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Between Jerusalem and Europe

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Between Jerusalem and Europe: Essays in Honour of Bianca Kühnel analyses how Jerusalem is translated into the visual and material culture of Europe, and in what ways European encounters with the city have shaped its holy sites.

Natural Materials of the Holy Land and the Visual Translation of Place 500 1500

Author : Renana Bartal
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Natural Materials of the Holy Land and the Visual Translation of Place, 500-1500, focuses on the unique ways that natural materials carry the spirit of place. Since early Christianity, wood, earth, water and stone were taken from loca sancta to signify them elsewhere. Academic discourse has indiscriminately grouped material tokens from holy places and their containers with architectural and topographical emulations, two-dimensional images and bodily relics. However, unlike textual or visual representations, natural materials do not describe or interpret the Holy Land; they are part of it. Tangible and timeless, they realize the meaning of their place of origin in new locations. What makes earth, stones or bottled water transported from holy sites sacred? How do they become pars pro toto, signifying the whole from which they were taken? This book will examine natural media used for translating loca sancta, the processes of their sanctification and how, although inherently abstract, they become charged with meaning. It will address their metamorphosis, natural or induced; how they change the environment to which they are transported; their capacity to translate a static and distant site elsewhere; the effect of their relocation on users/viewers; and how their containers and staging are used to communicate their substance.

Jerusalem Recovered

Author : Michael Polowetzky
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This book shows that, despite long-held misconceptions, admiration for Judaism and support for a Zionist state greatly influenced the nineteenth-century British elite.

Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe

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The conference volume of the Bochumer Kolleg “Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe” outlines the thesis that religion is not a homogeneous cultural phenomenon, but a dense network of diachronically and synchronically differing traditions.

Europe and the Occupation of Palestinian Territories Since 1967

Author : Federica Bicchi
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Focusing on key countries and topics, this book looks at Europe’s involvement in the occupation of Palestinian territories. What has been Europe’s role in the occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967? How have European actors responded, countered and/or supported the occupation? The international context of this exceptionally long occupation shows a complex web of denunciations, but also and especially complicit engagements and indifference. The book looks at the perspective of international law, before analysing the European Union and key European countries (France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom). It also embraces different perspectives, from the debate on campus to the role of European multinational companies to the conceptual approach of the World Bank. While much of the literature focuses on Israel, Palestine and the United States, this volume by leading experts adds a very important piece to the puzzle: the European dimension. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Global Affairs.

Europe s Crumbling Myths

Author : Manfred Gerstenfeld
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A collection of interviews conducted by Gerstenfeld with Jewish historians and public figures. In a lengthy essay preceding the interviews (pp. 10-90), "From the Aftermath of the Holocaust to Today's Antisemitism" [an abridged version appeared in "Jewish Political Studies Review" 14 (2002)], notes a number of issues relevant to assessing European postwar antisemitism: barriers placed in the way of survivors' reintegration into postwar society, problems related to financial and moral restitution, the reluctance of European states to punish war criminals and its relation to national myths that exculpate countries from responsibility for the Holocaust, the preservation or lack thereof of Holocaust memory and Holocaust education. Stresses the double standard adopted by European countries in regard to Israel, and antisemitism expressed in anti-Zionism. Presents brief reports on antisemitism in various countries and suggests that more research is needed to reveal connections between present and postwar antisemitism. Some of the interviews (which consist of quotes interspersed with Gerstenfeld's comments), were published previously. Contents:

Travels in Three Continents Europe Africa Asia

Author : James Monroe Buckley
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The Jewish Popes

Author : Leon G. Van Wert
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Will we ever see peace in the Middle East? If so, how will it come about? Currently negotiations are in the works for the creation of an independent Palestinian State. However, it will be located in part of the land, which Orthodox Jews believe was set aside by God exclusively for the Jews. They contend that the Israelites under Moses covenanted with God never to let non-Jews live in any part of the Promised Land. They further believe, that a breach of this sacred Covenant will lead to divine curses for the disobedient Jews, including the conquest of Israel by her enemies and the deportation of the surviving Jews to foreign lands. Dr. Leon G. van Wert now has written a new and exciting eschatological work, which clearly shows that the creation of a new, non-Jewish Palestinian State, within the boundaries of the Promised Land, will bring us one pivotal step closer towards the End Times. Using the Old Testament as his guide to interpreting the book of Revelation, Dr. van Wert has unlocked this mysterious book of the Bible. When is the end? The end is near, says the author, when after the creation of an independent State of Palestine, the Cardinals elect two successive Jewish Popes.

The Evolving Relationship between China the EU and the USA

Author : Jing Men
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This book closely scrutinizes the individual and collective roles played by China, the EU and the USA in contemporary world politics. Examining the three actors’ respective strategic and policy positions on and behaviour towards the flux of the contemporary global order, the analysis focuses on three major issues and challenges: foreign and security policy; economics and trade; and climate change and energy. Discussing their relative power, as well as their interests, beliefs and positions on a set of decisive issues, this book explores bilateral relations between the three powers and the ways in which they may interact trilaterally in a broader global context to shape international politics. Written by a stellar line-up of experts from the fields of politics and international relations, The Evolving Relationship between China, the EU and the USA will be of huge interest to students and scholars from within these fields, as well as policy-makers and practitioners more generally.

Bound to Cooperate Europe and the Middle East

Author : Sven Behrendt
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Regional integration and the organisation of cross-regional relations have been some of the most prominent features of international relations. By further strengthening the institutions of the European Union, Europe is taking steps to become a capable international actor. Only in few world regions, such as the Middle East, integration has not been a driving force moving political and economic relations. Given these structural imbalances between Europe and the Middle East, but also geographical proximity, economic interdependencies, and shared historical experiences, what interests does Europe pursue in the Middle East? And, if the goal of European policies is to establish stable political, economic and social relations with its neighbouring region, how could inter-regional relations best be organised?