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Between Air and Electricity

Author : Cathy van Eck
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Composers and sound artists have explored for decades how to transform microphones and loudspeakers from “inaudible” technology into genuinely new musical instruments. While the sound reproduction industry had claimed perfect high fidelity already at the beginning of the twentieth century, these artists found surprising ways of use – for instance tweaking microphones, swinging loudspeakers furiously around, ditching microphones in all kinds of vessels, or strapping loudspeakers to body parts of the audience. Between air and electricity traces their quest and sets forward a new theoretical framework, providing historic background on technological and artistic development, and diagrams of concert and performance set-ups. From popular noise musician Merzbow to minimalist classic Alvin Lucier, cult instrument inventor Hugh Davies, or contemporary visual artist Lynn Pook – they all aimed to make audible what was supposed to remain silent.

Between Air and Electricity

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The Truth About Air Electricity Health

Author : Rosalind Tan
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The Truth About Air Electricity & Health was written for one reason: to help us live the healthy, happy and vibrant life we have always wanted. It hopes to bring across the message that we are the result of what we take into our bodies including the air that we breathe. It also teaches how we can harness the curative power of fresh electrifed air for the healing of the body and mind. We will learn: - Why Air Electricity is Essential to our Life and Well-Being - How to Create a Healthy Indoor Environment - The Intelligent Way to Eliminate Stress - The 7 Steps to a Strong Immune System - How to Defeat Asthma and Allergies - How to Help Children with Learning Difficulties - The 5 Steps to Quick Recovery Time and a Shorter Hospital Stay - The Complete Checklist for Overcoming Sleep Problems - How to Enhance our Sexual Health for Better Relationships - The 8 things to Consider When Shopping for An Air Purifier

On the influence of atmosphere and locality change of air and climate on human health constituting elements of hygi ne

Author : Robley DUNGLISON
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Specifications and Drawings of Patents Relating to Electricity Issued by the U S

Author :
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First book of heat light and optics and electricity by J L Comstock and R D Hoblyn

Author : John Lee Comstock
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The National Cyclopaedia of Useful Knowledge

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The Circle of Knowledge A Classified Simplified Visualized Book of Answers

Author : Various
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The Circle of Knowledge is an informative book that was designed in 1917, to be both inspiring and entertaining. The book represents the modern, progressive spirit which fits that time, in its forms of expression and its editorship. The purpose of this work is to answer the why, who, what, when, where, how of the wide majority of curious minds, both young and adult, and encourage them to raise further questions. Special measures were taken in creating this work to isolate essentials from non-essentials; to differentiate human interest subjects of universal significance from those of little concern; to deliver living truths instead of dead vocabulary; and finally, to bring the whole within the knowledge of the intermediate reader, without regard to age, in an acceptable and exciting form. The use of visual outlines and tables; maps, drawings, and diagrams; the illustrated works of great painters, sculptors, and architects all are used to give the reader the valuable and cultural knowledge of past and present.

Encyclopaedia Americana

Author : Francis Lieber
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Electrical Processes in Atmospheres

Author : H. Dolezalek
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These Proceedings are published to give a full account of the Fifth International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity held in September 1974 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. Traditionally, the Proceedings of these Conferences have served as reference books updating the textbooks and monographs on Atmospheric Electricity. As treated by these Conferences, Atmos pheric Electricity covers all aspects of this science, including the processes and problems which reach out into the Earth's environment as well as analogous processes on other planets and on the Moon. A history of these Conferences, an account of their purpose, and an outline of the scope and the preparation is to be found at the end of these Proceedings. There, also the Business Meetings of the involved organizations are mentioned. The Proceedings closely follow the original program and are accordingly organized into "Sessions". The papers printed in each "Session" in this book are the ones which were accepted for the sessions of the Conference with the same numbers and titles. Only the two "Special Sessions" have been given different numbers in the Proceedings, i.e. 2a and 10. In principle, all papers which were accepted by the Executive Panel either for full oral presentation or for printing in the Proceedings only, have in fact been included in these Proceedings, whether they were presented or not. In the latter case, a special note is made to explain the absence of a discussion.