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Beasts of Eden

Author : David Rains Wallace
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Mammals first evolved at about the same time as dinosaurs, and their story is perhaps the more fascinating of the two—in part because it is also our own story. In this literate and entertaining book, eminent naturalist David Rains Wallace brings the saga of ancient mammals to a general audience for the first time. Using artist Rudolph Zallinger's majestic The Age of Mammals mural at the Peabody Museum as a frame for his narrative, Wallace deftly moves over varied terrain—drawing from history, science, evolutionary theory, and art history—to present a lively account of fossil discoveries and an overview of what those discoveries have revealed about early mammals and their evolution. In these pages we encounter towering mammoths, tiny horses, giant-clawed ground sloths, whales with legs, uintatheres, zhelestids, and other exotic extinct creatures as well as the scientists who discovered and wondered about their remains. We meet such memorable figures as Georges Cuvier, Richard Owen, Edward D. Cope, George Gaylord Simpson, and Stephen Jay Gould and learn of their heated disputes, from Cuvier's and Owen's fights with early evolutionists to present controversies over the Late Cretaceous mass extinction. Wallace's own lifelong interest in evolution is reflected in the book's evocative and engaging style and in the personal experiences he expertly weaves into the tale, providing an altogether expansive perspective on what Darwin described as the "grandeur" of evolution.

Beasts in Eden

Author : Benoit
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Beasts in Eden is a work of literary existentialism which does not argue for any particular theory but instead attempts to provide insight into what it means to live a unique and noble human life, the kind of existence that establishes the human being as something quite extraordinary in the natural world. In Benoit's own words: "Aristotle no less, that great philosophical classifier, grouped man as a kind of being distinct from other mammals and referred to this creature as the human being. Within this classification can be found other mundane and often irrelevant distinctions such as race, gender, politics, religion, and the like; however, an important division does exist between two distinctive types within the human personality: the humane and the inhumane. The humane is exemplified by those elements in man which uplift the spirit and demonstrate mankind to be something unique and estimable. The goal then for any individual is to daily act in such a way as to demonstrate his humanity, to show from his many actions that he is a man of character; a man possessed of reason, compassion, and understanding; a man of patience, loyalty, and resolve; a man who will not be swayed by the cynicism or exuberance of his age nor the quantity of competitors lined up against him; a man quite refined in his sensibilities, humble in his intellect, and devout in his study of the Humanities. In short, the goal is for the individual to be a "man" in the highest sense of the word. The inhumane, by contrast, dwells in the cellar of any man's potential. He is the gnarled brute that imposes his will upon the world, the beast that creeps and claws along the alleyways, and the charlatan that lies and deceives himself as well as others. These are two very distinctive species of every man's personality and whichever is fed and nurtured most will ultimately survive."

The Serpent of Eden a Philological and Critical Essay on the Text of Genesis III and Its Various Interpretations

Author : José P. Val d'Eremao
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In the beginning or From Eden to Canaan

Author : Mary E S. Leathley
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The Eden Tableau

Author : Charles Beecher
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Eden Dell

Author : George Woodward Warder
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A New Natural History of Birds Beasts and Fishes

Author : John Kirkwood Leys
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The Eden family shewing the loss of our Paradise home and our obligations for our rescue

Author : Jeremiah Dodsworth
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Martin Eden

Author : Jack London
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Martin Eden, Jack London’s semiautobiographical novel about a struggling young writer, is considered by many to be the author’s most mature work. Personifying London’s own dreams of education and literary fame as a young man in San Francisco, Martin Eden’s impassioned but ultimately ineffective battle to overcome his bleak circumstances makes him one of the most memorable and poignant characters Jack London ever created. As Paul Berman points out in his Introduction, “In Martin, [London] created one of the great twisted heroes of American literature . . . a hero doomed from the outset because his own passions are bigger and more complicated than any man could bear.”

The Word Walks from Eden by the author of The wide wide world

Author : Susan Bogert Warner
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Cues from All Quarters Or The Literary Musings of a Clerical Recluse

Author : Francis Jacox
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Bentley s Miscellany

Author : Charles Dickens
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The Gospel Trumpet

Author :
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Live Stock Journal

Author :
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Beasts of the Forest

Author : Jon Hackett
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Beasts of the Forest: Denizens of the Dark Woods offers its readers an in-depth and interdisciplinary engagement with the forest and its monstrous inhabitants; through critical readings of folklore, fiction, film, music video and animation. Within the text there are a multitude of convergent critical perspectives used to engage and explore fictional and real monsters of the forest in media and folklore. The collection features chapters from a variety of academic perspectives: film and media studies, cultural studies, queer theory, Tolkien studies, mythology and popular music are featured. Under examination are a wide range of narratives and media forms that represent, reimagine and create the werewolves, witches and weird apparitions that inhabit the forest, along with the forest as a monstrous entity in itself. Whether they be our shelter and safe-haven or the domain of malevolent spirits and sprites, forests have the capacity to horrify and threaten those that venture into them without permission. Human interference has continually threatened forests across the world, yet this threat is reversed in myth, folklore and more recent cultural forms. This collection ranges widely to analyse how forests figure in contemporary culture, as well as the wider contexts in which such representations are inserted.

New Scientist

Author :
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Beasts in the Cellar

Author : John Hamilton
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Tony Tenser has an unrivalled position as the godfather of low budget British films. By drawing on exclusive interviews, original production files and private correspondence, John Hamilton pieces together the stories behind the movies that made Tenser the most admired and successful exploitation producer in British cinema. From battles with the censor to studio in-fighting, from tantrums on set to post-production interference, the cut and thrust of filmmaking on a budget is revived in glorious detail.

The Collected Works of Ken Wilber The Atman Project Up from Eden

Author : Ken Wilber
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The Atman Project: A Transpersonal View of Human Development (1980) unites Eastern and Western approaches into a single, coherent framework, integrating views from Freud to Buddha, Gestalt to Shankara, Piaget to Yogachara, Kohlberg to Krishnamurti. Up from Eden: A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution (1981) describes evolution as a magnificent journey of Spirit-in-action, drawing on theorists from Jean Gebser to Jürgen Habermas. The essay "Odyssey: A Personal Inquiry into Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology" and a New Age interview with Ken Wilber.

Two Strange Beasts

Author : K. William Whitney (Jr.)
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The ancient myth of a battle between a Divine Warrior and a primordial monster undergoes significant development in postbiblical and rabbinic literatures. This development is the focus of the present study. In particular, it examines the monsters Leviathan and Behemoth, showing that the postbiblical and rabbinic traditions about them are derived from ancient sources that are not all preserved in the biblical texts. In the Apocalypse of Abraham and the Ladder of Jacob, the monster Leviathan is placed at the juncture of heaven and the underworld. This cosmological focus appears in rabbinic literature in traditions concerning Behemoth, Leviathan, and the world rivers, and concerning Leviathan as the foundation of the axis mundi. These originate in the Divine Warrior's enthronement upon the vanquished chaos dragon. A second role in which Leviathan and Behemoth appear in postbiblical literature is as food for the eschatological banquet. Whitney studies this in a variety of sources, among them 4 Ezra 6:47-52, 2 Apocalypse of Baruch 29:4, and 1 Enoch 60:7-9, 24, and a number of rabbinic texts. In one tradition, the battle between God and monster becomes an angelic hunt, described by the Greek word kynegesia. This sometimes referred to battles between beasts in the arena, and in a variant tradition Leviathan battles Behemoth in a fight to the death before the banquet. The "food for the righteous" motif possibly stems from the introduction of hunting imagery into the combat myth: the prevalence of hunting banquets gave rise to the expectation that these monsters, the prey in a divine hunt, would feed the righteous at the end of time.

The Bible is it the Word of God

Author : Thomas Lumisden Strange
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