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Because the Sun

Author : Sarah Burgoyne
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Camus’s Meursault and Thelma and Louise meet up under the blazing sun. Vexed by the ‘unremarkable star’ that ‘presses’ Camus’s Meursault to commit murder, Because the Sun considers the blazing sun as a material symbol of ambient violence – violence absorbed like heat and fired at the nearest victim. Likewise, as a friendship between women confronts gendered aggression in Thelma and Louise, the sun becomes the repository of pain, the high noon that pushes us through desert after desert. Because the Sun’s pastiche of voices embodies both stylistic and formal relentlessness by teasing out tonalities that blend and merge into each other, generating a blinding effect, like looking into the sun. “Breathless and death defying, the poems in Because the Sun are high-wire work. They sway above us in a blazing light of Burgoyne’s making. It is so rare that a book of poems is both a tuning fork for our minds as well as a balm for our bodies. But that is exactly what happens page after page in this blazing book.” —Michael Dickman, author of Days & Days “This beautiful work wraps Camus’s The Stranger in a poetics concerning erasure/+ hope. Out of the titular Sun’s burning punctum burst telling shards of what is erased by Camus’s remarkable construction of whiteness in-the-masculine: the dead ‘Arab,’ the female body’s interminable violations – but also its warming, even blinding capacity for consequential pleasures.” —Gail Scott, author of Heroine “Sarah Burgoyne begins with the sun and ends with flowers. In between is a complicated exploration of what it means to exist within a tradition that is Camus, Rimbaud, Blake. Taking her cue from Sara Ahmed, she notices how hard it is to challenge this tradition and yet that it matters to do it anyway.” —Juliana Spahr, author of That Winter the Wolf Came

Solar and Heliospheric Origins of Space Weather Phenomena

Author : Jean-Pierre Rozelot
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This book comprises an excursion through space weather, a scientific topic in rapid growth and with growing impact and implications for technological societies. The text is aimed at students and scientists working, or interested in, the field and provides a thorough introduction to the topic for those who wish to become acquainted with the basic solar physics at the origin of space weather.

SAGE Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment

Author : James H. McMillan
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The Sage Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment provides scholars, professors, graduate students, and other researchers and policy makers in the organizations, agencies, testing companies, and school districts with a comprehensive source of research on all aspects of K-12 classroom assessment. The handbook emphasizes theory, conceptual frameworks, and all varieties of research (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) to provide an in-depth understanding of the knowledge base in each area of classroom assessment and how to conduct inquiry in the area. It presents classroom assessment research to convey, in depth, the state of knowledge and understanding that is represented by the research, with particular emphasis on how classroom assessment practices affect student achieventment and teacher behavior. Editor James H. McMillan and five Associate Editors bring the best thinking and analysis from leading classroom assessment researchers on the nature of the research, making significant contributions to this prominent and hotly debated topic in education.

A Key to the Practical Treatise

Author : William Thackwray
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The Relative Strength of Signs and Planets

Author : Colin James III.
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Understanding Primary Science

Author : Martin Wenham
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Now in its Third Edition, this text provides the background knowledge primary teachers need to plan effective programmes of work and answer children′s questions with confidence. The new edition links explanations of scientific concepts with children′s everyday experiences to help teachers and trainees foresee how they will present the subject knowledge to their pupils. Shaped by the National Curriculum, this text explains key scientific theories and concepts which pupils at primary level, including very able children, need in order to understand the observations and investigations they undertake. A CD ROM of 200 science investigations for young students is included with the new edition, allowing teachers to explore the practical application of topics covered in the book. This is an essential book for teachers, student teachers and anyone interested in the roots and growth of science education.

The World of Kosmas

Author : Maja Kominko
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New study of the Christian Topography, a sixth-century illustrated treatise, and its intellectual milieu.


Author :
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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

Theory and Practice in Aristotle s Natural Science

Author : David Ebrey
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This collection of groundbreaking new essays show how Aristotle's natural science illuminates fundamental topics in his philosophy.

Foundations of Astronomy

Author : Michael A. Seeds
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Fascinating, engaging, and extremely visual, Foundations of Astronomy Twelth Edition emphasizes the scientific method throughout as it guides students to answer two fundamental questions: What are we? And how do we know? Updated with the newest developments and latest discoveries in the exciting study of astronomy, authors Michael Seeds and Dana Backman discuss the interplay between evidence and hypothesis, while providing not only fact but also a conceptual framework for understanding the logic of science. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.