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Battleships Fuso and Yamashiro

Author : Janusz Skulski
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HJMS Fuso was designed in 1911, the first Japanese super-dreadnought within the "8 x 8" program. She was the first of four twin battleships with her sister ship, Yamashiro, and the "improved Fuso-class" Ise and Hyuga. Commissioned in 1915, Fuso, with 30,600 tons trial displacement and twelve 356mm guns in her main armament, was the biggest and most powerful battleship in the world. In twenty-nine years of service, Fuso underwent two major reconstructions and modernizations. Her distinctive silhouette, with the highest pagoda tower in the Imperial Navy, was visible in many operations of the Imperial Japanese Grand Fleet during the Pacific War. This book compares Fuso with Yamashiro, showing the differences in the way that the two ships were designed and equipped. Both ships met their demise during the Battle of Leyte Gulf when they went down in the Surigao Strait, targeted by torpedoes and gunfire from U.S. battleships and cruisers. Janusz Skulski's anatomies of three renowned ships of the 20th century Japanese navy are among the most comprehensive of the Anatomy series, with hundreds of meticulously researched drawings of the ships. This new edition is a genuine "Super Anatomy" containing the most detailed renditions of these ships ever seen.

The Battleship Fuso

Author : Janusz Skulski
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One of the Conway Anatomy series, this is a study of the 1914 Japanese super-dreadnought battleship Fuso, accompanied by technical details and career notes. By the author and illustrator of Yamato and Takao.


Author : Antony Preston
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History of U.S. military battleships.

U S Battleships in Action

Author : Robert Cecil Stern
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All Hands

Author :
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Battleships of the World 1905 1970

Author : Siegfried Breyer
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Dreadnought Battleships and Battle Cruisers

Author : William E. McMahon
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American Battleships

Author : Max R. Newhart
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A comprehensive and fully illustrated overview and history of American battleships.


Author : United States. Congress. House
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Pearl Harbor Attack

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack
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Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Author :
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The dictionary consists of an alphabetical index to over 10,000 ship histories documenting nearly every ship that the US Navy has put to sea. Continental and Confederate vessels are also included. Entries include physical information, commissioning, service record, notable actions, and decommissioning. Drawings, photographs, and documents are also included. The Web site is an electronic version of the previously published dictionary series. Web entries may be corrected and updated from those that appeared in the printed series.

Jane s Battleships of the 20th Century

Author : Bernard Ireland
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Covers battleships from the turn of the century to the Persian Gulf War, with over one hundred ship profiles and complete technical specifications

USS Wisconsin Battleships and Seamen

Author : John Howard Patton
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US Navy in World War II

Author : Ronald Heiferman
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The Last Century of Sea Power From Washington to Tokyo 1922 1945

Author : H. P. Willmott
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In this second volume of his history of naval power in the 20th century, H. P. Willmott follows the fortunes of the established seafaring nations of Europe along with two upstarts—the United States and Japan. Emerging from World War I in command of the seas, Great Britain saw its supremacy weakened through neglect and in the face of more committed rivals. Britain's grand Coronation Review of 1937 marked the apotheosis of a sea power slipping into decline. Meanwhile, Britain's rivals and soon-to-be enemies were embarking on significant naval building programs that would soon change the nature of war at sea in ways that neither they nor their rivals anticipated. By the end of a new world war, the United States had taken command of two oceans, having placed its industrial might behind technologies that further defined the arena of naval power above and below the waves, where stealth and the ability to strike at great distance would soon rewrite the rules of war and of peace. This splendid volume further enhances Willmott's stature as the dean of naval historians.

War at Sea 1939 1945

Author : John Hamilton
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Author : Anthony John Watts
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Wings Over the Seven Seas

Author : Wilbur H. Morrison
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The Bismarck Chase

Author : Robert J. Winklareth
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The sinking of the British battlecruiser HMS Hood by the Bismarck is re-examined using modern computer modeling techniques.

Naval Institute Proceedings

Author : United States Naval Institute
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