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Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists

Author : David Chambers
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Packed with easily understood, up-to-date and clinically relevant material, this is the only physiology book junior anaesthetists will need.

Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists

Author : David Chambers
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Easily understood, up-to-date and clinically relevant, this book provides junior anaesthetists with an essential physiology resource.

Exam Prep for Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists

Author :
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Physics Pharmacology and Physiology for Anaesthetists

Author : Matthew E. Cross
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A quick reference to basic science for anaesthetists, containing all the key information needed for FRCA exams.

Basic Science for Anaesthetists

Author : Sylva Dolenska
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The aim of this book is to provide a concise and understandable review of the physics, mathematics, statistics, physiology and pharmacology of anaesthesia. A revised edition of a book originally titled Anaesthetic Data Interpretation, the new title better reflects the contents of the book. There are several additional chapters relevant to the Primary FRCA examination. New topics covered include the ventilatory response to oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is now a core knowledge requirement, new concepts in cardiovascular physiology, receptor types and the molecular actions of anaesthetics. Some of the revisions reflect advances in technology; for example, the uses of the capnograph and the oxygen analyser have advanced considerably in recent years. Basic Science for Anaesthetists is a concise and informative text which will be invaluable for trainee anaesthetists, and an aid to teaching for the trainers.

Principles of Physiology for the Anaesthetist

Author : Peter Kam
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Principles of Physiology for the Anaesthetist, now in its Third Edition, continues to provide candidates with a "tailor-made" alternative to more general physiology textbooks and delivers information designed and written specifically with the trainee anaesthetist in mind. The book covers the physiology of all major organ systems, with specific emph

Principles of Physiology for the Anaesthetist Second edition

Author : Peter Kam
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The practice of anaesthesia, including intensive care medicine and pain management, requires a considerable understanding of normal and abnormal physiology. This is reflected in postgraduate examinations in anaesthesia where candidates are questioned in depth about many aspects of physiology. The second edition of this well-received textbook continues to provide candidates with a 'tailor-made' alternative to more general physiology textbooks, delivering information designed and written specifically with the trainee anaesthetist in mind. The authors bring their extensive experience of teaching physiology to the book in order to improve the understanding of the fundamentals of human physiology in relation to the work of the anaesthetist. The content covers the physiology of all the major organ systems, with specific emphasis on the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In addition, there are special sections on the physiology of pain, the physiology of ageing and the physiological effects of specific environments, all highly relevant to anaesthetic practice. Diagrams throughout, praised in reviews of the first edition, are used to support the text and to aid understanding of difficult concepts. The second edition also incorporates a number of new features - learning objectives, areas for reflection and a handy summary of physiological equations. It will remain an invaluable reference throughout anaesthetic training and beyond, and a useful revision aid.

Fluid Physiology

Author : Thomas Woodcock
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This book is essential reading for medical or veterinary practitioners who need to understand the new fluid physiology and to apply it to the safe care of patients. The Starling principle is one of medicine’s most important concepts and originates from Ernest Starling’s laboratory research 120 years ago. However, inappropriate fluid therapy is now recognised as harming and even killing thousands of patients every year. In 2004, a landmark study was published which confirmed the hypotheses put forward by Sheldon Weinbaum and Charles Michel, among other physiologists, that, in most tissues and in most situations, capillaries filter fluid to the interstitium, but do not reabsorb it. This book draws together for the first time the evolving science of the steady-state Starling principle and the clinical evidence that reveals its applicability to safer patient care. It is a thorough re-appraisal of the basics of fluid therapy. The mantra of colloid boluses for plasma volume resuscitation and colloid-free isotonic salt solution for extracellular fluid volume does not explain observations from blinded clinical trials, and the expectation of benefit for resuscitation with colloids, particularly in respect of oedema, has not materialised. Now that there is consensus that colloid volume therapy should not be used in critically-ill patients, there is a pressing need for a new paradigm for fluid therapy. This book proposes an improved paradigm that takes into consideration the Starling principle, which has been neglected by clinicians and revised by physiologists in recent years. It retires the view of colloids as preferred plasma substitutes, and focuses instead on the central volume of distribution of an infused fluid, its rate of distribution to a peripheral volume, and its rate of excretion. In short, it emphasises volume kinetics.

Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia

Author : Jonathan G. Hardman
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This definitive resource from the eminent Oxford Textbooks series, the Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia addresses the fundamental principles, underpinning sciences and the full spectrum of clinical practice. It brings together the most pertinent research from on-going scientific endeavours with practical guidance and a passion to provide the very best clinical care to patients. This comprehensive work covers all aspects of anaesthesia; volume one addresses the fundamental principles and the basic sciences whose understanding is required for a logical, effective and evidence-based approach to practice. Volume two focuses on the clinical aspects of anaesthesia, including those aspects of intensive care and pain medicine that are required by all general anaesthetists as well as sections dedicated to procedures, surgical specialities, paediatrics, the conduct of anaesthesia outside the theatre, and concurrent disease. In 91 finely crafted and highly illustrated chapters, experts in anaesthesia review the supporting evidence and key techniques for the clinical management of specific conditions and patient groups. International contributors share their research and extensive experience to provide a wealth of practical advice for use in clinical situations in a global context. The Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia will publish both in print and online on Oxford Medicine Online where it can be accessed via smartphone or similar devices and will be updated annually to reflect major changes in clinical practice. The print edition of the Oxford Textbook of Anaesthesia comes with a year's access to the online version. This essential reference tool supports all anaesthetists seeking an up-to-date and trustworthy account of all aspects of anaesthesia. It will be an indispensable guide to anaesthetists of all grades and subspecialty interest.

Advanced Training in Anaesthesia

Author : Jeremy Prout
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Advanced Training in Anaesthesia is authored by both trainees and specialists in order to create an authoritative yet accessible text. Containing everything candidates need to know to pass this final major hurdle in anaesthetic training, this book is ideal for exam revision. Suggestions for further reading are included for candidates wishing to read around the subjects. Topics in applied basic science are presented in asystems-based format, as laid out in the syllabus set by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, to allow for easy navigation and structured learning and revision.

Single Best Answer MCQs in Anaesthesia

Author : Cyprian Mendonca,
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This book comprises six sets of single best answer practice papers. Each set contains 30 single best answer questions on physiology, pharmacology, clinical measurement and physics. The scenarios are based on the application of a wide knowledge of basic sciences relevant to the clinical practice of anaesthesia. The best possible answer to a given question is substantiated by detailed explanation drawn from recent journal articles and textbooks of anaesthesia and basic sciences. These questions enable the candidates to assess their knowledge in basic sciences and their ability to apply it to clinical practice. Alongside the previously published book Single Best Answer MCQs in Anaesthesia (Volume I - Clinical Anaesthesia, ISBN 978-1-903378-75-5), this book is an ideal companion for candidates sitting postgraduate examinations in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine, and pain management. It will also be a valuable educational resource for all trainees and practising anaesthetists.

The Anaesthesia Viva Volume 1 Physiology and Pharmacology

Author : John Urquhart
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Expanded and updated to reflect the most recent changes in the viva examination

Textbook of Anesthesia for Postgraduates

Author : TK Agasti
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This highly illustrated textbook deals with all aspects of the management of pain, acute and chronic, from the basic mechanisms underlying the development of pain, to the various treatments that can be applied in diverse clinical situations. It includes management of malignancy related pain, end of life care and discusses associated ethical issues. Easy to follow descriptions of pain injection techniques give special advice on how to achieve successful blocks and how to avoid and manage potential problems. Illustrations include surface anatomy of injection sites, patient positioning, injection angles and movements.

Thoracic Anaesthesia

Author : Jonathan Wilkinson
File Size : 71.78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Thoracic anaesthesia is regarded as a post fellowship sub-speciality within anaesthesia, and can be daunting. This handbook provides an easily accessible, informative, and palatable guide to this often complex subject. The text is sub-divided into basic sciences, pre-operative assessment, diagnostic procedures, and an anaesthetist's walk-through of key thoracic surgical procedures. It concludes with an emergency section covering thoracic anaesthesia emergencies, critical care, and the thoracic surgical patient, and ends with essential guidance on the relevant practical procedures necessary to manage cases. The text provides an essential reference for the core curriculum of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and for the day-to-day practice of post fellowship anaesthetists alike. The discussions of the surgical procedures are simple, highlighting the poignant stages that can affect the anaesthetic management of the patient. The authors use the very latest evidence in order to keep the reader up to speed with developments in the field. Whether on-call, running day-to-day lists or working within critical care, this indispensable guidebook will optimise the preparedness of all staff in dealing with any case, whether simple or complex.

Clinical Pharmacology for Anaesthetists

Author : Michael B. Howie
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This new, multi-contributed book is a comprehensive yet highly practical guide to pharmacology, with emphasis on its clinical application in anesthesia. As well as the traditional core information on drugs available to the anesthetist, it covers the implications of physiology/pathophysiology status of patients on the response to anesthetic intervention. Readability and user-friendliness are ensured throughout, with chapters structured according to a standard template and the use of original 2-color figures. Two-colour text design to highlight key concepts and basic principles. Use of short summaries of main learning points in each chapter Clear and useful two-colour line illustrations throughout Internationally renowned and respected editors and contributors from the anaesthesia community Takes into account the examination syllabi from English-speaking countries, in particular the recently revised FRCA

The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book

Author : Simon Bricker
File Size : 75.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The definitive guide to this part of the FRCA exam.

Fundamentals of Anaesthesia

Author : Ted Lin
File Size : 27.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is the gold standard text for the Primary FRCA, encapsulating the basic principles of modern anaesthesia in one easily accessible volume. Written and edited by experts with extensive FRCA examination experience, this text deliberately blends the expertise of invited authors in an unrivalled consistency of style more akin to that of a single author text. All of the subject matter required to pass the exam is condensed into an easy-to-read format. This fully updated fourth edition includes new guidelines, an improved chapter structure, and a new section on clinical ultrasound. The generous use of summary boxes, bullet points, tables and diagrams creates a text that is clear, concise and easy to navigate. Each section covers one of the four components of the SOE. This is a unique revision aid for the Primary FRCA and an essential companion for all exam candidates.

Oxford Textbook of Obstetric Anaesthesia

Author : Vicki Clark
File Size : 66.90 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This textbook provides an up-to-date summary of the scientific basis, assessment for and provision of anaesthesia throughout pregnancy and labour. It is divided into nine sections including physiology, assessment, complications and systemic disease.

Personalized Anaesthesia

Author : Pedro L. Gambús
File Size : 30.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presents a modern vision of anaesthesia, integrating technology and knowledge, to change how anaesthesia is taught and practised.

CRQs for the Final FRCA

Author : M. Ashraf Akuji
File Size : 37.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Invaluable CRQ practice papers for the new Final FRCA format. An essential revision text for all candidates.