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Beast Master Vol 2

Author : Kyousuke Motomi
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Leo's 18th birthday is around the corner, but celebrating seems impossible as someone is after Leo's life! Can Leo overcome the dangers of his past? Or will this beastlike boy be separated from his beloved "master"...forever? -- VIZ Media

Beast Mastery Loser Princess

Author : Zheng YueChuJiu
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She was the haggard eldest miss of the Prime Minister's Estate. Her beauty was gorgeous, but she was a good-for-nothing. His death was greeted with a powerful soul. Beast taming, pill concocting, and male sex treatment were all very easy to deal with. He was the well-known retarded emperor of the West Yuan Kingdom. She was forced to marry him, but on her wedding night, she was almost eaten clean. It turned out that the wolf was pretending to be a sheep, because it had a black stomach. It had to be a pitiful appearance. She tried to resist, but she didn't know who would fall.

Beast Master

Author : Kyousuke Motomi
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Leo Aoi looks like a crazy animal with wild eyes--and no one at his new high school will go near him! He does seem to have a special connection with animals though, which intrigues overzealous animal lover Yuiko Kubozuka. In reality, Leo isn't as frightening as he appears, but Yuiko finds out that he goes berserk whenever he sees blood! Will Yuiko be able to get through to Leo during these violent fits? Or will Leo's ferocious side eventually devour her? -- VIZ Media

Emperor Sovereign s Doting Foodie

Author : Xue WeiLiang
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He was the lofty Regal, cold and heartless, yet he doted on her to the bone. She was a God of Cookery, able to deceive people, kill strong people, go to the hall, go to the kitchen, outstanding to the point of perfection. Yet, her little mouth never stopped eating. Murong Mo: What if my little sister who is a glutton gets taken away by snacks? Online, urgent. Qian Ye Mu Yu: What do I do if I want to let this gluttonous woman eat me? Same as online.

Ancient Devil Monarch

Author : Tian Shi
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Was it the rebirth of a Martial Soul? Or was it relying on the Martial Skills? Because he had offended the three great families, Yi Zhou, a youngster with nine large veins who had been trapped in the Seal, finally emerged from the three great academies of the Azure Sun Dynasty due to his fortuitous encounter in the Misty Forest, obtaining an unknown Martial Soul and the Four Arts of the Sky Demons. However, in the end, the Azure Sun Empire was only a small country that was subordinate to a large country. What Yi Zhou had to face were not only the various countries, but also that mysterious sect and that mysterious world. Under so many dangers, would Yi Zhou be able to succeed?

Live an Extraordinary Life

Author : Liang Luosheng
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The guardian beast, Bai Xiaoli, was heavily injured by the three veteran beasts' joint attack and was thrown into a spatial crack. Then, it was pulled towards the future Earth by a surge of soul power.In this place, if a Divine Beast wanted to eat meat everyday, it would also have to learn from Upwards Ho!.Bai Xiaoli, who was practically illiterate, began his life.The genius Soul Beast Master, Cang Yan, failed in summoning his soul beast and became the abandoned child of his family.Cang Yan felt that the world was too profound and illusory. The person he summoned was not a soul beast, but a human instead?!

Ancient Sword Emperor

Author : Ji MoHongLiu
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With the Stellar Transposition, his punch shattered the earth, and his gaze turned bright. This was an era of mystical cultivation. There were numerous sects, evil spirits, powerful individuals, and the survival of the fittest. The mysterious young man, Chen Yao, with a three-foot-long blade in his hand, started from a nameless service disciple. He became a genius, abused experts, became a divine beast, hunted delicate girls, broke through all spells with a single sword, and killed his way up to the ninth level of heaven to become an Eternal Sword Emperor. Close]

Television Introductions

Author : Vincent Terrace
File Size : 73.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Since the beginning of network television, many shows have been preceded by an opening announcement or a theme song that served various purposes. In Television Introductions: Narrated TV Program Openings, Vincent Terrace has assembled openings for more than 900 television shows of the past seven decades. The only documented history of narrated television program introductions, this volume is arranged by various types of programming, such as comedies, dramas, westerns, game shows, soap operas, and children’s shows. In addition to quoting the opening material, entries include information about each show’s network history, years of broadcast, and show type. Many entries also include descriptions of the show, the names of announcers, and a list of main cast members. A comprehensive resource for researchers and pop culture aficionados alike, Television Introductions provides a fascinating look at this neglected part of TV history.

Beautiful Cook

Author : Juan LianChuiMeng
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She died fighting for her country, and when she woke up, she was humiliated in public. On the day of the wedding, he had paid respects to the rooster. How many people could meet him? She had become the laughingstock of the Southern Kingdom. Everyone despised her, but she remained calm and collected. "Prince, can you give me a piece of paper?" If marriage was disgraceful, then he would sacrifice his blood to her! Courtyard battles, house fights, stepping on scum men, exterminating the white lotus! While chatting and laughing, she was adept at it. The world was in chaos. A group of outstanding talents rose up, and she had all kinds of calculations. She fought for the favor, and she was like the wind and water that surged up! In this life, she would no longer be a sacrifice to the chaotic world. She would turn the world upside down!

Another World

Author : Gardner Dozois
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A collection of science fiction classics edited and introduced by the winner of fifteen Hugo awards for best editor, Gardner Dozois. From the introduction: Here is life on another world, in another place, another time. Here is what it is like to wear an alien skin. Here are new concepts, new vistas, magic. . . "Why read science fiction?" It's alive in a world of dead art, dead minds, dead institutions; it's a bright-eyed, irreverent little animal scurrying through a petrified landscape of old dead trees; it's unashamedly potent and prolific in a world that grows increasingly weary and sterile; it dares to raise its voice in boisterous joy, sorrow, and anger in a place full of sour silence and dead echoes. Contains these legendary tales: "The Oldest Soldier" by Fritz Leiber, "After the Myths Went Home," by Robert Silverberg, "The Stars Below," by Ursula K. Le Guin, "Straw," by Gene Wolfe, "On the Gem Planet," by Cordwainer Smith, "Beam Us Home" by James Tiptree, Jr.,"The Barbarian," by Joanna Russ, "Among the Hairy Earthmen," by R. A. Lafferty, "Man in the Jar," by Damon Knight, "Old Hundredth," by Brian W. Aldiss, and "The Signaller," by Keith Roberts. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). "A fine idea for an anthology _ 'adventures in otherness' is really what SF is all about, isn't it? _ and the stories . . . are a very neat mixture of themes and literary methods, and of course a bunch of very fine examples of first-class narrative prose . . .an artful and elegant group, intelligently chosen."¾Robert Silverberg