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Be in a Treehouse

Author : Pete Nelson
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Pete Nelson, the world’s best-known treehouse designer and builder, wants to put readers in trees—his motto is, “get ’er done, so you can BE in a TREE.” His new book is a comprehensive source of inspiration and practical information about treehouse design and construction. To that end, he shares the basics of treehouse construction with his own recent projects as case studies. Using photographs taken especially for this project along with diagrams, he covers the selection and care of trees, and explains the fundamentals of building treehouse platforms. To ignite the imagination, Nelson presents 27 treehouses in the United States, Europe, and Africa. The book will be indispensible to anyone who aspires to have a treehouse, from the armchair dreamer, to the amateur builder, to the professional contractor.

Treehouses of the World

Author : Pete Nelson
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Retreats for adults and children.

The Treehouse Book

Author : Peter Nelson
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Detailed how-to information, such as step-by-step building sequences, plans, and drawings, as well as information on tools and materials, supplement the behind-the-scenes tales of treehouses. From casual tree shacks to multitiered flights of fancy, these magnificent structures can appeal to anyone appreciating this ever-evolving art form. Photos.

Black Decker The Complete Guide to Treehouses 2nd edition

Author : Philip Schmidt
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Treehouses are more popular today than ever before. Our original treehouse book, The Complete Guide: Build Your Kids a Treehouse, was published in 2007. It exceeded all sales projections right out of the gate and continues to be a leading title in the treehouse category. Now, we've made it even better. The expanded edition features three all-new treehouses shown in complete step by step detail, along with full plans. Also includes an expanded inspiration section, offering a wider variety of unique and interesting treehouses that generate ideas and excitement. Exciting book for parents or grandparents to use with their children.

Black Decker The Complete Guide

Author : Charlie Self
File Size : 24.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A basic yet complete presentation of how to plan, design, and build a safe, fun treehouse structure for children, this reference also gives complete plans for the treehouses, from the very simple to the surprisingly sophisticated.

Home Tree Home

Author : Peter N. Nelson
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Remember the view from atop a tree? You could survey the landscape like a monarch, escape your parents' watchful eye, and let your imagination run wild. Well, just because you've grown up, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sense of liberation a tree provides. Here is the most comprehensive guide ever to building your own castle in the air, be it a simple child's playhouse or an adult's cozy retreat with all the modern conveniences, including electricty. Peter Nelson, the nation's foremost authority on treehouses, tells you everything you need to know about designing and building the house that's right for you and your family. He gives you information on site selection (why some trees provide better homes than others), safety issues, tree care, advice on styles and materials, and other essential rules of thumb that will save time and money. Nelson walks you through the construction of four actual projects: a children's playhouse, a vacation home, an office, and a full-time residence. Whether you'd like to build your children a safe and fun place to play and dream, or you're contemplating your own retreat from the drudgeries of earthbound living, this practical, wildly fanciful guide will show you how to make your tree fantasies come true.

Treehouse Apartments Schaumburg Mortgage Insurance

Author :
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Stay Away from the Tree House

Author : R. L. Stine
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Dylan and Steve find a great tree house in the Fear Street woods and decide to spend the night there.

Tree Houses

Author : James Myers
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Tree houses capture the imagination of the child in all of us, and they have never been more popular than they are today. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide shows even the most inexperienced weekend carpenter how to design and build a lifetime of memories for the entire family. In Tree Houses You Can Actually Build, they explain basic building procedures through clear, simple instructions and non-technical line drawings that illustrate every step of the project, from the earliest sketches to the final cedar shingle. The authors outline five basic designs that can be adapted to virtually any set of conditions, and throughout the book, they emphasize safety for both adults and children. In addition to line drawings, the book contains a section of full-color photographs highlighting a variety of tree house projects, plus helpful building tips based on interviews with their owners.

Tree House Mystery

Author : Gertrude Chandler Warner
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From a high perch Benny discovers a clue to a hidden room with contents that surprise everyone.

Tree House in a Storm

Author : Rachelle Burk
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Kenny climbed trees as soon as he could walk, and a few years later, with the help of his little sister Allison, builds a tree house where the two of them rule as king and queen. But their reign promises to be a short one. Located in New Orleans, Kenny and Allisons tree house stands directly in the path of Hurricane Betsy! This touching tale about the devastation from severe weather events is sure to warm your heart. Learn with Kenny and Allison that even the worst storm can end with a rainbow.

The Tree House

Author : Gillian Cross
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Format : PDF, ePub
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William and his brother are desperate to have a tree house in the grand old tree at the bottom of the garden. Their father has to go away, but is determined that the tree house should be built. So every month he sends a parcel home to the boys - a parcel containing things they'll need for the tree house. But will their father be home in time for Christmas - in time to join them in the tree house to eat the chestnuts that are growing there . . . Gillian Cross has won many major awards including the Carnegie Medal, the Smarties Prize, and the Whitbread Award.

How to Build Treehouses Huts Forts

Author : David Stiles
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Finally, a practical guide to building castles in the air.

The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Tree House

Author : Charles Wesley Orton
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Treehouse Book

Author : Candida Collins
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Treehouse Book is a global round-up of the best in modern treehouse living. Tree houses have come of age. The image of a few planks nailed into the branches of a tree has changed into a new generation of specially designed and built structures, suitable as a playhouse, a study, or even a guestroom. Totally inhabitable and filled with designer furniture, plumbing, and electronic wizardry, the twenty tree houses featured in this book are to be admired, dreamed about, and even built. Featuring spectacular photography of exteriors set up among the trees, and interior shots that offer design ideas for living the “high” life, The Treehouse Book offers a fairy tale castle, a thatched cottage, a complete hotel, and much more. Each project was designed using computer technology and built using sustainable materials to create structures that only seem like fantasy. Each is cleverly fitted to the chosen trees, avoiding long-term damage to these remarkable structures. With a section on plans and building techniques to help the competent reader design and build a fabulous tree house for him or herself, The Treehouse Book will inspire everyone to dream about what life would be like leaving all cares and worries behind and below. From basic cabins suspended in the trees, to the unbelievable "High-Tech Hideaway," The Treehouse Book may inspire us to commission the retreat of our dreams ... or to get out the hammer and nails!

Pete Nelson 2020 Treehouses Calendar

Author : Nelson Treehouse and Supply LLC
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Annual 12 month wall calendar of Treehouses.

The Boy in the Treehouse

Author : Drew Hayden Taylor
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Two plays about the process of becoming an adult and the necessity for rites of passage in all cultures.

New Treehouses of the World

Author : Pete Nelson
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Since the publication of Treehouses of the World, the community of treehouse builders has grown tremendously, and many more innovative treehouses have been built around the world. In New Treehouses of the World, world-renowned treehouse designer and builder Pete Nelson takes readers on an exciting, international tour of more than 35 new treehouses that reveal how treehouses are designed, constructed, and appreciated in a wide array of cultures and settings. Both beautifully photographed and thoughtfully written by Pete Nelson, New Treehouses of the World documents Nelson’s travels, discoveries, and epiphanies, and explores the ever-growing new frontier of arboreal architecture. The message that Nelson promotes is simple: As sustainable living issues stand poised to become the most important challenges facing the post-millenial age, the positive power and goodwill that a simple treehouse engenders is of greater importance than ever before.

The 13 Storey Treehouse

Author : Andy Griffiths
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The 13-Storey Treehouse is the first book in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's wacky treehouse adventures, where the laugh-out-loud story is told through a combination of text and fantastic cartoon-style illustrations. Andy and Terry live in the WORLD'S BEST treehouse! It's got a giant catapult, a secret underground laboratory, a tank of man-eating sharks and a marshmallow machine that follows you around and shoots marshmallows into your mouth whenever you're hungry! Just watch out for the sea monkeys, and the monkeys pretending to be sea monkeys, and the giant mutant mermaid sea monster . . . Oh, and, whatever you do, don't get trapped in a burp-gas-filled bubble . . . ! Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up!

Maggie Abby and the Shipwreck Treehouse

Author : Will Taylor
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The sparkling, fast-paced sequel to Maggie & Abby’s Neverending Pillow Fort, which Captain Underpants creator Dav Pilkey called “a magical adventure!” Nine long months after being shut out of the pillow fort network for good, Maggie and Abby finally have a whole new mission to focus on—and this one starts with a return to the infamous Camp Cantaloupe. Abby needs this trip after a year of big, BIG changes back at home. But Abby knows that Maggie will never relax until they've solved the lingering puzzle left over from last summer: the mystery of the trap door in Camp Cantaloupe’s historic Shipwreck Treehouse. What neither of them expect, though, is for their first night at camp to go down in Cantaloupe history. And when that trap door busts open for the first time in centuries, Abby’s going to need the help of friends both old and new to help her uncover the truth—and get her back to Maggie's side before Camp Cantaloupe itself gets shut down...for good. Readers will love exploring a whole new network of magic in this twisty sequel, perfect for fans of Caroline Carlson and Kathryn Littlewood.