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Being Relational

Author : Louise Phipps Senft
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Our world is a crowded and hyper-connected place and it is becoming more crowded and hyper-connected every day. The challenges of our world call us to evolve as a species at a pace that has never been necessary before - not in our physical attributes, not in our emotional capacities, not in our mental capabilities, and arguably not even in our use of technology to master the environment and harness its resources. We are called to evolve in the ways that we interact with each other as fellow inhabitants of Earth. Being Relational details seven ways of being in relation to others that capture the heart and soul of all that is self-help. It is grounded in method, and is supported by relational conflict theory and brain science findings. The seven ways of being that promote quality face to face interactions and positive transformation are rooted in teachings from many sources – conflict resolution, negotiation ethics, neuroscience, multiple faith traditions and numerous popular self-help and business books. It is a unique collection of teachings that focus on what happens in human interaction. This unique approach is inspired by thousands of broken relationships that the Senfts have mediated and coached back to strength and connectedness over the last two decades..

Eve Where Are You

Author : Nicole L. Davis PhD
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Without question, having competent women in leadership can certainly enhance the vitality of any organization. Sadly, too often women are not given equal opportunities and are left doubting their sense of self and their abilities. In Eve, Where Are You?, Dr. Nicole Davis uniquely evaluates bias practices within one specific organization: the Christian church. You’ll learn why many women are discouraged, emotionally absent, leaving churches, or considering giving up religious pursuits altogether. Within these pages, Dr. Davis thoughtfully contemplates the scriptural significance of God’s creation of Eve; compares women’s leadership advances in the marketplace and church; and shares real-life stories and perceptions about women in leadership offered by present-day church leaders. As a conflict coach and resolutionist, Dr. Davis boldly addresses possible causal effects of toxic practices against women and then offers strategic solutions and guidance to both women and church organizations to facilitate reconciliation, creating opportunity for the church to regain influence and effectiveness in our culture. Crisp, aggressive, and truthful, this study presents a call to action for women who want more, men who want more for women, and church organizations seeking to embrace internal transformation against gender bias in the Christian church.

Hire Right Fire Right

Author : Roxi Bahar Hewertson
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For the first time, and in one place, Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides decision makers at any supervisory level, exactly what they need to get it right every time they hire, develop, or fire someone. In today’s complex and competitive world of work, organizations simply cannot afford a mismatched new hire, a loss of top talent, or a dreaded bad ‘goodbye’ following a difficult termination. Whether working to avoid budget mayhem or preserving your company’s image, learning how to navigate the hiring and firing process is a corporate essential. Leadership expert and executive coach Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides insights and advice for avoiding these all-too-common business bumps in the road. She defines and explores the ARC employee life cycle: Acquisition (hire right), Retention (nurture right), Closure (fire right). Acquiring and retaining talent, and eventually bringing closure when employees leave, is a relational, not a transactional process. Hire Right, Fire Right successfully guides decision makers through those key interactions with new and current employees arming leaders with a powerful set of tangible tools to help ensure their organizations are well equipped to take on these talent management challenges - and win. By following Hewertson’s three systems of hiring, developing, and terminating employees, decision makers will be empowered to: Dramatically increase your company’s success rate of hiring the right people for the right job Measurably boost employee retention rates Significantly lower the risk of lawsuits, arbitrations, and damage to your organization’s reputation if things end badly

Becoming a Leader Is Becoming Yourself

Author : Russ S. Moxley
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People yearn for leaders who are authentic, who show their own face and not a game face, who find and use their voice in appropriate ways and act with a tangible sense of integrity. Those who engage in the process of leadership--each of us, at some point--want to do so as our true self. But staying true to one's self is not easy. We are continually moving in and out of authenticity. We are present one moment and absent the next. We often say "yes" when we want to say "no." We act from our core values some of the time, but give them a wink when the heat is on. There is no formula for being integral and authentic. Becoming and being ourselves requires confidence and courage. Drawing on the author's 40 years in leadership training, this book discusses the things we can do along the way--recognizing our strengths and limitations, speaking truth to power, trusting our companions--as we strive to fulfill our leadership potential. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Author : Katsutoshi Yada
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This book contains expanded versions of research papers presented at the international sessions of Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), which was held online in June 2020. The JSAI annual conferences are considered key events for our organization, and the international sessions held at these conferences play a key role for the society in its efforts to share Japan’s research on artificial intelligence with other countries. In recent years, AI research has proved of great interest to business people. The event draws both more and more presenters and attendees every year, including people of diverse backgrounds such as law and the social sciences, in additional to artificial intelligence. We are extremely pleased to publish this collection of papers as the research results of our international sessions.

Book 3 Practical Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change

Author : Tanya Curtis
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Have you ever wanted, or even tried to change your own behaviour or the behaviour of other people? No doubt the answer is yes. Have your attempts at behaviour change been successful in the short-term as well as the long-term? All too frequently the answer is no. Our society is filled with an array of behaviour change strategies that all fall under the category of management, relief and solution-based strategies; and herein lays the error. It is these strategies that are failing our society as a whole as at the very best, they offer short-term behaviour change, but rarely LASTING change. When observing what is going on on a daily basis, you will see behaviour challenges in the areas of education, mental health, justice, disability and that society as a whole is getting worse. This does not make sense in a world where there are more resources than ever before … unless of course, our current resources are not truly supporting. The Body Life Skills program embraces that lasting change is our way forward if we are to bring true change to the quality of the life of individuals, families, workplaces and society as a whole. This third book in the Body Life Skills series introduces simple, practical and effective ways that will support lasting behaviour change in both a personal and professional capacity. This book offers a way forward to bring about: Lasting Behaviour Change

Chronic Illness and Long Term Care Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Stemming from environmental, genetic, and situational factors, chronic disease is a critical concern in modern medicine. Managing treatment and controlling symptoms is imperative to the longevity and quality of life of patients with such diseases. Chronic Illness and Long-Term Care: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice features current research on the diagnosis, monitoring, management, and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease, autoimmune disorders, and many more. Highlighting a range of topics such as medication management, quality-of-life issues, and sustainable health, this publication is an ideal reference source for hospital administrators, healthcare professionals, academicians, researchers, and graduate-level students interested in the latest research on chronic diseases and long-term care.

Relationship Rescue

Author : Phillip C. McGraw
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As a follow-up to his bestselling book Life Strategies, Oprah acolyte Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D., moves from aiding the aimless individual to coaching the disconnected couple. McGraw has distilled his more than two decades of counseling experience into a seven-step strategy he calls "Relationship Rescue." "I'm prepared to kick a hole in the wall of the pain-ridden, unhappy maze you've gotten yourself into, and provide you clear access to action-oriented answers and instructions on what you must do to have what you want," says Dr. Phil. His aim is to expose and eliminate the saboteurs that cause senseless damage to already-fragile marriages, and, like an emotional root canal, to replace them with values he says provide positive results. If you follow Dr. Phil's strategy, he will lead you on a precise journey to uncover your heart and then share it with your partner as part of taking the "risk of intimacy." Dr. Phil leads you to "reconnect with your core" in the first five steps of his seven-step strategy. By no means a quick fix, there are in-depth and rigorous questionnaires, surveys, tests, and profiles that require a "brutally candid" mindset, with such fill-in-the-blanks as "List five things that today would make you fall out of love with your partner." With this internal work accomplished, you'll then move on to reconnecting with your partner during a two-week, half-hour-a-day short course. As a "dyad," you and your loved one take turns giving monologues on topics such as "The most positive thing I took away from my mother and father's relationship was..." Once the "reconnection" has been established, Dr. Phil says the work shifts to a management role, as relationships are always a work in progress. Dr. Phil humorously refers to his own marriage throughout the book, sharing his mishaps and victories in learning to accept and enjoy what he sees as fundamental but complementary differences between men and women. --John Youngs

International Handbook of Work and Health Psychology

Author : CL Cooper
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Now in its third edition, this authoritative handbook offers a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of work and health psychology. Updated edition of a highly successful handbook Focuses on the applied aspects of work and health psychology New chapters cover emerging themes in this rapidly growing field Prestigious team of editors and contributors

Rekindle the Spark

Author : Barbara Duff
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Clear, concise and practical, Rekindle the Spark provides an at-home programme of interactive exercises that explore common relationship problems and enable you to acquire skills and strategies to help create and maintain a bond that is happy and healthy.