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Bedtime Stories for Dogs

Author : Leigh Anne Jasheway
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The tales in Bedtime Stories for Dogs are written just the way dogs like things—they're short and simple, they have happy endings, they usually involve food, and they frequently refer to things that smell really awful. Each one of these stories was proofed (and woofed) by the author's two wiener dogs: "If they didn't give a story two paws up and two tails wagging, it was back to the drawing board," she says. This is the perfect treat for anyone: *Whose dog has control of the remote (and flips when watching dog food commercials) *Whose dog occasionally allows him to sleep in the bed (but only if he doesn't hog the covers!) *Who doesn't even notice the dog hairs in their food *Who carries their dog when he gets winded Anyone who has a canine companion will want this charming book. It's a bow-wow bedtime bible!

Thirteen Read Aloud Bedtime Stories for Dogs

Author : Wylda Cafferata
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Collection of illustrated short stories to read to your dog!

Doggy Tales

Author : Beverley Conrad
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Bedtime Stories for Dogs And Bedtime Stories For Cats

Author : Amy Neftzger
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These engaging stories and essays are specifically written for individuals who love their pets and enjoy imagining what these animals would like to read. The topics range from mythology to magic and horror stories, combined with a little sprinkling of canine poetry. This unique volume combines Bedtime Stories for Dogs and Bedtime stories for Cats into one book that's published so that each set of stories starts at one end and both meet in the middle. Therefore, the dog stories would be upside down and backwards to the cat stories and vice versa. In order to read both sdets of stories the reader will need to turn the book around and begin from the opposite side.

Bedtime Stories for Cats

Author : Leigh Anne Jasheway
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Jasheway's "Bedtime Stories for Cats" gives cat lovers everywhere new and inventive stories to lull their little fur balls to sleep. From "Rumpled Katzkin" to "Kitty and the Beast", this collection offers a humorous feline-oriented interpretation of many favorite all-time classic tales.

Bedtime Stories For Children The Book for Kids Bedtime Stories for Children

Author : Brenda Turner
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We can use stories to speak to the mind, body, and spiritual things beyond our understanding but resonate with them in a profound, direct, and indirect way. Stories are created in our language to supply tangible methods for determining things that are seemingly beyond our world, like space, the heavens, the foremost distant depths of the world, and the longest depths of souls. Through storytelling, we can shape our inner landscapes and be guided on journeys that might seem impossible were it not for the facility of our imaginations. When specifically applied to specific moments in our lives, individual stories and myths and guided narratives offer spiritual and spiritual transformation and physical transformations. "Bedtime Stories" contains relaxing stories to fall asleep fast, for stress relief and a good night's sleep. These stories are designed to bring the mind and soul into an environment hypnotic and relaxing. It offers a journey to the farthest points of space and time, from the world's acute depths to the littlest microcosm, to the farthest reaches of our known universe, to the last macroscope. These tales are relaxing to read and excellent for those who got to catch some sleep. With each story, you will be swept off into a faraway place, a dreamland where people, places, and things aren't as they appear - where everything seems almost…surreal in a sense. Doing so offers an excellent way to understand these stories. "Bedtime Stories" will give you all the information you need to start making and serving up delicious and nutritious dishes in minutes. As you get through life, there are tons of things that would have transpired in the day, but having a calm and quiet night's rest is the best way to recuperate and stay in shape. Nothing compares to a memorable bedtime story under comfortable spreads. Do not hesitate to grab a COPY today!

A Month of Bedtime Stories Thirty one Bite sized Tales of Wackiness and Wonder for the Retiring Child

Author : Neil McFarlane
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Treat your child to A Month of Bedtime Stories! CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED READ-ALOUD BEDTIME TALES TO DELIGHT PARENT AND CHILD ALIKE Cowardly dinosaurs, alien dogs, time-traveling slugs, fish in spacesuits, cows disguised as ants, disco-dancing horses ... This collection of wacky bedtime stories places your child at the centre of each crazy adventure by making him/her the central character. Containing heavy doses of humour which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike, and with a whopping thirty-one stories, this collection is designed to last a month. San Francisco Book Review: FIVE STARS Readers Favourite: FIVE STARS Writerbee's Book Reviews: FIVE STARS Online Book Club: FIVE STARS Book Reviews and Giveaways: FIVE STARS Chodi Kid Books: FIVE STARS Ebook Review Gal: FIVE STARS Grady Harp, Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer: FIVE STARS Raif (aged five): FIVE STARS IndieBRAG 2015 Medallion: Winner London Festival of Books 2014: Honorary Mention

Bedtime Stories for Dogs

Author : Barbara Ilene Garrett
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"Bedtime Stories For Dogs" is an adventurous collection of bedtime fairy tales for everyone from children to furry friend. The lessons found here not only interest young children in reading but encourage interaction between owners snd their pets creating a loving environment for all. Take a moment each day to learn, laugh and love.

Enchanted Hunters The Power of Stories in Childhood

Author : Maria Tatar
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Highly illuminating for parents, vital for students and book lovers alike, Enchanted Hunters transforms our understanding of why children should read. Ever wondered why little children love listening to stories, why older ones get lost in certain books? In this enthralling work, Maria Tatar challenges many of our assumptions about childhood reading. Much as our culture pays lip service to the importance of literature, we rarely examine the creative and cognitive benefits of reading from infancy through adolescence. By exploring how beauty and horror operated in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, and many other narratives, Tatar provides a delightful work for parents, teachers, and general readers, not just examining how and what children read but also showing through vivid examples how literature transports and transforms children with its intoxicating, captivating, and occasionally terrifying energy. In the tradition of Bruno Bettelheim’s landmark The Uses of Enchantment, Tatar’s book is not only a compelling journey into the world of childhood but a trip back for adult readers as well.

Chicken Soup for the Soul The Dog s Done It Again

Author : Amy Newmark
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A "Chicken Soup for the Soul Short” containing 20 stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Really Did That? Real stories from real people who share the heartwarming and hilarious antics of their beloved canine companions. Doggone it, the dog's done it again! You’ll recognize your own dog in this entertaining collection of stories about the surprising, amusing, heartwarming things that our dogs do. Treat yourself to a fun read about everyone's favorite family members.