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See Believe Live

Author : Barry Shafer
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The Digging Deeper series is designed to meet the needs of students today who are looking for spiritual depth. Created with the needs of busy youth workers in mind, each session comes with guides for just about every age and setting—middle school, younger high school, older high school, college, a coffee house setting, and a talk, as well as a guided personal study for the leader. As each study digs into a book of the Bible, your students will spend time deep in God’s Word on their own and will share eye-opening revelations with each other during the interactive discussions. Your students will walk away from each study with a greater sense of what it means to follow Christ in their everyday lives, and a greater appreciation for God’s Word. Includes CD-ROM.

See It Believe It Live It

Author : Maryam Nasr Sardari
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This is a book with one aim in mind: To motivate the reader to reach their goal. By using inspirational quotes and personal examples the author guides the reader through a series of suggestions and exercises in meditation and creative activities to better employ the mind and change of attitude.

See It in Your Mind Believe It in Your Heart Do It by Faith

Author : Gwin Minter
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God Said Believe and You Will See

Author : Pastor Dave R. Dremann
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Pastor Dave R. Dremann seeks to awaken the flock of Jesus with this book that highlights the responsibilities of those who are members of his church. Our heavenly Father needs us armed with His Word and filled with the Holy Spirit ready to defy the devil’s attempts to herd as many of us into hell as possible. Our job, if we choose to accept it, is to study His word, command His word, spread His word, pray His word, and use His word to increase the membership of heaven. He needs us to be obedient soldiers by knowing and doing His will. Satan is winning the fight of leading us and the lost away from the promises of God. We are believing Satan’s lies and we are not attending to our great commission of spreading the Gospel.

Believe in What You Can t See

Author : Jaxx Wylde
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Have you ever thought there is more than what religion teaches? Have you ever had experiences that you couldn’t explain? Jaxx Wilde experienced hauntings, voices and attacks that no one could explain, or stop. Horror movies pale in comparison to some of the paranormal attacks he and those close to him experienced. With his religious beliefs not working he decided to dive into the dark forces to find answers. This is a simple story of a search for truth that goes from religion to the depths of hell and back. Jaxx’s quest takes him on a mind-blowing journey through sex, drugs, organized crime, and satanic cults before finally coming to spiritual truths revealed through supernatural forces from the light side.

Unless I See Is There Evidence Enough to Believe

Author : Pat Zukeran
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"Unless I See . . . Is There Enough Evidence to Believe?" will equip you, through its approachable and informative discussion, to present a well reasoned and compelling defense of the faith. It provides you with the tools and information to defend the Christian faith, instills confidence in your faith, and gives you the tools and techniques to share your faith with a world that does not yet see the truth found in Jesus Christ.

Believe the Change You Wish to See in the World

Author :
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What motivates targets of prejudice to confront people who express explicit bias? This dissertation reports the results of eight studies investigating this question. In the first three studies, I tested the hypothesis that targets who hold an incremental theory of personality (i.e., the belief that people can change) are more likely to confront prejudice than targets who hold an entity theory of personality (i.e., the belief that people have fixed traits). In Study 1, targets' implicit theories predicted whether they spontaneously confronted an individual who expressed bias. Study 2 replicated this effect and showed that incremental theorists were less likely to anticipate withdrawing from future interactions with an individual who expressed prejudice. In Study 3, I manipulated implicit theories and replicated these findings. Next, I explored one potential explanation for why. I tested the hypothesis that incremental theorists would be more likely to view confronting as effective in creating change than entity theorists, even if both did so. In Study 4, targets who held a more incremental theory reported being more likely to confront prejudice and anticipated their behavior to be more effective. Study 5 elicited African American adults' retrospective accounts of encounters with bias while Studies 6-7 used a hypothetical scenario to expose participants to evidence of someone who had expressed bias either remaining the same or changing over time. The pattern of results across these studies revealed that even when entity and incremental theorists enact the same (actual or anticipated) confronting behavior, it is exclusively the incremental theorists who view this behavior as more efficacious. Study 8 investigated whether implicit theories play a causal role in perceptions of the efficacy of confronting. All targets expressed disagreement with a biased statement, but those in the incremental theory condition expressed the belief that speaking up would create change to a significantly greater degree than did those in the entity theory condition. By highlighting the central role that implicit theories play in targets' motivation to confront prejudice and their perceptions of whether confronting is effective, this research has important implications for intergroup relations and social change.

Believe to Live

Author : Philip L. Yuson
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This book contains reflections on the gospel according to St. John from a layman's perspective. The reflections written here were not from a theologian. It was written by someone in love with Jesus. His reflections are interspersed with personal prayers that the reader may find helpful.

Believe Boldly

Author : Erica Willis
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Learn to Unleash the Supernatural through Simple, Confident Praying We long to see firsthand the power of God as displayed in the Bible. Miracles, prophecy, dreams, healing--most of these tend to be missing from our normal, safe, predictable faith. Yet we tend to view any movement of God outside our own experience with mistrust and confusion. But what if we've got "normal" all wrong? In these pages is an invitation to a new way of living: embracing God's power through simple yet bold prayer. It's for the night owl, the caffeine-addicted, even the skeptic, beckoning all of us out of our comfort zones with stories of spiritual breakthrough, mind-blowing miracles, and physical healing. Here are the tools you need to work through your doubts, open up to the miracles of God, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. You will learn to hear God's voice, trust his leading, and walk empowered by limitless prayer. It is time to see God transform your faith into a thrill-seeking adventure.

The Trial Lawyer s Calling

Author : John W. Reed
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Love At First Sight

Author : Rebecca Merz
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After the death of her husband, Rebecca turned to God for everything. She was alone and needed God more than ever. This personal relationship with God became so intense that she experienced Him in ways she never dreamed were possible. Rebecca's journey began when she became convinced God used a man she named Adam to awaken her passion to be a married lady again. When Rebecca shared every little detail of her life with God, she felt certain God orchestrated the funniest situations to give her confidence as she traveled into unknown territory. She insisted God was being playful with her and wanted her to relax and trust that He was the one that was in control. Those times Rebecca experienced doubt, God did some remarkable things to prove He was with her. As a result she developed a boldness to do what she believed God was asking of her. God always confirmed the decisions she made were the stepping-stones leading to her destiny. She learned God was pleased by her faith that she entrusted to Him alone. God demonstrated two-way communication with Him was not only possible but was necessary in order to turn her dreams into reality. This two-way conversation brought her relationship with God to a deeper level. She knew He had prepared the way that would lead her to her future husband. Rebecca claims God is still in the match making business and is the best dating coach any person could ask for because Father knows best. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to a mobile ministry that gives women who are facing unplanned pregnancies image clear ultrasounds free of charge. When women are in crisis due to an unwanted pregnancy they need to know that God loved them at "First Sight." Hopefully with knowledge of this truth these women will now be willing to "step out on a maybe" and trust God to work out a solution that begins with them choosing life for the child within.

Believe in Yourself

Author : Joseph Murphy
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2010 Reprint of 1955 edition. "You were born to win, to conquer, and to overcome! The Intelligence, Wisdom, and Power of God are within you waiting to be released, and enabling you to rise above all difficulties." Dr. Murphy gives you in this book a universal guide in the art of making your life much more effective and satisfying by developing Belief in Yourself. The magic formula is, "All things are possible to him that Believeth." You want freedom, health, and happiness. You can have them by changing your conscious belief to subconscious belief. THIS BOOK TEACHES YOU HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THROUGH THE ART OF BELIEVING. EACH CHAPTER IS FULL OF POWERFUL, PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY SHOWING YOU WHY "MAN IS BELIEF EXPRESSED." The story of Joseph will live forever. Joseph is Divine imagination. Dr. Murphy shows you the science of imagination in a vivid, intensely, practical way. The "how" is portrayed through many case histories, and you learn to use the two great pillars of Truth - disciplined imagination plus faith - enabling you to realize your fondest dreams. Here is a book that shows you how to believe and succeed. "The greatest and richest galleries of art in the world are the galleries of the mind devoted to God's Truths and Beauty."

I Believe to My Soul

Author : Dr. Jabali Zuberi Limbani
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I Believe to My Soul: Trials and Triumphs of an African American Male Growing Up in America details chronological events about a young mans journey through adolescence and young adulthood and the daily struggles he encountered in his quest to become a man. Barely escaping death through drug addiction, shoot outs and going in and out of jail like they were mini vacations, Jabalis self esteem hit rock bottom when he came to realize in prison that his best friend was a rat! Having endured a poverty stricken, plantation life in early childhood, a troubled urban ghetto life during adolescence, and a drug addicted, criminal lifestyle in his young adulthood, the author gives candid accounts of his experiences regarding the dramatic changes he has undergone in transitioning from a plantation to penitentiary to acquiring a Ph.D. This book delivers a story about failure and success that is inspirational, motivational, confrontational, humorous and thought provoking. It is a story that has never been told a must read novel. Jabali Zuberi Limbani holds an Associates degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Development, a Masters degree in Social Work, a Specialists degree in Humanistic Psychology, and a Doctorates degree in Clinical Psychology. He maintains a clinical practice in Bloomfield Hills and a licensed residential treatment home for neglect, abused and adjudicated youth in Pontiac, Michigan. Founder of CALLING ALL BROTHERS, mentor program, the only non funded program working with troubled youth, Jabali has made a life long commitment to helping boys become responsible men and has conducted rites of passage programs and activities for the past 25 years.

Your Undergraduate Dissertation

Author : Nicholas Walliman
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'This is a refreshing and inspiring book, of equal value to both the anxious and the ambitious student' - Lucinda Becker, Department of English Literature, University of Reading In the second edition of this best-selling guide, Nicholas Walliman provides expert, step-by-step advice on managing and developing a successful undergraduate project. This book takes you through each stage of your dissertation, answering questions including: How do I choose an appropriate topic for my dissertation? How do I write a research proposal? What's a literature review, how do I conduct it and how do I write it up? How can I ensure I'm an ethical researcher? What methods of data collection are appropriate for my research question? Once I have collected my data, what do I do? What's the best structure for my dissertation? Full of examples from real student projects, interdisciplinary case studies and illustrated with cartoons to make you smile along the way, this book will tell you all you need to know to write a brilliant dissertation.

Popular Science

Author :
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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Schwann 1 Record Tape Guide

Author :
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Defend Your Freedom and Stand up for Your Rights My Children

Author : Daniel Gatluak P. Well
File Size : 28.72 MB
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This Book it is about the Father Who cry out to God, who created him in his Father Blood and in his Mother womb, day after day, week after week and months after months or even years after years now, Because I do not want my children to be adopted by any one. My wife die in 2000 and I did not want my children to be adopted. That is why I write this Book for anyone who Love is children to stop wrong adoption. Because I deem if any one Love his or her children that person children should not be take away from them. Therefore God of life who created all human being, help all human being who will read this book and Let them believe me OH God. You say. ask and it will be given. And what every will be allow on earth will be granted in Heaven. I ask you Now, I need my children to come back to me and Let evil who take them stop. or Lose for every.

A Restatement of Religion

Author : Jyotirmaya Sharma
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In this third installment of his comprehensive history of "India's religion" and reappraisal of Hindu identity, Professor Jyotirmaya Sharma offers an engaging portrait of Swami Vivekananda and his relationship with his guru, the legendary Ramakrishna. Sharma's work focuses on Vivekananda's reinterpretation and formulation of diverse Indian spiritual and mystical traditions and practices as "Hinduism" and how it served to create, distort, and justify a national self-image. The author examines questions of caste and the primacy of the West in Vivekananda's vision, as well as the systematic marginalization of alternate religions and heterodox beliefs. In doing so, Professor Sharma provides readers with an incisive entryway into nineteenth- and twentieth-century Indian history and the rise of Hindutva, the Hindu nationalist movement. Sharma's illuminating narrative is an excellent reexamination of one of India's most controversial religious figures and a fascinating study of the symbiosis of Indian history, religion, politics, and national identity. It is an essential story for anyone interested in the evolution of one of the world's great religions and its role in shaping contemporary India.

God s Road Map for Grads

Author : David Bordon
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An inspiring, practical A-Z guide for encouraging graduates as they confront chaotic life change, this volume is full of time-tested truths that will spark godly journeys into life, making readers confident and excited about what lies ahead.

The Lousy Adult

Author : William J. Cobb
File Size : 43.36 MB
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Cobb's The Fire Eaters"Cobb's short stories, printed in the New Yorker and other magazines, hinted at the power he displays in this beautifully controlled and convincing debut, winner of the 1992 Associated Writing Programs award for the novel."—Publisher's Weekly