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Becoming Nicole

Author : Amy Ellis Nutt
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The inspiring true story of transgender actor and activist Nicole Maines, whose identical twin brother, Jonas, and ordinary American family join her on an extraordinary journey to understand, nurture, and celebrate the uniqueness in us all. Nicole appears as TV’s first transgender superhero on CW’s Supergirl When Wayne and Kelly Maines adopted identical twin boys, they thought their lives were complete. But by the time Jonas and Wyatt were toddlers, confusion over Wyatt’s insistence that he was female began to tear the family apart. In the years that followed, the Maineses came to question their long-held views on gender and identity, to accept Wyatt’s transition to Nicole, and to undergo a wrenching transformation of their own, the effects of which would reverberate through their entire community. Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Amy Ellis Nutt spent almost four years reporting this story and tells it with unflinching honesty, intimacy, and empathy. In her hands, Becoming Nicole is more than an account of a courageous girl and her extraordinary family. It’s a powerful portrait of a slowly but surely changing nation, and one that will inspire all of us to see the world with a little more humanity and understanding. Named One of the Ten Best Books of the Year by People • One of the Best Books of the Year by The New York Times Book Review and Men’s Journal • A Stonewall Honor Book in Nonfiction • Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Nonfiction “Fascinating and enlightening.”—Cheryl Strayed “If you aren’t moved by Becoming Nicole, I’d suggest there’s a lump of dark matter where your heart should be.”—The New York Times “Exceptional . . . ‘Stories move the walls that need to be moved,’ Nicole told her father last year. In telling Nicole’s story and those of her brother and parents luminously, and with great compassion and intelligence, that is exactly what Amy Ellis Nutt has done here.”—The Washington Post “A profoundly moving true story about one remarkable family’s evolution.”—People “Becoming Nicole is a miracle. It’s the story of a family struggling with—and embracing—a transgender child. But more than that, it’s about accepting one another, and ourselves, in all our messy, contradictory glory.”—Jennifer Finney Boylan, former co-chair of GLAAD and author of She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders

The Becoming

Author : Nicole Luongo
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The Becoming is a brutally honest account of a woman who uses her intelligence to reinvent a healthy self, once broken by cycles of alcoholism, bulimia, and anorexia. For all intents and purposes, this book is an identity project; one that illuminates the underlying mechanisms through which medicalization--that is, the social, cultural, economic, and political processes that contribute to deviant behaviour being defined and treated as illness--functions as a form of social control in a mental health context. Drawing from the author's lived experience and informed by classic and contemporary academic theories, The Becoming provides intimate insight into how traditional eating disorder, substance abuse, and psychiatric treatment pathologizes human suffering and disempowers vulnerable populations. In so doing, the author critiques the broader social forces--capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy--that reify the disease model of mental illness. Beyond this, The Becoming engages with burgeoning research from the disciplines of gender studies, public health, and neurobiology, all of which indicates that trauma--not disease--is largely responsible for mental health disturbances. The book then, synthesizes over a century's worth of theory and data to provide deeply personal--though highly relatable--commentary on the medicalization of anguish.

Trans Affirmative Parenting

Author : Elizabeth Rahilly
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First-hand accounts of how parents support their transgender children There is a new generation of parents and families who are identifying, supporting, and raising transgender children. In Trans-Affirmative Parenting, Elizabeth Rahilly presents their fascinating stories, interviewing parents of children who identify across the gender spectrum, as well as the doctors, mental health practitioners, educators, and advocates who support their journeys. Rahilly provides a window into parents' experiences, exploring how they come to terms with new ideas about gender, sexuality, identity, and the body, as well as examining their complex deliberations about nonbinary possibilities and medical interventions. Ultimately, Rahilly compassionately shows how parents can best advocate for transgender awareness and move beyond traditional gendered expectations. She also shows that child-centered, child-driven parenting is as central to this new trans-affirmative paradigm as growing LGBTQ awareness. In an era that is increasingly trans-aware, Trans-Affirmative Parenting offers provocative new insights into transgender children and the parents who raise them.

American Notes Queries

Author :
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A quarterly journal of short articles, notes and reviews.

Student Companion to F Scott Fitzgerald

Author : Linda Claycomb Pelzer
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Scott Fitzgerald, the man who defined the Jazz Age."--BOOK JACKET.

Dead Serious

Author : Jane Mersky Leder
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My brother took his own life on his thirtieth birthday. My life has never been the same. Thirty plus years after publishing the first edition of Dead Serious, this second completely revised and updated edition covers new ground: bullying, social media, LGBTQ teens, suicide prevention programs, and more. Scores of teens share their stories that are often filled with hurt, disappointment, shame—yet often hope. Written for teens, adults and educators, Dead Serious: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Suicide explores the current cultural and social landscape and how the pressure-filled lives of teens today can lead to anxiety, depression—suicide. Leder’s own journey of discovery after her brother’s suicide informs her goal of helping to prevent teen suicide by empowering teens who are suffering and teens who can serve as peer leaders and connectors to trusted adults. The skyrocketing number of teens who take their own lives makes Dead Serious: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Suicide more relevant and important than ever. “Talking about suicide does not make matters worse. What makes matters worse is not talking.”

Film and the Shoah in France and Italy

Author : Giacomo Lichtner
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Film and the Shoah in France and Italy is a uniquely comparative analysis of the role of cinema in the development of collective memories of the Shoah in these countries. The work follows a chronological structure of which three French documentaries - Night and Fog, The Sorrow, and The Pity and Shoah - form the backbone. These three sections are linked by comparative case studies on famous and lesser-known fictional works, such as Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful, Louis Malle's Lacombe Lucien, Armand Gatti's The Enclosure, and Radu Mihaileanu's Train of Life. The book tackles crucial themes, such as the politics of history and its representation, the 1970s obsession with collaboration, and the ethical debate around cinema's ability adequately to represent the Shoah. The book fulfils three complementary purposes: to offer a detailed historical and textual analysis of key cinematic works on the Shoah; to firmly situate the popular and institutional reception of these works within the political and socio-cultural context of the time, so as to link cinema to society's attitudes towards the Shoah; and thirdly, to show how these attitudes have changed over time, in order to evince the role cinema has played in the transmission of history and memory. Film and the Shoah in France and Italy shows that cinema has both reflected and affected the dominant perceptions of history, contributing to the transition from recognition to representation of the Shoah. The book also shows how this transition has been slow and uneven, and questions whether recognition and commemoration necessarily imply a deeper historical understanding.

Nicole Kidman

Author : Paul Simpson
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A look at Hollywood's brightest star, featuring 60 color photos. From her first faltering steps as an eight-year-old on a Sydney stage to the acclaim that greeted her Oscar-nominated performance in Moulin Rouge and her captivating turn on stage in The Blue Room, Nicole Kidman has excelled in every arena she has entered. But who is this flame-haired, sapphire-eyed beauty who has taken the entertainment world by storm? Kidman's rise through the ranks of Australian television and film eventually led to leading roles in Hollywood. While box office success initially stayed just out of range, her A-list status was assured when she and husband Tom Cruise were cast in Stanley Kubrick's controversial film Eyes Wide Shut. But why did everything seem to fall apart just as she was reaching her goals? And what has she had to sacrifice to achieve them? In Nicole Kidman, journalists Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas look at her intriguing path to superstardom.

My Book of Becoming Me

Author : Candace Nicole Cotton
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"My Book of Becoming Me", is about the challenges I had to face to overcome a childhood of hurt, pain and sexual abuse. It is a story of finding love for myself and realizing that the love of God was always there. Throughout my journey of becoming who I am there were many ups and downs and along the way I thought some circumstances would keep me down. But through my dedication to trusting in God and a lot of hard work, I realize now that I can truly do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So now without fear I am able to tell my story of how I became the woman I am today.

The Coaching Book

Author : Nicole Soames
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Coaching is an art, but it's far easier said than done. It takes courage to ask a question rather than offer up advice, provide an answer or unleash a solution. Giving another person the opportunity to find their own way, make their own mistakes, and create their own wisdom is both brave and vulnerable. Emotional intelligence can help leaders and coaches recognize how attitudes - both their own and those of the people they coach -prevent individuals from reaching their potential. In this practical and inspiring book, EQ qualified trainer and coach Nicole Soames teaches you how to develop a coaching mind-set, recognize who and when you should coach, adopt a disciplines approach to coaching, learn how to manage the coaching conversation and give and receive feedback so that you can embed new ways of working. This is a fresh and innovative take on the traditional, how-to coaching manual.


Author :
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Underneath it All

Author : Lori Borrill
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TV producer Nicole Reavis intends to use her millions tosort out a top secret personal hiccup. In the meantime,her show must go on. And Nicole has to entice mega-richDevon Bradshaw to appear as one of Atlanta's sexiesteligible bachelors. But will he bite? Devon's biting if it means spending moretime with beautiful blue-eyed Nicole. But when he discovers that, underneath it all, they've got more in common than six-figure finances and shocking familyrevelations, he's determined to find out everything about her.

Never Say Diet

Author : Judy Toews
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More than a decade ago, Registered Dietician-Nutritionist Judy Toews developed a science-based, non-diet approach to healthy living and weight management that hospitals and fitness centers began to use with impressive results. In this book, the authors show you how to listen to your body and ease your mind. 2001.

Deleuze and Feminist Theory

Author : Claire Colebrook
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Since Deleuze and Guattari declared that all becoming must go by way of a "becoming-woman", their work has been subject to feminist interrogation. This book highlights the key points of this on-going enquiry, focusing particularly on the implications of Deleuze's work for a specifically feminist philosophy. It brings together the work of some of Deleuze's finest commentators and today's most important feminist thinkers, including new work by Elizabeth Grosz, Rosi Braidotti and Dorothea Olkowski. With chapters on film, the colonial imaginary, desire and embodiment, this book is the first sustained examination of the impact of Deleuze on feminist thought. Key Features: * provides an introduction to Deleuze for those working in feminist theory and philosophy * includes new work by major feminist theorists * provides a broad approach to several areas of Deleuze's work including film, politics, literature and feminism * relates Deleuze's work to its historical and philosophical context--Publisher's blurb.

The Theatre of the Holocaust Six plays

Author : Robert Skloot
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The Influence Book

Author : Nicole Soames
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In today's digital age where we are bombarded with more information than ever before, the power to influence has never been more important. Whatever walk of life, you will need to draw on your influencing skills to get people to agree with your point of view. The Influence Book is an inspiring and engaging handbook packed with expert advice, practical tools, and exercises to help you become a master of influence. This book will help you develop your emotional intelligence so you can become a highly skilled influencer in all areas of your life - whether you're influencing customers, colleagues, family, or friends.


Author : Shonda Nicole Gladden
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Becoming aims not to set a standard, but to provide tools for dismantling norms; encouraging readers to live, not in competition with others, but fully into their best selves. Filled with mother wit, womanish transparency, spiritual wanderings, and accountability affirmations, "Becoming" tells the story of one woman's journey through life's ups and downs in hopes of encouraging readers to be able to say "me too"

Becoming Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Author : Tuwana Nicole
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This book will serve as a guide to help you work through your childhood issues, past hurts, broken relationships, shortcomings, physical and mental flaws to see the path to wholeness. You will become empowered to be the best version of yourself. By developing a relationship with God and understanding his love for you; you will begin to love yourself: mind, body, and soul. By loving yourself flaws and all, you will be able to break free from what others think about you and even what you thought about yourself thereby becoming comfortable in your own skin

Becoming a Teacher of Reading

Author : Susan Davis Lenski
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For Introduction to Reading and Beginning Reading courses. This developmentally organized, constructivist reading methods book places the reader squarely in today's reading classroom, grounding theoretical discussion with self-regulating pedagogy and providing a wealth of actual classroom examples and activities. The result is a polished, engaging book that will quickly instill in future teachers the joy of helping children learn to read and read to learn. KEY TOPICS: Follows children's literacy progress as they develop from being early readers to being interpretive readers to being independent, critically thinking readers. It weaves together a discussion of skills, strategies, and assessment procedures, and connects ideas to Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards. Developmental organization reflects the way children's literacy evolves--divides coverage into Early Readers, Interpretive Readers, and Critical Readers, addressing key literacy topics as they affect each learning stage. MARKET: For future teachers who will teach beginning reading.

Sex Education Begins at Home

Author : Howard R. Lewis
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