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Benicia and Letters of Love

Author : James M. Garrett
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This novel is a collection of letters written in response to a newspaper advertisement inviting individuals to share the stories of their love. Each letter has its own style and approach in describing a facet of the emotion called love." The cover.

A Napa Christchild and Benicia s Letters

Author : Charles A. Gunnison
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"A Napa Christchild; and Benicia's Letters" by Charles A. Gunnison. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Mansion Stories

Author : James M. Garrett
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Names, dates, and places change, but concepts remain the same, has been the philosophy of James Garrett for many years. Everlasting love shared through the centuries is one of those concepts. The time in history, or the location, does not matter. There may be a focal point, for example a mansion. Though the mansion is immobile, it is a connection point for everlasting love which is shared through the centuries by individuals and groups.That concept is revealed within The Mansion Stories. In his second novel, a collection of three unique yet connected stories, the award-winning poet has woven his poetry within the prose to fully reveal the feelings and emotions of the characters. The poems add texture to the loving narration. This technique is a departure from his earlier novel, which was made up of many letters written about love connected to the City of Benicia. But, he still continues to write based on experiences he has had throughout his life. In The Mansion Stories each story is an adventure unto itself but the thread of love flows through them all and ties them together. The authors first novel Benicia and Letters of Love continues to reach hearts. If you enjoy enchanting stories of love, you will want to read The Mansion Stories. Perhaps it will touch the romantic soul in you.

Personal reminiscences anecdoates and letters of gen Robert E Lee

Author : John William Jones
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Life and Letters of Robert Edward Lee

Author : J.W. Jones
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Hutchings Illustrated California Magazine

Author :
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Hutchings California Magazine

Author :
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Benicia Martinez Bridge System Project Contra Costa County Solano County

Author :
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American Letters

Author : Jackson Pollock
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Jackson Pollock, the great American artist who revolutionized twentieth-century art with his canvases of dripping paint, was one of five sons from Cody, Wyoming, who grew up in the period from the late 1920s to the late 1940s, during the Great Depression and the Second World War. Jackson and his brothers and parents were often apart, travelling for work, for study, or just for the sake of travelling. But they kept in touch by writing letters Ð a constant flow of correspondence that offers not only a valuable insight into the formation of one of America’s most influential artists but also a unique portrait of America itself during one of the most momentous periods of its history. These letters, most of which are published in this volume for the first time, show that the Pollock children took an early interest in two major themes: politics and art. Their interest in painting was stimulated by Thomas Hart Benton, who taught at the New York Art Students League and who infected them with his passion and commitment. Jackson’s older brother Charles was most strongly influenced by Benton’s left-wing beliefs, and most determined to bring art and politics together. Jackson himself was less focused and more complex; he had pronounced mystical leanings and, while he searched for his own way to express his artistic ambitions, he enjoyed life, hitting the open road, jumping from train to train, finding himself thrown out of school and even ending up in prison for a while, all the time writing about his experiences and his feelings in his letters. This remarkable volume of correspondence will be enjoyed by anyone interested in Jackson Pollock and modern art, as well as anyone interested in twentieth-century America. The volume includes original works of art by Charles Pollock and an Introduction by Michael Leja, an expert on abstract expressionism and the work of Jackson Pollock.

Men s Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny

Author : Alisha Gaddis
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(Applause Acting Series). Never before has a monologue book been written completely by people who are actually funny for a living! This incredibly hysterical, cutting-edge collection of monologues will give an actor the extra bang he needs to land the perfect comedic role. Men's Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny features monologues by writers and comics who have written for and/or performed on Saturday Night Live , The Tonight Show , Last Comic Standing , E! Entertainment, Comedy Central Stage, and many, many more. This book is the answer to the comedic monologue needs of male actors everywhere!

The Letters of A E Housman

Author : Alfred Edward Housman
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This scholarly edition of A. E. Housman's correspondence includes nearly three times as many letters as the previous edition by Henry Maas (1971). Its text is more accurate and more complete, and its annotation more comprehensive, than any previously available. It will be the standard edition for everyone interested in Housman.

Mark Twain s Letters Volume 4

Author : Mark Twain
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"You ought to see Livy & me, now-a-days—you never saw such a serenely satisfied couple of doves in all your life. I spent Jan 1, 2, 3 & 5 there, & left at 8 last night. With my vile temper & variable moods, it seems an incomprehensible miracle that we two have been right together in the same house half the time for a year & a half, & yet have never had a cross word, or a lover's 'tiff,' or a pouting spell, or a misunderstanding, or the faintest shadow of a jealous suspicion. Now isn't that absolutely wonderful? Could I have had such an experience with any other girl on earth? I am perfectly certain I could not. . . . We are to be married on Feb. 2d." So begins Volume 4 of the letters, with Samuel Clemens anticipating his wedding to Olivia L. Langdon. The 338 letters in this volume document the first two years of a loving marriage that would last more than thirty years. They recount, in Clemens's own inimitable voice, a tumultuous time: a growing international fame, the birth of a sickly first child, and the near-fatal illness of his wife. At the beginning of 1870, fresh from the success of The Innocents Abroad, Clemens is on "the long agony" of a lecture tour and planning to settle in Buffalo as editor of the Express. By the end of 1871, he has moved to Hartford and is again on tour, anticipating the publication of Roughing It and the birth of his second child. The intervening letters show Clemens bursting with literary ideas, business schemes, and inventions, and they show him erupting with frustration, anger, and grief, but more often with dazzling humor and surprising self-revelation. In addition to Roughing It, Clemens wrote some enduringly popular short pieces during this period, but he saved some of his best writing for private letters, many of which are published here for the first time.

Love and Ruin Tales of Obsession Danger and Heartbreak from The Atavist Magazine

Author : Evan Ratliff
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Extraordinary stories of crime, passion, and adventure from The Atavist magazine, the trailblazing leader in longform narrative writing. Since its inception, The Atavist Magazine has been a pioneer of today’s longform journalism renaissance. Now, Love and Ruin brings ten of the magazine’s most astonishing stories into print for the first time. These writers have taken reporting to the extremes of nature, turned inward to explore what makes us human, and burrowed deep into archives in search of mysterious figures and events more surprising than anything in contemporary fiction. What unifies these nonfiction masterpieces is the keen eye with which their writers capture the details of human experience, and their knack for hooking us into a story and never letting go. With stories by: James Verini • Leslie Jamison • Vanessa Veselka • Jon Mooallem • Cris Beam • Brooke Jarvis • David Dobbs • Adam Higginbotham • Evan Ratliff • Matthew Shaer

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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The Gold Rush Letters of E Allen Grosh and Hosea B Grosh

Author : Ronald M. James
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When brothers Ethan and Hosea Grosh left Pennsylvania in 1849, they joined throngs of men from all over the world intent on finding a fortune in the California Gold Rush. Their search for wealth took them from San Francisco into the gold country and then over the Sierra into Nevada’s Gold Canyon, where they placer-mined for gold and discovered a deposit of silver. The letters they sent back to their family offer vivid commentaries on the turbulent western frontier, the diverse society of the Gold Rush camps, and the heartbreaking labor and frustration of mining. Their lively descriptions of Gold Canyon provide one of the earliest accounts of life in what would soon become the fabulously wealthy Comstock Mining District. The Groshes’ letters are rich in color and important historical details. Generously annotated and with an introduction that provides a context for the brothers’ career and the setting in which they tried to make their fortune, these documents powerfully depict the often harsh realities of Gold Rush life and society.

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board Volume 348 August 31 2006 through December 29 2006

Author :
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Covers Board decisions and orders issued from August 31, 2006 through December 29, 2006.

U S Army Life 1941 1945 In the Letters of Theodore Pattengill Foster

Author : Lille Foster
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Theodore P. Foster loved to receive letters-more so at boot camp than anywhere he had ever been. He corresponded with twenty-three people from 1941 to 1945-his parents, his sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and close friends. These letters were saved by his parents, Theodore G. and Margaret P. Foster. The collection of letters came into my possession in the late 1990's. They sat in a Hollinger box at my home for twenty years. I have extensively footnoted the collection in order to identify the people, places, events, objects and obsolete terms mentioned in the letters. A big drawback to transcribing the letters was Theodore P. Foster's poor spelling. I wanted the reader to read his words exactly as he had written them-spelling and punctuation mistakes included. My father never learned the spelling rule, "I Before E Except After C" and wrote 'recieve' hundreds of times in his letters. I think you will enjoy reading these interesting and informative letters.

A Love of Being

Author : NancyAnn Darr
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ODYSSEY OF THE SOUL Man may never reach the heights For which he was intended Until he finds his way to God, From whom he has descended. He tries to find Him in the secrets Of the sea and of the land And in the stars that glisten Like the diamonds in God’s hand. His restless soul keeps searching on In every way it can, Then he discovers part of God Lies in the heart of man. Only love can fan this spark Into such a flame That it will lift his soul up To the source from which it came. Written by Thelma Gaw

Fighting for Social Justice

Author : David S. Burgess
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David Burgess's commitment to social justice began in his youth and continued throughout his studies at Oberlin College. After college he helped coal miners to build homes and organized sharecroppers and migrant workers as part of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union. He was an active member of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) and headed up the CIO State Council in Georgia. He fought to improve the conditions of industrial and agricultural workers in India, served in the Foreign Service in India, with the Peace Corps in Indonesia, and in East Asia with UNICEF, and later fought for affirmative action and public housing as a Christian minister in Newark, New Jersey. Fighting for Social Justice is the memoir of a man committed to achieving social justice for the poor.

My Mother s Branch The Lineage and Life of Carrie Viola Reeves and Her Family

Author : Doyle W. Williams
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Doyle Williams has written a family history focusing on his mother, Carrie Viola Reeves, her siblings, Emma, Annie, and Charlie, and her parents, James Morgan Reeves and Sarah Frances Spencer. In this story he describes the turmoil that enveloped James Morgan as a small child in Arkansas during the Civil War and how it took his father's life and the lives of five of his siblings. He follows James Morgan as he moves to Texas with his mother, leaving home at age ten to find his own way, and returning to Arkansas to grow up and marry. When his wife, Elizabeth Wolf, dies leaving him with a large family to rear, he returns to Texas, where he finds a new wife in Sarah Frances Spencer. James Morgan and Sarah move to Oklahoma Territory in the early 1890s, make their lives there and rear their own family. The author follows the children of James Morgan and Sarah as they grow up, marry, and eventually care for their aging parents. This is the story of an American pioneering family.