril to all . . . As Norse and Frank meld into a new people — the Normans. Their love will burn brightly through all the ages to come.

One Hoof In The Grave

Author : Carolyn McSparren
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Once again, Merry Abbott has to catch a killer in the high-stakes world of carriage-horse competitions. Nothing ruins an elegant Southern horse show like finding a murdered man with a tent spike through his neck. Merry's at the top of a long list of suspects who have plenty of reason to want the victim dead. But soon it becomes obvious that she's also at the top of the real murderer's next-to-die list. Climb into the carriage seat for a wild ride as Merry hunts for clues, teaches her first (and maybe last) driving clinic, tries to rein in her attraction for a handsome GBI agent, and dodges a killer. Merry Abbott's taking a new mystery out for a spin.

The Trail of the Cloven Hoof

Author : Arlton Eadie
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This is #7 in the Dancing Tuatara Press series of obscure horror tales. Written by Arlton Eadie in 1935, it's a classic of the genre, and has a colorful history, as detailed by John Pelan in the introduction.

Maiken Quinn

Author : S.B. Alexander
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A Young Adult Sweet Romance Boxset Meet Maiken Maxwell and Quinn Thompson, as they stumble through high school, experiencing all their firsts from puppy love to true love and everything in between. The complete collection is a wild and emotional ride filled with angst, anticipation, sweetness, and so much more. If you love romances about family, friendships, high school drama, and characters you can root for, you’ll love Maiken and Quinn’s story. Books in this collection 1. My Heart to Touch 2. My Heart to Hold 3. My Heart to Give 4. My Heart to Keep

The Facts of Life

Author : Anne McKenna
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Despite describing an Irish-Scottish childhood in Glasgow during the 1930s Depression – in a period book-ended by two world wars – The Facts of Life is written in a charming and simple style with many amusing and memorable vignettes. As Anne grows into adolescence, the warm and loving relationship with her parents begins to grow dull and chafe as a new and exciting social life opens up in dancing, amateur dramatics and in the university campus. Although it is a personal intimate story of suburban family life in Scotland, it is of interest to parents and early educators the world over. Anne McKenna’s professional familiarity with child psychology, parent-child relations, education and cultural and religious practice permeates the narrative in a seamless and rich account of childhood. From this forthright and practical account, the reader will absorb much that is helpful in their own child rearing practice and preschool activities from the chapters on learning to read, folklore of children’s street games and how children learn the facts of life


Author : Greg Kauffman-Starkey
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His throne as lord king of the centaurs of Crystal Valley has been usurped, and Thunderhoof finds himself hunted by the very one who stole his throne and discredited his name. Along the way, he finds companionship in the form of a dwarf who is the lone survivor of a vicious attack on his village. Together, the two strive to elude the centaurs pursuers while attempting to clear his name and return him to his throne. There is one major complicationhis enemy is his own brother Granitemane, who has an agenda of his own for keeping the throne and doing away with Thunderhoof. The reader is tasked with making the choices that move the plot forward. These decisions will have consequences since some of them will put Thunderhoof in deadly danger while others will lead him closer to recovering his throne. The way will not be easy.