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The Revival of China

Author : MAO Min
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The book is about the revival of China in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. It has eight parts: (1) The civil revolution in China, (2) The countryside bases, (3) The Long Match of the Red Army, (4) The Anti Japanese War, (5) Decisive civil battles before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, (6) The Mao Era before the Great Cultural Revolution, (7) The Great Cultural Revolution, and (8) The Reform and opening up. This version of the book is without pictures.

The Last Guardian

Author : Shane Johnson
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In 1975, the life of Cornell graduate student T.G. Shass is forever changed when he finds himself in possession of a mysterious and ancient artifact. Unable to remember how he acquired it and powerless to rid himself of it, T.G. is soon shaken not only by the object’s presence, but by a chilling encounter with evil and a jarring journey to another world. He was the most unlikely of all prophets. His was the most critical of all missions. Upon his return, T.G. discovers that Earth is no longer the home he knew. His sweetheart, Jenni, is missing, and all evidence indicates that she’s been caught up into the macabre, unnatural realm he’s just departed. His determination to find Jenni overrides the bitter aftertaste of his otherworldly experience, and T.G. seeks a way to go back. But his second journey holds far more than he imagines. Can T.G. fulfill his key role in God’s plan to defeat the forces of darkness? Or will his imperfect faith lead to destruction as the last days draw to a climactic end?

American English Primary Colors 4 Student s Book

Author : Diana Hicks
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American English Primary Colors is a new 4-level course for young learners from six to eleven years old.

Feel Better Fast and Make It Last

Author : Dr. Daniel G. Amen
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If you want to feel happier, more optimistic, more joyful, and resilient, Dr. Amen’s groundbreaking new book is for you. We’ve all felt anxious, sad, traumatized, grief-stricken, stressed, angry, or hopeless at some point in life. It’s perfectly normal to go through emotional crises or have periods when you feel panicked or out of sorts. It is how you respond to these challenges that will make all the difference in how you feel—not just immediately, but also in the long run. Unfortunately, many people turn to self-medicating behaviors, such as overeating, drugs, alcohol, risky sexual behavior, anger, or wasting time on mindless TV, video games, Internet surfing, or shopping. And even though these behaviors may give temporary relief from feeling bad, they usually only prolong and exacerbate the problems—or cause other, more serious ones. Is it possible to feel better—and make it last? Renowned physician, psychiatrist, brain-imaging researcher, and founder of Amen Clinics Dr. Daniel Amen understands how critical it is for you to know what will help you feel better fast, now and later. In Feel Better Fast and Make It Last, you’ll discover new, powerful brain-based strategies to quickly gain control over anxiety, worry, sadness, stress and anger, strengthening your resilience and giving you joy and purpose for a lifetime.

Last in My Class

Author : Eddie Brady
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My father decided to teach me how I could tell if I was drunk. "See those two guys over there? When they become four, you´re drunk!" But Dad, there´s only one guy over there!" LAST IN MY CLASS is a story of the trauma of growing up with an alcoholic father who was First in his Class. The author believes that the family members are all in the same class. "We are the walking wounded who go through most of our lives looking good and feeling awful. We are the ones who are in responsible positions, working every day and keeping things together. We are the invisible injured. Who speaks for us?" This book does. ALCOHOLISM REMAINS THE # 1 HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA. Millions want to know how to live with a problem drinker. This story helps answer that question. This inspirational and painful growing up saga chronicles how humor, sports, recreation and a serious quest for answers helped this author recover from an emotional shutdown and to enjoy peace within.

Digital Art Masters

Author : (Firm)
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Meet some of the finest 2D and 3D artists working in the industry today and discover how they create some of the most innovative digital art in the world. More than a gallery book or a coffee table book - Digital Art Masters Volume 4 includes over 50 artists and 900 unique and stunning 2D and 3D digital art. Beyond the breathtaking images is a breakdown of the techniques, challenges and tricks the artists employed while creating stunning imagery. Divided into 5 sections, Sci-Fi, Scene, Fantasy, Character and Cartoon, Each featured artist segment will include the thought processes behind creating unique digital images and an artist portfolio for further inspiration. Find your inspiration and discover the tips, tricks and techniques that really work.

Digital Art Masters Volume 4

Author : 3dtotal.Com,
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Meet some of the finest 2D and 3D artists working in the industry today and discover how they create some of the most innovative digital art in the world. More than a gallery book or a coffee table book- Digital Art Masters Volume 4 includes over 50 artists and 900 unique and stunning 2D and 3D digital art. Beyond the breaktaking images is a breakdown of the techniques, challenges and tricks the artists employed while creating stunning imagery. This volume, much like the previous volumes is not your standard coffee table book nor is it our usual how-to-book. This book offers inspiration and insight for the advanced amateur and professional CG artists. The Digital Art Masters series has expanded upon the competition's gallery book concept and has added the insight and experiences of professional CG artists worldwide. Divided into 5 sections, Sci-Fi, Scene, Fantasy, Character and Cartoon, Each featured artist segement will include the thought processes behind creating unique digital images and an artist portfolio for further inspiration. Find your inspiration and discover the tips, tricks and techniques that really work.

The Competitive Runner s Handbook

Author : Bob Glover
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For both runners entering that first neighborhood race and elite marathoners, trainers Bob and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover's completely revised guide is the book on training to compete. A book that's already sold close to 200,000 copies, The Competitive Runner's Handbook will now offer all the latest information needed to design basic training programs; special workouts to increase strength, endurance, and power; schedules and worksheets to develop individual goals; and specifics on preparing for all kinds of races—with an emphasis on the 10K and the marathon. Informed by their over thirty years of coaching experience, the Glovers give winning tips on alternative training, footwear and diet, and common injuries and illnesses, as well as sensible advice on balancing running with work and home life.

The Last Rhinos

Author : Lawrence Anthony
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Lawrence Anthony's South African game reserve is home to many animals he has saved, from a remarkable herd of elephants to a badly behaved bushbaby called George. Described as 'the Indiana Jones of conservation', when one of his rhinos was brutally slaughtered for her horn, he didn't hesitate to lead an armed response against the poachers. Then he learned that there were only a handful of northern white rhinos left in the wild, living in an area of the Congo controlled by the infamous Lord's Resistance Army and soon to be hunted into extinction. Lawrence knew he had to take action. What followed was an extraordinary adventure, as he headed into the jungle to negotiate with the rebels, while battling to save his own animals from terrible drought and to save the eyesight of his beloved elephant matriarch Nana. The Last Rhinos is peopled with unforgettable characters, both human and animal, and is a sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always exciting read. 'Anthony was a charismatic figure whose life combined Gerald Durrell-esque animal antics with Wilbur Smith bush heroics . . . a rattling read with an urgent message' BBC Wildlife Magazine

It s Only the First Day

Author : Sean C. Harewood
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Author : Hafiz AbuBaker
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It could be here. It could be anywhere. Maybe he is someone you asked about the way or someone you asked for a lighter. I’m not sure about him. Is he human? Why does he collect people’s flesh? Is he an animal? Or a monster? I don’t know, and you better don’t know because if he likes you, that means he will collect a piece from you. He said in one of his letter that he wants all the characteristics. I don’t know, and I don’t want to know why. The only thing that I know is he is not a lunatic; he collects the flesh for perfection, and he gets it.

The Last Dark

Author : Stephen R. Donaldson
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The Climax of the Entire Thomas Covenant Chronicles After more than three decades, having attained bestseller status all over the world, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant reaches its conclusion. This is a truly historic moment in fantasy, as Stephen R. Donaldson’s innumerable fans learn the final fate of the Land. The Worm of the World’s End is roused, seeking the ruin of all things.... Compelled step-by-step to actions whose consequences they could neither foresee nor prevent, Thomas Covenant and Linden Avery have fought for what they love in the magical reality known only as “the Land.” Now they face their final crisis. Reunited after their separate struggles, they discover in each other their true power—and yet they cannot imagine how to stop the Worm of the World’s End from unmaking Time. Nevertheless, they must resist the ruin of all things, giving their last strength in the service of the world’s continuance. You risk much, as you have ever done. Mayhap you will prevail. If you do not, your worth is not thereby diminished.

The Last Eagle

Author : Fortune Garcia
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Author : James Jackson
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Almost two hundred years have elapsed since the Crusader armies took Jerusalem. Now it is the turn of the Saracen to seek revenge and send an overwhelming force against the last Christian enclave in the Holy Land. In Acre, the defenders await their fate. Knight and bishop, mercenary and merchant, all will be tested and all may perish. For this is the endgame. No quarter will be given and no mercy shown. William of Beaujeu, Grand Master of the Templars, will stop at little to secure the city and preserve his legendary military order. He knows that final judgement is approaching and that time is running out. But among the garrison are allies - the adventurer de Flor, Theobald, the young Hospitaller, the court dwarf Amethyst, the camel master Selim and the orphan boy and spy Benedict - who must stay alive in the chaos to be unleashed. In their midst prowl the feared Assassins and sinister enemies from among a rabble army of Italians. Deserted by the pope and the princes of Europe, it seems as if Acre faces annihilation - but perhaps something can still be salvaged from perdition . . .

Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials

Author : Tom Wolsky
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Digital editing gives editors far greater freedom than ever before to move scenes of information around and place them anywhere in a film's sequence. Apple's Final Cut Pro is the most widely used Mac-based digital editor, and is especially popular with independent filmmakers and graphic artists. Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials enables readers to master the craft of digital editing on Apple's Final Cut Pro. This full-color editing workshop features eight tutorials that provide firsthand experience with the art and technique of editing. Covering the essentials - capturing material, organizing it, editing, adding transitions, basic titling and sound techniques, and outputting from the application - the tutorials are explained in jargon-free language by a seasoned teacher and digital editor. This book includes a companion DVD filled with graphic files for the tutorial projects to help users hone their editing craft.

The Last Resort

Author : Pam Fish
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"Diane? Get back in the house, you''''ll drown out here." The familiar voice echoed from her past. Trembling, both from the intensity of the storm and Peters sudden appearance, she turned and ran towards the house ahead of him, her emotions now revolving through happiness to anger and back again. Typical, she thought crossly as he politely stood on the threshold. But, his intense blue eyes found hers. As always, Peter was reading into her very soul, recognising her years of sorrow and despair. . . . . . . their stories begin. Dianes early years and later when Peters life tangled with hers. More than thirty years, are about to unfold and be laid bare. Broken marriages; kidnap; abuse; attempted rape; a fight out of the black abyss of alcoholism and Peters staunch support from Linda, the child who entered his life like a guardian angel. Dianes stories are woven through a bold tapestry of babies growing up, marriages, and the births of a second generation, whilst Peters are told against the spectacular backdrop of the Dolomites. With Dianes steadfast commitment to family life in England, always at odds with Peters passion for the freedom of a less conventional life in Italy, it appears they are destined to remain apart . .

Missionary Fitness

Author : Calvin Buhler
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The divine responsibility of sharing the Gospel as a full-time missionary is one of the greatest blessings and opportunities in this life. However, it can quickly become a burden if the missionary is not able to effectively manage the physical and spiritual stresses that accompany the rigorous schedule and irregular living conditions common to mission life. To help make the mission experience a blessing and not a burden, health and human performance expert, Calvin Buhler, has combined cutting-edge research with first-hand experience to create a unique and powerful program based on eternal principles that will prepare the body and spirit of any current or future missionary for service.In an easy-to-understand format, readers will: Be reminded of the stewardship they have over their bodyDiscover how Jesus prepared physically and spiritually for His missionLearn advanced strategies to improve their nutritionUnderstand what to eat, when to eat and how much to eatBe provided meal plans to guide them along the wayLearn proven methods to maximize the time they have to exerciseKnow exactly what exercises to do and how to do themAnd much more!By implementing the information in this book current and future missionaries will be better prepared to serve with all their heart, might, mind and strength.

My Broken Pieces

Author : Rosie Rivera
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The sister of “La Diva de la Banda”—legendary Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera—opens up for the first time about Jenni’s untimely death and her own triumph over abuse and addiction. Growing up as the youngest Rivera, Rosie was surrounded by unconditional love, support, and affection. There was nothing that her family wouldn’t do for her, especially her sister Jenni, who was the most important thing in the world to Rosie. With her strong will and a solid foundation, Rosie was set to conquer the world. Yet life would take a drastic turn when Rivera was scarred by sexual abuse within her family at a very young age. Living in fear and confined by painful secrets, she was plagued with constant threats, confusion, and pain. Not only was she stripped of her childhood and innocence, but she was also robbed of her confidence and self-worth. Feeling completely shattered and lost, Rivera plunged into a world of damaging habits and deep depression. For the first time ever, and with unflinching candor and courage, Rosie shares the traumatic details of her abuse and the daily struggle to live and how, through faith and the love of her family, she found life once more. Yet Rosie’s life would be severely impacted once again as the worst tragedy imaginable hit and her biggest fear came to reality—the death of her beloved sister. Equally harrowing and uplifting, Rosie’s story is a true testament to beating the odds and proves that despite the worst of times and no matter how many more challenges life has in store, it is always possible to pick up the pieces and find the strength and purpose to dream and live again. INCLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS From the Hardcover edition.

Matt Jensen The Last Mountain Man

Author : J.A. Johnstone
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William W. Johnstone's breathtaking Mountain Man series set the standard for Western adventure. Now a new saga begins as the adopted son of Smoke Jensen takes his place on the unforgiving and violent American frontier. . . BORN TO BE BRAVE Matt Cavanaugh was nine years old when a band of outlaws slaughtered his family. . .Now Matt is 18, honed by hardship, steeped in survival and carrying the last name of the man who raised him: Smoke Jensen. With Smoke's wisdom, his own courage and just enough money to start a life, Matt Jensen begins a relentless hunt for the outlaws, led by the deadly Winston Pugh, who murdered his family in cold blood. Pugh won't be hard to find; his scarred face gives him away. But Matt soon discovers there's a lot more to vengeance than hunting down a man—and that in a clash of guns and guile, true justice is waiting just beyond a town called Perdition. . .

How to Be the World s Smartest Traveler and Save Time Money and Hassle

Author : Christopher Elliott
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Leading travel expert and USA Today columnist Christopher Elliott shares the smartest ways to travel in this tip-filled guide from National Geographic. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a consumer travel advocate, Elliott gives you the inside scoop on how to navigate the often perplexing world of travel, with detailed advice on: • Airlines • car rentals • cruises • hotels and alternative lodging • the TSA and security • staying connected • review websites • resolving complaints • vacation rentals • passports and visas • and much more Full of recommendations, real-life case histories, and the answers to the most common—and confounding—questions, this book is a must-read for anyone traveling anywhere.